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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I have recently made it onto my third design team and am totally wrapped. Being a two teams was my scrapping goal for the year but when my favourite local store was looking for members I wasn't going to pass it up. I was so excited when Steph handed me the envelope asking me to join her and the other members on the team.
I have started a blog as a part of the conditions on being on the team was that we didn't post our work onto online galleries{blogging is ok} and I have many scrapping friends that I like to share my work with both in real life and online.
Let me start by telling you all a little about me. I am 4o years old and have a husband{Craig} of 6 years and a daughter {Asher}who is 5. I have been scrapping now for about four years. I started out card making and stamping and was often heard to say that scrapping would never get to me but it has and it got me good. So good that I have called myself a scrapaholoic and have gotten the nickname scrapnut{thanks Martha} on one of my forums.
I recently went away for the weekend on a scrapping retreat, my first and definately the first of many. I had so much fun. I didn't get to do as much as I had hoped, too much chatting and coffee and not enough scrapping for me but I got away and that was the best part. My new page here Wild and crazy was, one that I was working on at the retreat but it just wasn't coming together so I put it away then pulled it out again after being inspired by an article in one of my many scrap mags about using pockets on layous and love how it turned out in the end.
Okay that's about it for me. Hopefully I will try and get back at least once a week. Twice if I'm lucky.


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