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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pirate fun
I was a part of a challenge on one of my sites where you were given a link to a site where you put in your name and then given a pirate one. We then had to do a page around your name and talk up a storm in pirate chatter in one of the threads. I had a blast.
I also had some good news yesterday. My wild and crazy page below which I did for a sketch challenge on the same site that drove me crazy for about two weeks before finally liking the end result won the challenge.

I've had a scrappy weekend again. My dh likes to go out fishing so when he does I scrap. He also likes to play computer games as well as his guitar so when he is doing that, which has been a lot lately, I scrap. I managed to do a double page for my aussie cj, a scrap info card for a friend, my challenge page and start on my pages in my american cj. My american cj is a through the looking glass, Alice in wonderland, theme. I had to think hard about just how I would do my pages and I did it around my usual answer to a question I've been asked several times durring my life. "If I could live my life again". I don't think dh was all that thrilled at my answer as I wouldn't change anything if I could do it all again and seeing as he is dh number 2 I think he was a bit put out. Back to work on my cj. I won't be posting any of them on my blog as my fellow cjer's sometimes check in and I'm wanting what I do for them and them for me to be a surprise.


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