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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well I was all excited about working out how to add my slide show until I checked out my blog this morning to find out that I now how have side link bar at all. I'm guessing I added or took out something I shouldn't have so if anyone has some idea of what maybe wrong I would be very grateful for any help. I think I may just remove my slide show and then try to add it again to see if that helps.

DD not well so home today as I thought she would be. So it will be a quiet day at home for her most probably in front of the TV.


At 17 August, 2006 , Blogger Sharryn T said...

Julie..just a quick one to say I'm loving your work at the moment. I LOVED the Lorrie LO..the beads look fantastic...very time consuming though.
I hope Asher feels better soon.
Sharryn :)


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