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Sunday, October 01, 2006

New page and some good news.
I finally got around to doing my page for the out on the town monthly challenge over at Em the other day. It is a page with me and my sisters. They are not too fussed on having their faces up on the net so I placed a flower over them before I took the photo of my page. I spoke to one of my sisters today about it and we had a giggle over it. The challenge was to do a page about nights out on the town and seeing as I didn't have any photos,or good ones here soI used a photo of us from her wedding and journaled about the fun we had on our nights out with friends. It was on one of our nights out that she met her husband. I was a bit sneeky with this page and did it for a flower challenge over at Zig too. It sure does cut down my to do or try to list if I can double up on challenges if I can.
And for my news. No I am still waiting for that email about a layout being accepted for publishing in a mag but I did manage to get through to round two in the idol challenge over at Em. I can't post my round one page in my blog at the moment but here is the next best thing.
This is the link to my Nan page in the Em gallery. We had to do a vintage style page. Something I've never really done before. I headed out to my Mum's and raided one of her photos and a few of her sewing treasures and love how it tuned out.
I've got my round 2 page finished already just have to take a photo of it.
We've had a great start to the weekend and with it being a holiday here tomorrow we have one more day. The Eagles won the grand final and although I would of loved to have seen the Dockers win I was happy the Eagles won. We were at my brother in laws place and watching the game in one room and Asher was in another one watching DVD's. When ever we all got excited durring the game we had a big voice call out. 'Be quiet I'm trying to listen'.
We went out to the markets today and I managed to find myself a shadow box that I intend to alter. Not quite too sure how but I'm thinking I may do it up as an advent box of sorts as it has 24 little boxes that I can add little treats in.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some more scrapping done. That is on top of my usual Monday duties like housework and shopping even if it is a holiday.
That's it from me for now so till next time happy scrapping.


At 02 October, 2006 , Blogger jilly said...

Julie this layout is absolutely brilliant - you rawk!!!!!!

At 06 October, 2006 , Blogger Crissy Gaylor said...

Gorgeous layouts even with the flowers for faces. LOL! I do not know why they would not want to be online? What if it gets accepted for Publication?


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