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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Craig's first guitar recital.
On Sunday afternoon Craig got to perform in his first recital. (Sorry about the bad pic though. Couldn't seem to get a good pic in the hall.) He was nervous at first but did really well. He ended up playing something he had put together himself and it sounded good. He loves playing his guitar and at times I think he loves it more than me but then when he is of playing with his guitar I am usually of playing with my papers.LOL

I took these two pics of Craig and Asher out in the foyer before he got up and went on stage. Trying to get Asher to pose for a pic these days with out her pulling a funny face is near on inpossible.

I so love this top(she has a matching mummy rocks one as well) and we just had to wear it even though it was a little warm for black and long sleeves. Can you imagine this. The whole hall was quite waiting for Craig to start playing, Asher stands up,taps the lady sitting in front of her on the shoulders and yells out at the top of her voice"Hey that's my Daddy" The whole hall burst out laughing and so did I.

Just sharing some handmade gifts.

I awlays try and make something for Asher's teachers for a xmas gift seeing as most of them know I am scrapper and this year a couple of Asher's teacher's were too. LOL.

I got the idea to make these little post it note covers from one of my locals. Just scrapping for those fellow Perthites who pop in a see what I've been up too. The pink set I made up for Asher's dancing teachers. They were my first attempt at making them.

These purple ones I did for Asher's school teachers and I like these ones better of the two. Asher's teachers loved them too.
These wish list cards I made up for a secret Santa gift at work. Not my idea though. I loved the ones that Katja Schneider did in the latest FK that I thought I might give it a try. I've left the gren and red squares blank for my ss pal to add pics of her family onto them. I won't know if she likes them or not until after xmas as she went away for the hols and silly me thinking she would be at work till Tuesday brought them in to give them to her then before our big work morning tea do today to find out that she was already on a plane for Victoria.
I did a big sub of some of my newer pages from my cyber crops this morning. Hopefully I will be lucky and if not I love them and that is all that matters.
Well that's about it from me today.
Till next time happy scrapping.


At 14 December, 2006 , Blogger deirdre said...

How fantastic for Craig, what a talented family you are.
I love Asher's top too! Very cool, and she looks fabulous in it!
Love those pages you did for the CIS CC Julie!

At 14 December, 2006 , Blogger Megan said...

Wow Julie, you have been busy!

All your creations are gorgeous. and I just LOVE Asher's top!!

Megan xx

At 14 December, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I love all your cards and tags, just so gorgeous.

Best Wishes

At 14 December, 2006 , Blogger connie said...

WOW girl you have been busy!!... loving Asher's t shirts!!!...


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