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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finally finished Arty Pants dt projects
For this months product challenge we were given quite a few of the xmas papers from the Scrapbooking Australia paper range. Not a range of papers that I would normally use but I am happy with what I managed to do with them.
Xmas pup is the layout I did with some photos of Asher and Danny the dog at the end of last year. Danny was the take home dog from daycare where Asher got to have him for the week and write, or in Asher's case she drew and I wrote a story in the book that went with him. This year all she has been talking about is getting a puppy for xmas but this is probably the closest she will get to having one for a while.
This cracker I made up with soe of the left over papers. It was a cyber crop challenge over at Em so as I had the papers sitting in the box on my bench I thought why not.
This star I altered I picked up at the last craft fair I went to. I also did this one up for a cyber crop challenge over at ZigZag. You can't see it too well in the pic but I decorated the edge with Heidi Swap tape which I will add dosen't stick to well to the paper mache stuff the star was made of and I had to carefully life it in places to add some trusty double sided tape.LOL.
And lastly and my favorite of the lot my advent calendar. I found the shadow box at the markets for $3 so after a bit of a clean up and a rough coat of paint to cover up the blue I used up the rest of the papers and little bits of everything to decorate each box. It isn't a great pic of all the detail so I may take some close ups later of the boxes itself.
We had a pretty busy day today. I finished of some little gifts for Asher's dancing teachers very early this morning then it was a mad rush around for me getting everything together for a b'day bash at my parents for my neice Alexis, nephews Anthony and Liam and for Asher too. Seeing as they all have a b'day within three weeks of each other we all decided to have one family do rather than try and fit in four seperate ones for each child.
Asher had an absoloute ball. With 10 grandies running around all ranging in ages from 12 to 6mths it was a bit noisy and my little one was probably the loudest of the lot. When she gets excited she gets loud and louder still. I got the usual little remarks about her being an only and how she needs a brother or sister to put her in her place so to speak but she it for us. Mum and Dad have a 6 seater spa and all but two of them where in there. I got some good shots of Asher in there and will post in my next post along with some taken from the xmas photo shoot and the dance rehersal yesterday.
After having to drag Asher complaing out of the spa to get her ready for her concert I really wasn't in the mood for her to make a fuss about getting ready so I was glad she didn't. It was fun to watch her come out on stage and do her thing. After the lat dance all the dancers came out on stage and a few thank yous and awards were given out. Asher was sitting up front and her being herself was fasinated with the stage lights at front and kept on getting closer too them. One of the teachers in her class had to keep on pulling her back the cheeky little thing.
Anyway till next time. In about 5 minutes or so as I've got more pics to post LOL. Happy scrapping.


At 04 December, 2006 , Blogger Mardi said...

Julie...I just have to tell you I adore your advent calendar...this is just SO gorgeous and such a wonderful have used your S.Aust..papers so well.
Mardi x

At 04 December, 2006 , Blogger Sharryn T said...

Wow Julie...this all looks so gorgeous!!
My favourite is that Xmas Pup LO though...its awesome!!
Good on you.
Sharryn :)

At 04 December, 2006 , Blogger Anthea said...

wow Julie!!! gorgeous, everything

At 04 December, 2006 , Anonymous Janine said...

i too love the advent calendar its awesome!!

At 04 December, 2006 , Blogger MichelleLanning said...

Julie ALL of these are gorgeous!!! I love that advent calendar!!!!! So perfect!

At 05 December, 2006 , Anonymous Mrs Santa said...

l'm loving your advent calendar Julie!

At 05 December, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie I love all your christmas decorations. Just beautiful matey! And look you had a visit from Mrs Santa!! LOL! LOL!

At 05 December, 2006 , Blogger Shirls said...

i love what you did with the scrapbooking australia pp. that advent calendar is just AMAZING!!!


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