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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Was hoping to come in and share my Arty Pants dt projects for November but can't upload any pics at the moment. I'm not even sure if this post will go through as there is some sort of outage happening. Whatever that is.

Anyway I finally got my advent calendar finshed as well as two other smaller OTP projects and one layout. I've still got a little paper left so I may even do up a few cards.

Last night I joined in on all the fun and games of the christmas cyber crop over at Em. Boy did I have a few laughs. With Rach's trivia and bingo and J1's guessing games the MSM ding of new messages was a constant happening. I didn't get to do any scrapping that night as I had a tree decorating date with Asher and Craig decided to go out. So buy the time we had Macca's for tea, decorated the tree, will upload some pics when can, gave Asher a quick shower than got her to help set up the advent calendar and pulled out her xmas books it was nearly 8.30 and I was free to scrap so to speak but I was having too much fun chatting to do so. I ended up starting one of the pages late after all the chatting had stopped then came home from Asher's dance rehersal about lunch time and got stuck into them. I did take two pics, not that I can share but it was too late for a good pic of the third challenge so will take it tomorrow and add them into the gallery and hopefully here.

I did my usual challenge double upping. LOL. The first page for the cyber crop I did for the DT challenge over at Em set by Rach to use 15 or more stickers as well and I must say it looks great. I had a play with some of the xmasy material I got in a pack from Jen Hall and had me some fun with several sets of leftover letter stickers. I was actually quiet proud of my self as I managed to leave a lot of white space on it and that is something I'm not great at doing.LOL. The second project was to make xmas cracker. I ended up using some of the scraps from the Arty Pants pack for that one. The last challenge I had just printed of the pic to do the sketch challenge and I popped into check my email and Vicky over at CIS had challenged me to do a ongoing challenge page and then three other members each posted one thing each that I needed to include in the page. I had to use ink,tags and three ribbons and I was able to incorperate that into the skecth challenge and seeing as I did the layout around one of Asher's handmade xmas decorations on the tree I am also going to use that page for the 1st challenge in the 12 days of xmas challenge set by Janine on her blog.

Asher had her dancing concert rehersal today and seeing as last year was a real drama with getting her hair and make up done I started early this morning and where it took me nearly an hour last year it took me about 20mins this year. So we were super organised. I managed to get some quite nice pics of Asher and Craig playing around, will share later, while waiting to go into the hall as well as a few with Emily. She was a little excited to say the least. LOL. Tomorrow we have a lunch at my mum's where the family are getting together for a joint b'day celebration for 4 of the grandies who's b'days fall with in three weeks of each other. Then it is of to the concert. I can't wait to see my little girl up on stage tomorrow.

Anyway I think I have rambled on enough. Lucky I couldn't upload those pics or this post would have been an epic. LOL

Till next time Happy scrapping.


At 03 December, 2006 , Anonymous Janine said...

I wuld love to see your advent calender. I would like to be organised and have a handmade one for next year.......

At 03 December, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi matey. You'll have to upload soon so we can all drool over your advent calender (cyber-drool that is LOL)
Glad the concert went well.
We put up our tree yesterday too then went and drove past some Xmas lights that night.
I love christmas.


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