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Monday, November 06, 2006

Steph's mono challenge page and cc pages

At a dt crop a few Saturdays ago Steph set us a monochramatic challenge and then challenged us to sub it to FK. This is the page I did with the pack of chatterbox papers I picked out. I got a bit carried away with the doodling but love the end result.
I took pics of my Em cyber crop pages and here they are.
My sack racer page needed to include at least ten cuts of ribbon and a photo turn.
I love how this one turned out. I did my usual too and added an arrow so I could use it for an Elise chal at Em as well.
If you pop by Charm you will notice I used the material and flower from the rak you sent me. Thanks so very much again they just fit in with my page so well I couldn't not use them.

My castles in the sand page was for a double sketch chal. It has been ages since I did a double and love how it turned out. The pics are of Asher and Craig making sand castles. There are four more pics of Asher and my sister in law on the pull out tag behind the photos on the left side.
My last page was for a black and white chal. We were allowed to add just a hint of colour and I added a little pink. I christened my new stamps I brought at Scraptivate on Saturday. I'm so going to love using them.
Not much else has happened or is going to happen out here at the moment. Still waiting on my big lotto win so I can have a big splurge on a few big holidays to catch up with some of the great girls I've met on my forums. I will always be thankful for the day I came across which in turn led me to Em and when I came across Scrapboxx as well. I've made some great friends at my three fav sites and my dream is to one day meet up with them. Big hugs to you all.

Well that is about all from me for now. Till next time happy scrapping.


At 07 November, 2006 , Blogger Mardi said...

Lovely layouts Julie...and I know what 6you mean..Id love to meet some of my online friends too....its a bummer not living close enough to any....Ive feel as if Ive made the most wonderful friends as well.
Mardi x

At 07 November, 2006 , Blogger Jahnava said...

Hi Julie!!

Love the layouts! They look great! Did u end up submitting it? I know what u mean too about meeting everyone! Its pretty weird isnt it, how you feel u know them and have never met them .....ohh and i just wanted to say isnt yur daughter cute!


At 07 November, 2006 , Blogger Shirls said...

wow! that's a lot of layouts. you've been busy:) love them all! hope you have an acceptance soon:)

At 07 November, 2006 , Blogger Crissy Gaylor said...

Love your CC challenge layouts!

At 07 November, 2006 , Blogger Ali said...

Those layouts are all fantastic Julie!! ....Am loving all you pics for Embellished Exposed...Really cool!!!
Chat soon
Ali x x

At 07 November, 2006 , Blogger Joanne Bain said...

Hi Julie
Love all of those layouts...especially the first on it is just so pretty and the colour is lovely.
Have a great day

At 08 November, 2006 , Blogger jilly said...

Julie these are just fabulous! I'm with you about the online friends thing - its so difficult feeling so close to someone without having even met them!

At 08 November, 2006 , Blogger Julie said...

Hiya J2 - so lotto is the way to a meet up then hey? Cool, keeping fingers crossed for a win before next year then lol.
Great work on the CC layouts, they all look fantastic.


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