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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thought I'd share
My first ever ATC cards I ever made early this year. I made them as a part of a swap with a group of my scrappy pals over at I will have to take a photo of the ones I made for a group over at the BOX awhile back too. Lucky I always make one for me. I was going to post the ones I recently made for a group of my scrappy pals over at EM but seeing as they have yet to go postal I will leave it as a surprise. I've really enjoyed making them that much I've signed up over at ZIG for another group. Yeah I know I'm crazy but most of you already know that.

I also thought I'd share a few photos of Asher as I haven't recently. This one was taken a few weeks back on a trip out to Rocky Beach. It was so nice out there even if it was a little windy.

This was one of the few I took when we went to the show a few weeks back. Asher had so much fun we will deffinately have to take her again but I will probably have to start saving for it earlier as it was an expensive day but then it could of been worse. Asher wanted to go on the bumper cars with Craig and all was hunky dory until they got bumped into quite hard and Asher's glasses went flying. Asher started crying she was so upset. They landed on the rink and Craig had reached out to get them but got bumped again and lost them. Luckily they were found about five minutes later still in one peice with scratches galore on the frames on the other side of the rink. Next time we will definately take them off.

This photo was taken up at Kings Park. Asher was having so much fun running down the hill that I had to take a photo. Yeah it's not a great one but I love it. I took this just before she jumped into my lap. The cheeky thing.
She has been having some major paddies lately. I know she's not perfect but never have I seen her get so upset so quickly over two little things.
The first one we were at a group speach/ot therapy session with about five other children and parents. She had to cut out a paper dog and then fold it down the middle. She couldn't quite get the fold right on the line and threw it on the table. I offered to help her but no that wasn't good enough she ended up screwing it up into a ball and throwing it away. That is when the tears started and didn't stop for a least five minutes. When she did calm down all she wanted to do was another dog and the group had moved onto something else. In the end she was given one and continued with the dog and we took the other stuff home to do.
Today we had an issue with a cupcake. I had given her one durring the week and she made a right royal mess with it so I said when she wanted the others she had to eat them out side. She went outside happily enough but started complaining about it being windy. It was a bit but rather than eating the cake quickly and coming in side she lost it again and the cake ended up being thrown on the lawn. She came inside that upset that I ended up putting her in her room till she calmed down. Once she did and got herself something else to eat as she was still hungry all was fine again. I think we are going to have a few battles on our hands with our little Missy.
One of the DT girls over at EM, Sarah has come up with a fun challenge. To make a poster with the Embellished web address on it and to then take photos of you and your poster out and about on the town and post them on the forum. There have been some funny ones posted already. I've made a start on my poster just need to take a photo for it and get Asher to add some artwork and then it will be done. Will take a photo of it and post it here for all to see tomorrow.
The voting four the fourth round of idol has started. There are some great pages this time and I found it hard to pick my fav two. Even though I'm no longer in the comp I'm still going to do the challenges though. The round five challenge has already been posted and it has given me something to think about.
Not too much else happening out here. I've done a couple of projects but haven't got pics to post yet. I did a big sub of some of my work to mags durring the week but as yet I've not heard anything. Oh well. I'll keep on sending them in and maybe one day I'll get lucky.
Till next time happy scrapping.


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