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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cyber cropping fun.
I had a blast over at Em on Friday night for their cyber crop. Lots of chatting and no scrapping at all till everyone had pretty much stopped chatting. There was a triva challenge and Missy Rach posted questions about the forum and gallery that we had to answer to get points. I was actually able to get a few answers in before some of the others with the right answers but I wasn't able to beat K2(Kelly as there are a few overthere.) She was on fire. Always beat me.
The first chal of the night was a sketch one using pink and we had to include in the layout the pink breast cancer ribbon logo somehow. It was so hard for me not to fill that white space.
The 2nd challenge of the night was to do a page about your idol. I don't really have any idols now as an adult but I loved ABBA as a child so did my page around that. I had heaps of trouble trying to find a pic though. Allthe ones I found on the net the pizzel size had been reduced so they didn't look right printed. I ended up heading out to Mum's to see if she had any of our old albums still there and she did so I scanned the picture of the cover of their gratest hits volume 2 album.
The 3rd challenge was to use primary colours, red blue or yellow and incorperate three different shapes. I had a lot of fun with this one and love how it came out. The pics are of Asher at the show in the tea cup ride. Asher wanted help with this one so I gave her a peice of paper and shedrew a picture of herself in the cup which is on the tag behind the big photo with some more journaling. Don't look too close Lorrie but when I had finished it I realised there was just a splash of orange too.
The 4th and last challenge was an insiration page. I must first apologise for the crappy pic as it was hard to get a good one.
I had always liked the flower design on one of my shirts and I used that as the insirpation for my page. I included the photo of my page with the shirt and the close up one as wll to give you more of an idea of what it looked like. I had wanted to try and do it brown but I didn't have any brown bazzil.
I also had a play around with doing a minimaist page. I don't do alot of them and seeing as I need to do one for the next round of idol I thought I had better try them out a bit.

Well thats about all for now guys. I have got a few more layouts to share but I think I will leave that till my next post. Till them happy scrapping.


At 08 October, 2006 , Blogger jilly said...

These are FABULOUS - it would take me a week to produce that much (and it wouldn't look as good either lol!). Great Work!

Also, I absolutely LOVED ABBA too - really a bit embarrassing isn't it - I guess it was better than Bay City Rollers though lol!

At 08 October, 2006 , Blogger Sharryn T said...

Hi Julie,
I LOVE these LO's..especially the Abba one!! I was also a HUGE Abba fan and still play their music while I'm doing the housework...LOL
I haven't commented on your blog for a while 'cos for some reason the font is really small and I can hardly read it..I don't know why. Any suggestions?
Of course you can add my blog to your links..that'd be great.
Take Care
Sharryn :)

At 08 October, 2006 , Blogger Tammy Templeton said...

Great challenge entries. Love the tea cup LO ;)
I don't know how you get so many are very talented! I also love busy pages and would probably struggle a bit with a minimalist LO.
Good luck.

At 08 October, 2006 , Blogger *k said...

awesome stuff julie! just awesome! :)

At 09 October, 2006 , Blogger Joanne Bain said...

Great LO's Julie. I am loving those flowers
Have a great day

At 09 October, 2006 , Blogger MichelleLanning said...

fabulous work Julie!!! I love the ABBA one -- very unique -- you amaze me!

At 09 October, 2006 , Blogger connie said...

OH MY GOD Julie....these are fantastic!!!! WOW WOW WOW is all i can say... love your stuff!!!!


At 10 October, 2006 , Blogger scrappy77 said...

Wow you did great!! Gosh I loved ABBA as a kid. My parents always listened to it, so I grew up listening to them!!

At 10 October, 2006 , Blogger Julie said...

Awesome job with the cyber challenges J2 - they are all fantastic!!

At 10 October, 2006 , Blogger Crissy Gaylor said...

Great layouts Jac! I love the last one, those flowers look fabulous, what great inspiration!


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