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Saturday, October 14, 2006

More pages to share.

Finally remembered to add these two pages to my galleries and blog. I did them last month for a couple of monthly comps over at Zig and couldn't post till the comp ended and then I just kept on forgetting about them.
This one is photos of Asher holding a paper flower we made together at the mothers day morning tea at pre primary. I tried to doodle on this page and it looked shocking so I attacked my paper and cut out the rest of the flowers to cover it up.

This page is more photos of Asher. This time taken out in the backyard and her fav toy of the mo, a Macdonalds Lion Witch and the wardrobe figerine Lucy, just had to come outside and have her photo taken too.
It's a lazy Saturday afternoon here. I went out to dancing this morning with Asher and then we headed out into Freo to pop in and see Bec at Scrap. It's been a little quiet over there so no new packs just yet. She's waiting on some new stuff to come in. It's a pretty casual set up with the dt no real deadlines as such at the mo I pop in she gives me a pack, which she usually makes up while I'm there and I bring the projects back in when I'm done. After seeing Bec we continued on our now normal Freo ritual and popped into the Fairy shop. Asher just loves going in there for a look around and chatting to the fairies behind the counter. It has become that much of a ritual over the past year I've been with Scrap on the DT that the fairies are starting to recognise Asher when she walks into the shop. After the fairy shop we popped into Culleys forlunch and Asher had her usual, jam sandwich and a milksahke. It is so funny of all the things she could have to eat she always asks for a Jam sandwhich. LOL. One of these days I am going to take a pic of the two of us at Culleys. It has been around for ages and I can remember going in there for lunch with my Nan when I was her age.
I've been checking out the voting for the idol comp over at Em on and off for most of the day. I'm not too sure that I will make it through this round though as it is pretty close at the moment but if I do I've got my page for the next round ready to go. Ali has already posted the requirements for the round four layout and as I was scrapping last night, doing my usual and trying to do pages that will fit several challenges on a few of my sites I realsied that it would be perfect for Idol so now I won't be sharing it with anyone else for a while, that is if I make it into round four. LOL.
Anyway that is about it for now. Till next time happy scrapping.


At 14 October, 2006 , Blogger Jolene Pienaar said...

Man you are on a role with all those LO's. Gorgeous as always

At 15 October, 2006 , Blogger Mardi said...

Hi Julie... I loved hearing about your day strolling arounf Fremantle...we visited there in January...and both loved it...we often talk about if we ever moved again..Fremantle would be a great place to live. Not that I can see that ever happening...LOL
Good luck in the Em Idol sounds as though the competition is getting harder and harder.
Mardi x

At 15 October, 2006 , Blogger Crissy Gaylor said...

Love the making flowers layout Julie. Love bright and colourful. What pps are they?

At 15 October, 2006 , Blogger Julie said...

Both fantastic layouts Julie. too cute with the jam sandwich story, you'll have to take your camera along next time to share some pics.

At 16 October, 2006 , Blogger MichelleLanning said...

Hope you make it through Julie!! Gee -- I want to visit you some day!!

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