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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Photos, pages, some news and yet another tag.
Ok here's my regular Sunday update.
I'm going to start of with some photos.
Over at CIS Jolene is running a photo compettion with monthly photo lessons. This months lessons focus on lighting. The first part of the lesson we had to take some pics using natural window light and I took some sweet ones of Reenie. Which I don't think I've shared here. Oops. The second part was using reflectors to stop shadows. I pulled out Craigs car window visor, pulled out one of Asher"s materess protectors and a spare donna,draped them over the end of my scrapping cubes and got Asher to find the cat and started snapping away. Reenie wasn't too fussed on all the attention but I did manage to get a few nice shots.
Asher pulling faces at me.
and another with Reenie. She definately wasn't in the mood for having her photo
I chatted with the girls over at CIS on Friday for the Friday the 13th cyber crop. Some of the clues Jolenne was putting out were a little scary lol.
The first challenge was to use a mask of some sort, String or fiber, and metal. The pic is of Reenie snuggling up to her dog pillow. She pretty much claimed it as hers not long after we got her and now Doodles lives in her basket.

This is the first time I've done the 6 by 12 size. Took a bit of getting used to but I like how it turned out even after my stuff up. Lets just say that the bottom of the MME paper did have the blue swirl pattern on it. lol

Challenge two was to use 3 or more pics and to include a critter of some sort on the page. I so had the perfect photos for this page and new which ones I was going to use straight away.

The pics are of Asher dressed in her lady bug costume that Mum made for her when she was two jumping on our trampoline.

I muffed up the title positioning though. I forgot to mark out just where to put the pics and after I put everything down and went to put Life on I had to lower it as it was going to cover her face.

I usde my new Font works stampsthat I gotthat morning on my page and so love them. They are sure to get a lot of use.

Challenge three was to use a sketch and be inspired in someway by the movie Friday the 13th. I took these photos of Asher that afternoon so the date was the inspiration for my page.

Ok this is a page I did for the cyber crop over at Bons last weekend. I only got around to getting the one page done in the end. Challenge one was to do a page with pics of a friend and to use a quote. I didn't have any nice pics of a friend that hadn't already been scrapped.
Challenge two, which is what I did this page for was to scrap a 6 by 6 area of a 12 by 12 page. I so love how this turned out. The pic was taken late last year at Craig guitar recital. On the front of Asher's top it says my daddy rocks. I was goingto use another pic but forgot to print them out smaller.
At Craig's rectial just before he was getting ready to start playing, all was quite until Asher stood up and said "That's my daddy" Everyone laughed.

This is the page I did for Bons Funky Friday challenge. We had to use lots of chipboard and hidden journaling.
I've been playing around with my watercolour pencils a lot lately. So much fun. Just need to get my hands on a fine water proof pen for my doodling. Anyone know of one.
Ok this page I did for two challenges. A just for fun one set by Adrienne over at to scrap 5 things you do/use everyday and the other set by Lisa to use your top three products. My top three being papers,letters of all sorts and stamps.

And now for my news. Over the past few weeks Nat over at Therapy has been running a Make Believe Masters Comp. Each week we had to do a page or project following along the guidelines of the real masters one. I know I've shared this page before but this page won the last weeks challenge. A big congrats goes out to Relsi aka Narelle who is Scrap Therapy's first MBM.

Ok onto my tag.

I was tagged by Terri over at so here goes with another set of answers.

-What is your favorite word? Fabbo
-What is your least favorite word? Mum(Asher uses it way too much)
-What turns you on, excites, or inspires you creatively, spiritually, or emotionally? Spending time with family and friends, getting new scrap goodies

-What turns you off? Rudeness

-What sound or noise do you hate? Asher crying or whining happens way to much lately too.

-What is your favorite curse word? Shit

-What profession would you absolutely not like to participate in? Sales(ditto Terri unless it is in a scrappy shop lol)
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? You took your time.(I hope to be around for a while)

-What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? scrapbook store owner for sure

-What sound or noise do you love? Love the sound of Asher laughing.

Ok the same as before. Anyone who wants to be tagged consider themselves as tagged.

Thanks for popping by and staying around, if you got this far that is lol.

Thanks forany comments and till next time happy scrapping.


At 16 July, 2007 , Blogger Crissy Gaylor said...

I love the layout with the chipboard journalling! What a fantastic challenge! :)

At 17 July, 2007 , Blogger francineA said...

wow you have been busy and i love your photos for jolenes challenge,,theyare fantastic..which reminds me to do mine...

At 17 July, 2007 , Blogger Cass said...

LOVE your work...these LO's are amazing

Take care
Cass xxxx

At 17 July, 2007 , Blogger Julie said...

All your work is just gorgeous Julie - love that one with the long chipboard title.
Congrats on winning the round for MBM.

At 17 July, 2007 , Blogger Liz said...

Julie I just do not know how you manage to fit work in with all your scrapping - well done on so many lovely layouts. Just love those photos with Reenie in them - love that dog pillow LOL. Hope Asher is being good for you guys LOL. Keep up the great scrappy work Julie.

At 18 July, 2007 , Blogger karenday said...

wow i adore adore adore that layout about love. the green one with all the chippie alphas. i have saved that one because i want to use that quote in a layout very soon. its inspired me :)

At 18 July, 2007 , Blogger Bucket said...

Hi Julie!! I saw you left a comment on my blog for some magistical memories goodies. I'd love to send you some. Please email me so we can chat about what you want. I have so much right now I ready to give it all away :-) email me.


At 18 July, 2007 , Blogger Melanie said...

lol I have been lurking (been really busy!) and looking and can't believe the LO you are churning out - they are GREAT!!! Love it keep it up!

Cheers Melanie

At 19 July, 2007 , Blogger Donna Hooper Photography said...

Hi've been a busy gal of too.

I just wanted to let you know that your little gift will be heading out my door on it's ways to you on Monday. I didn't forget about you it just took that long to come into the LSS. Sorry about that hon. Hope you like it. It's just something little.

Take care...will catch up with you soon.

At 28 July, 2007 , Blogger MichelleLanning said...

precious layout Julie!


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