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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sorry but this is going to be a long post.
I finally got around to taking photos of the pages in my two cjs that came home a few weeks back. Sorry about the plastic glare on some of the pics I didn't take the pages out of the albums as it would have taken twice as long.
These are the pages that have been done in my cj and the pages that I have done in the other hunny bunny hotties cjs. This cj has travelled over seas to America. One day I too hope to travel over there and catch up with my hunny bunny hotties.
The theme for my album was all about us.
This is my cover page. I did this page well over a year ago and I was loving it when I dd it but now it looks a bit busy too me.
I included a letter for each of my hotties to use on their page somehow.
My pledge,intro and rules page.
My sign in pages. I asked that when signing in if they would autograph or draw a little picture on the green part of the page so that is a little of what you can see there.
My pages.
Kristy's pages. Unfortunately Kristy had to pull out of the circle for personal reasons before her album got to me so I didn't get to do a page for her.
Laura's pages.
Laura's theme was your home and it was the last page I did in the circle. It just so happened that the circle I was in with some members of Scrapboxx finished up around the same time and the last cj I did for that was Mardi's and her theme was your home too.
Dana's pages.
Dana's theme was Celebrating the woman you are and I realise I forgot to take a pic of the hidden journaling but from memory it revolved around the paths my life has taken me and not looking back at what can't be changed and looking forward to the future.
Danielle's pages.
Danielle's theme was a confessions one and I had a lot of fun doing this page.
Anna's pages.
Anna's theme was where you scrap and chat.
Martha's pages.
Martha's theme was what makes you smile. The pic of Asher and me is still one of my all time favs of the photo's I've tried to take of ourselves.
Steph's pages.
Steph's theme was Pieces of you. Asher and Craig are both very big pieces of me so I included pics of them both as well as our feet.
Jenn's pages
Jenns theme was Through the looking glass and she wanted us to try and still to the colours red blue and yellow based on the Alice and wonderland colours and I was lucky enough to borrow some Alice stamps. You can see Alice and the White rabbit in amongst the flower on the bottom left and right of the double.
Adrienne's pages. Our illustirous chief Hunny bunny hottie. The founding member of our little group.
Adrienne's theme was a technique one. She had a list of techniques and we got to pick one of them and give a few pointers and then do a page using the technique. Seeing as I am a stamper/scrapper convert I chose stamping.

My thanks page. I have done this on the last page of all my cj's to fill it up so too speak. A thank you to everyone who has done a page in my cj.
When the cj was coming to an end there was talk of doing another swap and I was all for it. This one is a puzzle swap. My pieces are all ready for posting out tomorrow with a little thanks card. I'll post them when the puzzle pieces are all safe and sound where they are surposed to be so that I don't spoil the surprize. Sorry guys.
Ok what else is new.
1.I have got the pics of my Scrapboxx cj but will post them tomorrow or durring the week. Thought it might have been a bit of an over load. The same with my 123 monthly page.
2. The chat was fast on Friday night at the 123 cybercrop but fun. I've not even thought on the chals yet.
3. I've been sorting out some of my stash into the new storage area and decided not to scrap on the top of it as a friend pointed out even if I am very careful it is something that you wouldn't want getting messed up.
Anyway that is about it for now so as usual till next time thanks for popping by and any comments and happy scrapping.


At 18 June, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

These pages all look amazing, beautiful and fantastic. What a lot of work has gone into making this. Thanks for sharing Julie, I love seeing your work and ideas.

Have a great week, keep warm and take care. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx


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