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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Photo's and page share.
Just thought I 's share some of my favorite photos I took for this months lessons in the CIS stop the moment photo competetion. For this month we had to practice out action shots. I sort of fluked this photo of Asher walking down to the shops one afternoon. She wanted to go to the shops dressed up in her fairy skirt and tiara so I grabbed the camera and snapped away as she ran of down the street. When I came home I checked in on CIS to find out the first lesson had been posted and this photo fit it.
Another one of the many I took that day. Asher wasn't happy that I wanted her to sit down on the grass so she squatted. lol
The second part of this months lessons was to pan the action. This is Asher having a ball after her swimming lesson. She gets to have a play after her lesson if she listens to her teacher and does as she is asked to. We have had some major issues with swimming lately and getting to have a play afterwards seems to be working, for now
Another one I snapped of her durring the lesson of her tring out her big arms on the kick board. So love the look on her face.
and another of her having fun in the water.
Now I have to pick which photo to scrap for the layout part of the competition. I will probably go with the swimming one I think. I've scrapped photos of Asher for each term of swimming to go into an album with her certificate and haven't done this terms yet.
Onto some pages.
This is a page I've done for Charm's Funky Friday challenge over at Bons.
For this week we had to use buttons and brackets and I decided to scrap a page for my Book of Reenie.
On her first weekend here she soon claimed one of Asher's toy dogs as her cat pillow.
I've already got ideas for more pages of Reenie and Doodles and seeing as Doodles gets a wash every other week one of them will be of Doodles hanging on the washing line. lol
This is my challenge three page for the 123 June cybercrop. We had to use a Grey,red and white colour combo, an eighties photo and kitchen string or glitter. There was some debate over the kitchen string durring the chat so we were given the option to use either or both.
The photo is of me,my sister and her boy friend at the time taken down at Busselton when I was about 21 I think. I ended up using the song title as well from one of the other chals as my sister is wearing a Go Go windcheater.
So what else has been happening.
-Asher has had a good week this week,apart from tellingm y MIL to shut up that is.
-She is having a ball at school on Friday as part of last day of term celebrations. I will be so taking the camera with me andmaking sure the batteries and the back up ones are charged.
-Over at Arty Pants I have started a Fav foto Friday chal. Being the mad scrappers that most of us are we make the most of the foto optortunites we get. So I thought we could all share our favs each week. At the end of the month I'll pop all the names of those that shared foto's and I'll get Asher to pull out two names and those two people will pick out their fav from the month for the other person to scrap.
Well that is about all from me for now. As usual thanks for popping by and any comments that you may leave and happy scrapping.


At 25 June, 2007 , Blogger Mardi said...

Julie...I just love that photo os Asher in hre tutu on the way to the shops...very cute..
Mardi x

At 25 June, 2007 , Blogger Melanie said...

Those photos are gorgoeus of Asher Julie, looks like she was having a great time swimming.

Gorgoeus layouts as usual, you have a fresh and wonderful style.

At 26 June, 2007 , Blogger connie said...

soooo cute love them!!!!
Love tutu photos!!!


At 26 June, 2007 , Blogger francineA said...

oh i am soooo loving your album on your cat..looks gorgeous, keep us updated please..i love the idea!

At 28 June, 2007 , Blogger kristy.lynn said...

i LOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE the pic of asher running from ya... great lO's!!!!!!!! :)

At 28 June, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful work as always Julie, thanks for sharing. I love seeing more of your creations.

Asher looks like she is having lots of fun in those photos, very well captured.

Have a great day and keep smiling:)

Love from Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx


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