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Friday, June 22, 2007

Page share yet again.
I got down to my local today and managed to finish of my Aussie scrapjack page. I needed something from Asher's school memories box which was there on display to jog my memory for the journaling.
I'm loving the blue and brown combo and it is not often I do it with doing girliy pages. I came across some papers from an old kit I've got here at home form Embellished with some piggy tales papers in it.
Sorry about the bad pics as it is rainy here today and I couldn't get outside to take the pics.
And this is for Bons royal challenge over at Bonsscraps.
I did try and do this page using purple as the base with green as well but it just wasn't coming together at all. I ended up salvaging the Shh title from it and have put it aside for Asher to have a play with.

lol the page is straight just my cropping is a bit of.
Well that is it on the page sharing for now.

Asher has dancing tomorrow and hopefully we will have a better day tomorrow than what she did last Saturday. It was a shocker. Major hissy fit at the newsagent because she couldn't have what she wanted. If it isn't in she can't get it right. I managed to carry her out to the car with only a little fuss on the threat that we would leave Felicity (her doll she wanted the new out fit for) at the newsagent for a weeks holiday if she didn't stop crying. We got to dancing and she was really clingy. Wouldn't let go of me and point blank refused to go into class. I used the Felictity tactic again only to say that she would go on holidays with My mum and dad up north for six weeks and the response I got (maybe not in these exact words) was well she can go on holidays I'm not dancing. Right now Felicity is riding around in a caravan on her way up to Broome. lol Mum is under instructions to take pics of Felicity so I can scrap her travels.

When we got home she was out back playing and I had a friend pop over for a coffee and chat and I've never seen her move so quickly in my life. Asher had her skipping rope around the cats neck and was dragging her around the back garden. Needless to say the skipping rope has been banished as was Asher to her room and the cat will probably run a mile if she see that skipping rope again.

I've got two more cjs here at home to do pages in. Fran's from a CIS circle and Dawn's from the Apple yard one. I am loving the pages in both of these cj's and so can't wait to see the pages everyone does in mine.

I have spent some time today trying to sort out the link to the Arty Pants forum in my links side bar. I copied the http thingy from the bar at the top of the forum and pasted it into my blog post and that link works but when I do the same in the template of my blog to change it in the side bar it comes up as can't find the page. Anyone with any idea of what I am doing wrong please help.

Well I think that is about if for now. I'm of to pop into Arty Pants to see if anyone is willing to take on Lisa in the chat up a storm comp. I'll be getting some goodies together for the prize part of it to tomorrow and will post a photo of it on the forum and here.

Anyway as usual till next time thanks for popping by, thanks for any comments and happy scrapping.


At 22 June, 2007 , Blogger Lis said...

Fantastic layouts!

At 22 June, 2007 , Anonymous Tara said...

the link it is giving me from the side bar is not working... try this

not much different, and not sure if it will work or not... happy to try and help by e-mail if you still cant get it sorted...

At 23 June, 2007 , Blogger KarenB said...

Gorgeous LO's Julie. I love "Shh". Lovely details, especially that little metallic button. Which reminds me, my 'royal colours' LO is going nowhere! I'm going with red but it really needs some bling to give it some oooomph... You've got me thinking now!! Thanks :)

At 24 June, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Julie :)

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx here again. I just wanted to come and visit you and see your latest creations.

As always they look brilliant. I love these new layouts and photos, very nicely done.

I can understand how frustrating and annoying it is when your child has one of those major hissy fits. Amanda still does that and she is 7. It's so embarrassing for me at times.

We had an incedent last Friday morning right at the schools front gate in plain view of

I hope your having a great day and keeping warm. Thanks for sharing more of your brilliant work. Your one talented scrapper!


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