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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good news
I found out yesterday that my page I did for the weekend workshop over at the apple yard won. I am wrapped. My potty page,which is in a few posts back was one that I wasn't loving all that much.
I've just spent some time updating my link list. Since Erica from the boxx introduced me to bloglines I've not updated my list just subbing to new blogs through bloglines. For some reason the new links I've added have got a space problem. Not too sure just what went wrong so if anyone has any ideas please help.
Well I've got to go just incase Jules from over at Shop and Crop decides to call more bingo words tonight. With two words to go knowing my luck I'll be doing things elsewhere and forget all about it. LOL
Till next time happy scrapping.


At 20 December, 2006 , Blogger Megan said...

Congratulations Julie!!! Well done on the win!

Not sure about the spacing issue with the blog links either, sorry :-(

Megan xx

At 20 December, 2006 , Anonymous melanie harris said...

Thats wonderful news Julie.

With blog feeds, are you picking Atom or RSS feeds?
I pick RSS feeds and it works every time.

At 20 December, 2006 , Blogger Crissy Gaylor said...

Congrats Julie. Love all your recent layouts, you really should submit them to the mags!

At 20 December, 2006 , Blogger Joanne Bain said...

Congrats on your win Julie...fantastic news.



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