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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday photo and page share.
Yeap it is Sunday and time for my regular blog update.
I've got a bit to share so you may need to grab a coffee.
Yesterday Asher and I went up to my best friends little boys b'day party at an indoor play center. We all had a ball and I jumped into the ball pit with Asher and the camera and we had a ball fight. Some of the pics are a bit blurry but this is my favorite one.
I tried to take some pics of Daylan blowing out his candles but he wasn't happy and the pics weren't that great either. My photo taking skills are pretty hit and miss these days.
Friday seen the end of the CIS on line retreat. I has so much fun being a part of it.
This page is one that I did as part of a stampin up workshop held by FLeur. I have got a few older stampin up sets but I had a play with the Autumn Leaves and MM flower stamps as I wanted to use my watercolour pencils to colour them in.
The photo is of Asher and her best girl Shaleah on one of their trips to the park on one of their sleep overs.
The next page andthe one after are two pages that were part of a power scrap workshop held by Kaz. With everything all picked and ready to go both pages could be done in an hour. I had the photos,papers,embellies and titles already picked out for each page. Making sure I had enough of the letters before hand. Clocked in and went to start and realised that the photos and title I had sorted out for one page went with the layout of the other. So I had to pull a swifty and change things at the last minute and I did the pages in an hour and three minutes.
This page is of Asher on xmas morning when she was three. With a new addition to her Pinky toys. The little people all had their own names but Asher gave them all new ones. Pinky(the girl in a pink dress) was her favorite. As her collection of pinky toys(as she calls them) grew she ended up with a few Pinkies and they are something that still get pulled out and played with often.The next page are photos of Asher having fun pretending to drive my brother in laws boat while it was down at Rockingham beach.
This layout I ended up having to flip to suit the photos after my mix up.

And this is the Hambly mini album we did on Friday night with Kaz.
I had heaps of fun doing this one.
Qoute page
She loves dressing up
She loves having fun
She loves her best girl and boy
She loves her cat Reenie
She love tapping no more
This page is my favorite one in the album. I still have to do the last page which is a handmade by page with a photo of myself and Asher butI want to get a new photo of the both of us together and the journaling but I need to get myself a sharpie to do that.
Ok what else has been happening
-The Arty Pants August kit has been released and the pages I did with it, along with Connies are now up on the site. You can check them out here
-I will soon be the owner of an Elise 52 challenge book. Over at The scrapbook establishment they have a new member prise that gets given out and thanks to Ngaire letting it slip the other night on MSM I found out I won it.
-Embellished is running the Idol competition again this year and the gallery for the first round is looking fab. I've got my pics printed out ready to scrap tonight.
-I chatted with the girls over at Therapy for a bit on Friday night in their cyber crop in between the album class and chatting on MSM and I managed to get one page done for it today and hope to try and do the others after I get my idol page out of the way.
-I was going to post my page for the Chinesse whispers challenge over at Bons , which I have used as my bingo page at Therapy but forgot it so I'll try and remember to put it up in my next post.
-I'm on holidays this week so I have got as much scrappy time as I want. Which is a bonus as I've got some challenges and to try and catch up on and I've got to get organised for---
---a real life retreat on the weekend too. I so can't wait.
Well I think that is about all from me for now so as usual thanks for popping by, for any comments that you leave and till next time happy scrapping.


At 06 August, 2007 , Anonymous Tash Allen said...

Hi Julie, I love your mini album. looks fab. all your pages are gorgeous as usual, love all your mixed title alphas. hope you are well. :)

At 06 August, 2007 , Blogger Anthea said...

WOW Julie!!! love the pages and those stamps also!!

At 06 August, 2007 , Blogger Jolene Pienaar said...

Those are gorgeous! Your mini album sure came out a treat too!!


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