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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sundays photo and page share
Well it is that time of the week again. The end of my scrappy time for now. Roll on Wednseday night. Well probably not Wednesday seeing as I have got to go to an inservice after work. So not happy but you get that.
This week Asher got invited to her first Halloween party and she was so excited. She also had a Halloween disco on Saturday night so we went out and brought a ghost costume. it was going to be a witch till I went looking and I didn't want to pay $30 dolars for a witch when I could get a ghost for $13.
I took this photo in the backyard before heading out to pick up Asher's friend Emma who was going to the disco and having a sleep over too. I asked her what ghosts say and she walked towards me whooooing. lol
I pretty much spent most of the weekend at home scrapping and doing housework as well as entertaining Asher and her friend today. Craig spent most of the weekend up on the Perth foreshore taking photos of the Red Bull air races. These are three of about 150 or so photos that he took. Yes my new baby got a work out and a half.
This is my page for the second round of scrapping with the stars comp over at therapy. This round the star is Lusi Austin. The challenge this week was to make journaling the focus of your page either on the background of your layout or on the photo and to use red. I was trying to stick to a boy page seeing I was scrapping a page about Asher playing with cars and it was so hard not to add a flower but I pulled it of in the end.
You can check out the great pages in the gallery already here
Over at Therapy this weekend was their cybercrop and I had heaps of fun chatting and although I missed the bingo last night being at the disco with the girls I was around for the chat,in between trying to sort out two noisy girls, and was crowned this months therapy night owl.
Thanks Nat.
This is a page I did for chal 1. It was a colour wheel challenge and we had to use two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel. I chose to use blue and orange.
I was also a bit sneeky and used this challenge to do my pages in a cj I have here.


Challenge three was a sketch challenge and we had to include colours from our zodiac signs. I am on a cusp and depending on where I look I am either a Gemini or a Taurus and those colours are red and orange tones so I used both. The colour of the bazzil is a bit dark in the pic though. Challenge four was a card challenge and seeing as it was a colour themed cc we had to make a card using the words you colour my world.

Over at CIS Jolene has started a new comp called computer tricks for scrapbookers.

The first lesson was on how to print out an a4 photo. We then had to do a layout with an A4 photo and this is what I came up with.

Not too sure if I am liking it although it is growing on me.

You can check out the gallery here

for the other pages for this lessons there is some great ones already.

As you can see I am still counting down or I should say up to my 200th. Only five more to go. Thanks to Julie(J2), Laura, Jodee and Linda for guessin just when they think I'll hit the 200 mark. Keep the guesses coming in girls and you may win a page kit rak from me if you are the closest.

As to what else has been happening.

-I have been tagged twice byJolene and Anthea. I've not forgotten girls I have just left doing this update to late to add them in here so I will try and pop in tomorrow or Tuesday with them.

-Anyway I think that is about all fro me for now it is way past my bed time.

As always thanks for stopping by,any comments you may leave and till next time happy scrapping.


At 06 November, 2007 , Blogger kristy.lynn said...

julie... i LOVE the LO of Asher w/ the cars... I love the bright colors!

I'm in awe of you embarqing on your 200th page.. you rock girl!


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