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Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's Sunday and here is my photo and page share
After another hissy fit and a battle of wills with Asher over her having to wear her lacy legings under her new dress which had shrunk a little in the wash I managed to convince her to keep them on long enough to take photos of her unhappy in them and then we took them off and cut the lace of as it was the lace that she didn't like.
and yes I'm keeping the lace and have plans on using it on the page when I scrap some of the 40 odd pics I took. Hopefully I can refrain from scrapping them till the CIS cybercrop next weekend. lol Liz and some of the other Cisters didn't think that I would be able too.
You can check out all the details of the CIS cyber crop here it is bound to be heaps of fun
and with the birthday celebrations starting tomorrow it will be a week of fun and games. You can check out what is happening over the birthday week here
boy am I glad that I'm on holidays this week so I've got more time to join in on all the fun.
As I said in my last post I got through to the next round of the Therapy dt comp and we had to put together a class. Nat ended up getting us to put up the class as a step by step post rather than a real time class (IFKWIM) so if you want to see more of the layout I did you can check it out here
I had heaps of fun doing this page. While you are there check out what the other girls are doing too. It all looks great so far.
I did this next page for the K I Memoreis challenge this month there. Doing it was a challenge and a half as I don't have a lot of K I stuff here, not too keen on the new papers but I did have two older papers that I managed to work with. The red spotty one and the white one with the printed words on it, which I chopped and covered to form my title and part of the journaling.
around my doodled frame I wrote the words to the I scream you scream childrens song and added to the end "you can scream all you want this one's mine and I'm not sharing"
My journaling, which I put together with bits of the pp, a chippie circle, some stickers and handwritting reads"You make sharing a delight but not this time it's all about me and it's mine and I'm not sharing"
and the title which I put together the same way reads "I like to share with you but NOT my icecreams though"
Over at Therapy they wil be having a 'Girls night in" cyber crop not weekend. You can check out all the details here
durring the cc weekend they will be running a few classes to rasie money for the cancer council. All the details of the classes can be found in the link above too.
With two of my favorite places to pop in and visit having a cc on the same weekend I'm going to be busy but I'm sure it is nothing this little scrapnut can't handle. lol
I chatted with the girls at TSE for their first cc and had a ball. I managed to do two out of the four challenges.
This one below I did for the scraplift challenge and lifted Kathy Pitts jump page seeing as I had similar pics to the ones she used.
I love how quickly this one came together. Asher seen the trampoline jumping thingy at one of the bigger shopping centers last school hols and just had to do it all again. She did it last year as well so I've got two totally different pages of her doing the same thing.
lol If I had of thought of it I would of uploaded the other page too.
The other page I did was for the MME, buttons and no journaling challlenge. I had to scan that page as my camera was playing up and it isn't that great so will take a pic of it tomorrow and post it next post.
This is my monthly page for the 123 challenge, the one I forgot to post last time.
The photo is one of the ones Mum took on holidays up north of Felicity(one of Asher's dolls) who went with them after a major hissy fit at dancing. Asher had the choice of going into dancing or have Felicity go on holidays and in no uncertain terms it was
"Well Felicity can go on holidays them as I'm not going dancing"I had a laugh with Mum when they got back. She was saying to me that Dad kept on laughing at her taking the photos as they went around but it was Dad that took her out of the caravan where Mum put her and put her in the back of the 4WD where she could see where she was going.
Well what else has happened out here since yesterday lol

-dh went out fishing today and had the nerve to take his camera with him and left me with mine which is playing up at the moment

-he caught 2 fish and knows that I can't stand the smell or sight of fresh fish and what does he go and do, hold the fish up in all their glory for me to admire then wonder why I won't look at him and then wonders why I grumbled at him for waving the fish rubbish under my nose as he walked it out to the bin.

-with dh out fishing all day Asher and I had a pj day. Both of us stayed in our pj's till 5.30 ish then we had showers and got into clean ones.

-I was writting up my latest pages in my little scrap dairy for the year and realised that I have nearly done 200 pages for the year. 179 to be exact so I thought I'd run a little blog comp. Just post in the comments below the date you think I may reach my 200th page and when I've done it the first person who guessed closest will get a rak from me.

Well I think I have rambled on enough now so as usuall thanks for popping by, any comments that you nay leave and till next time happy scrapping.


At 02 October, 2007 , Blogger Fran Tynan said...

It could nearly kill you not scrapping for a whole week - (I know I tried it 2 weeks ago!!LOL) but think how keen you'll be at CC time!!
I adore that icecream LO of Asher - gorgeous!!

Fran xx


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