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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday photo and page share
Well today after I cleaned up the house and DH attacked the back lawn the four of us went out for a drive. Yes we took baby too and both DH and I had a play around with taking some photos. Here are six of my favs.
Thanks heaps Jolene for the tips on making the photo collage. If you all want to find out how to do it just pop in here.
I have managed to do a bit of scrapping since wednesday. 3 pages and a card so here they are
Page 189
A page I did for the skecth challenge over at the Therapy Saturday night fever last night.
The pics are of Asher as she finally conquered the flying fox a few weekends ago. Thanks for the flower to Kaz. Finally used it and I did it. Resisted temptation to add some watercolours to my doodled border. lol

Page 188

Is my page for the 123 monthly challenge. I used one of the many photo's I took of my brat last weekend after she had finished playing around with her stash of play make up. Page 187

Is my page for this months Aussie scrapjack. I so love how this one turned out. It sort of took a life of it's own in the end. The photos are of Asher durring swimming lessons last term. We had to swim in pjs as part of the lesson one day and she usuallly hates it but not this time. And why did I number my pages you might ask?

Well I still have the blog guessing game going on as to when you may think I'll reach my 200th page. I've had one person guess so far but the likely hood of me scrapping 11 pages by that date probablly a task even for this scrapnut. lol

This is a card that I made up as part of a package on it's way to a very special little girl who has, along with her family, gone through a bit of a rough week. It is a bit hard to tell by the photo but the dress on the girl has been 3d.And these next few pages are what I did with the Cherry Arte papers I got sent by Jodie over at Arty Pants a while back that I have been meaning to post. I had fun working with these and this first one the photo itself isn't a great one, a bit grainy, but I so had to scrap it as it is so Asher when she gets in one of her moods.

As to what else has been happening out here

-I got another page accepted by SC. My Two page in the previous post. I am so wrapped.

-I chatted with the girls over at Therapy last night for their Saturday night Fever and had a few laughs. I found out too that the sketch I did for the last months SNF challenge came equal first in the votes and I'll be stalking the postie for a surprise soon.

-I tried out some sunset pics for the CIS photography challenge this month and they turned out well. Got dd and dh to walk out along the jetty near home. Will hopefully get to scrap them this weekend.

Well that's about it for now so like always thanks for popping in,any comments and till next time happy scrapping.


At 22 October, 2007 , Blogger francineA said...

congrats Julie on your SC acceptances...your going well!

At 22 October, 2007 , Blogger Rebekkah said...

Hey Julie
Glad to see youre getting accepted more and more - Congratulations, i love your work and you so deserve it my dear!

Bek (artypants)

At 22 October, 2007 , Blogger Anthea said...

congrats on the acceptence! love the pics af ashar julie, great LOs also

At 24 October, 2007 , Anonymous Linda said...

Congrats with the acceptance
Well I will put in a guess as well and the date will be 15 November 2007.
Enjoy your day

At 24 October, 2007 , Blogger me said...

Hi J2,
Just thought I would pop in and say hi!! Your Layouts are just gorgeous!
Chat soon
Ali x

At 27 October, 2007 , Blogger Julie said...

LOL Julie - 28th is tomorrow....maybe an all nighter and you'd get to 200 ;)
- maybe next sunday, your gettin sooo close now, can't wait to see the 200th.
congrats on the layout acceptance - always love seeing your work.

Julie xx


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