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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sundays share
Well it is that time of the week again and I have had fun.
I took my cmaera to swimming this week as Asher had been talking about finally jumping into the pool after nearlt 4 years of lessons. I snapped this one of her coming out of the foam mat tunnel
and this one of her finally jumping, not sitting on the edge and falling into the pool.
And this is the page I scrapped for her swimming album.

I did it for the bingo over at Therapy and what I had to use was ink, something yellow, and more than two flowers and brads. When I posted on my forums about Asher doing this finally I made up a little song to the words of a Dora song and one of the girls at Therapy suggested I use it as my journaling. So Idid. lol

I joined in on all the fun of the CIS cybercrop on Friday night. Thanks for the laughs girls I had a ball as usual and managed to get two of the three challenges done.

This is for chal 1. We had to do a monochramatic page using a journal card and 3 different ribbons.

197 I loved the funness(if that is a word) of the photo of a blurry Reenie running from Bob, a regular visitor to our yard.

For chal 2 we had to choose three colours for a list of about six I think and to use those colours, frame something and to use some creative stamping.

I chose to use Chocolate, teal and cream and so love how this page all came together in the end.


The pics are of Asher and Reenie having a relucant cuddle before she headed out to a halloween disco last week.

Over at Therpay the chal this week for the scrapping with the stars comp was set by Rhonna Farror (Sorry if that is spelt wrong).

We had to scrap our goals. Seeing as I've not been out of the state one of my goals is to see more of our country.

199 I cut the pics out of a Tasmanian travel booklet and used an add from if for inspiration as well.
Well what else has been happening this week.

-As you can see my scrappy workout this week fell one short of my 200th page for the year. If you still want to put in a guess for when you think I'll hit the 200 mark just leave a comment and you may get yourself a scrappy rak from me.

-I got in the mail the other day a parcel From Arty Pants. My next dt pack, which I am planning on scrapping with next week. And as a thankyou for the effort I've been putting into the forum Jodee and Judy gave me a Print Blocks album. Thanks heaps guys. I am sure it will be full in no time once I get the time to get my pages out of the pizza boxes. lol

That's about all that has been happening here and seeing as it is 11.30 and I'm up at six tomorrow it is goodnight for now.

As always thanks for stopping by, thanks for any comments and till next time happy scrapping.


At 12 November, 2007 , Blogger kristy.lynn said...

julie... love the picture of asher... she's so skinny!!! what great pages! i esp. love the all green one! i hope you get to travel this year!

hope you have a great week!

At 12 November, 2007 , Anonymous Julie H said...

YAYYYYYY on Asher finally taking the big plunge!!! Way to go little chicky!
Totally fabbo work on all your layouts as usual Julie - always enjoy popping over to check them out :)

chat soon
Julie xx

At 17 November, 2007 , Blogger judee d said...

Hi Julie,
Love the pages of Asher, especially taking the plunge. You must be happy to get a photo like that one. Just at the right time.
It was a pleasure sending you that album, you have put som much time and effort into the website, you deserve it.
I think that you may just have finished your page 200 by the middle of tonight. You seem to be sum a night owl.
Keep smiling and healthy


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