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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sundays share on a Monday
Blogger wasn't behaving for me yesterday and would only let me load up half my pics. So I finshed of my post this morning.
Here is a photo of my Angel (not) on xmas morning. She got totally spoilt by Santa, us and family and had heaps of fun until she had a major hissy fit on xmas afternoon.
She got to see Santa come round after waiting out front for about 20 mins. She could hear him way before he came round and just had to wait out front for him.
and this pic I took when we went of to the beach the other day. She had heaps of fun playing around and chasing the seagulls, both on the sand and in the water. No seagull was safe. lol I wanted to try and get some pics for a mini calander I am planning on doing up for my computer area so when we got ready I tied her Aussie scarf around her waist and it stayed there for most of the time, even out in the water. That is what she is waving around. I took 70 pics that day and Craig took another 20. I was actually quite surprised. It was the first time she has gone out so far in the water, up to her arm pits and she loved it but both Craig and I were ready to run if need be.
What's going on at Therapy.
The next star in the SWTS has been revealed. You can find out all the details here

I finally got around to doing my sample page for the Ngiare Bartlam tree challenge for SWTS. I had fun playing around with some of my Scenic Route papers and making my own version of Belinda's flower pots.

probably just as much fun as Asher did decorating our tree.
-I have my next inspiration challenge all ready to go and be revealed tomorrow. I hope you like it.

-Feel like having a month long party. It is Therapy's 1st birthday in Jan so there is a month long cyber crop with each of the dters hosting challenges and planning some fun games all month long. Hope to see you all pop in sometime.

What's been going on over at Arty Pants

The sneekie went up for the next Tech Tues challenge before xmas and the guessing began as to what I may be focusing on this month and Linda guessed correctly. Making transperancies.

You can check out the details on how it works here

and then the full page with some tips will be up on Tuesday.

The monthly challenge was to scrap a page about your star sign and personality and here is my sample. I am on a cusp and in some places I looked I was Gemini and others I was Taurus. In the end my page took a twist as it turned out I and dh too think I am a mix of both.

A close up the detail. I ended up using the remaining card from a set of game tokens from one of Asher's xmas games.

What has been happening at home
-With both Craig and I still on holidays things have been really relaxed here. No rushing to do anything just taking things easy and as they come.
-We have had a few hissy fit moments with Asher these past few days, I just hope the have come to an end for a while. On xmas day late in the arvo at home she wanted to play one of her new games. We played, she lost and literally threw what was in her hands across the room screaming and ran of to her bedroom. 10 mins later she was still going, I had found the lost marbles, the game had been put away and I began the long job of trying to calm her down. I managed to do so and we had a talk about not always having to win things as she has been having major issues with that lately. As a result of her fuss she was told she couldn't have any of her xmas stuff till tomorrow, that went down ok until she wanted her leapster (b'day pressent) but I took out her xmas game that was in it. Then it all started again. After 10 minutes she calmed down again and asked for her b'day pressent that she was given that day by her cousin. Had got it but had to have a shower first, complaining all the way, everytime she started crying again I put down the scissors and stopped unpacking her barbie car. 30 mins or so later she was calm,in her pjs and playing Barbies. That was hissy fit number 1 will tell you about yesterday's 2nd and 3rd ones later or I may still be here in my pjs at 12.00.
Well as always thanks for stopping by, any comments and till next time hope you all have a happy new year and happy scrapping.


At 31 December, 2007 , Blogger Kristine said...

gorgeous layouts as always Julie :) Love the look of your transparency workshop thingy. Sounds fab.

Re: Asher's meltdowns - I suppose we will all look back when they have grown out of this phase (probably when they are 18!) and laugh....then we can embarass them in front of their friends! lol

At 31 December, 2007 , Blogger Laura said...

Oh, I love the new stuff Julie, and I really like the layout with Asher decorating the tree. The photo of Asher at the beach is great, and I know you'll create some great pages with those photos. Sorry that Asher had a few meltdowns. Those are never easy to handle. Sam still throws a bad tantrum now and again, so I just hope it is something he will eventually quit doing, because I am too old, and my patience is way too thin. :)
Have a great New Year, and I look forward to chatting with you!!

At 01 January, 2008 , Blogger Anthea said...

gorgeous LOs Julie!!
not to sure what I can say about Asher though, your doing the best you can, and they all have their moments, sounds like you did the right thing though, I hope there arent too many of them before school goes back.

At 07 January, 2008 , Blogger Jane Ettia Jones said...

wow julie everything is gorgeous. i love how you created the tree using the circles from the SR papers just awesome


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