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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa key, new glasses and some xmas yummies.
After hitting the shops and braving the crowds for some last minute shopping this morning I came home and started work on my list of things to do today.
Our Santa key kit from the lovely Jen Hall, in my links bar, was one of them. Asher and I started out doing it togther but we got half way through it and she lost interest.LOL
I wasn't quite liking it as we were putting it together as I thought I should of probabaly stuck to the one colour of material to wrap around the Delish key but Asher was adament that we use different ones and as we were making it up for her we did it her way.
When I was explaining to her the other day what it was for she was "but Mum Santa dosen't need a key he has magic dust to get in the chimney," or in our case the pot belly flu, so I said that it was for Santa to use just incase he runs out of magic dust and that is what I wrote on the little tag.

She was so excited when it was finished and couldn't wait for Craig to put a nail in the door and hang it up

This is a pic that I took of my loudest six person in the world on Friday. To post it here was another thing on my to do today list.
On the way out to Craigs work xmas wind up Craig said to me I hope Asher will be quieter today than what she was yesterday when he took her into work for a little while. I laughed and said probablly not and we had a big voice in the back say
"Probablly not I am the loudest six person in the world"
We both cracked up laughing.
She has got on her new pinl glasses. She was so proud of them she was telling everyone in the shop all about them.
To do some xmas cooking was another thing on my to do list. I am not one for doing alot of cooking as in sweets and cakes but I thought I'd start to do something for xmas with Asher.
We made some Yum yum balls, as a friends little girl calls them and a chocolate slice receipe that I got of the forum over at Em.
All was going well till I popped the slice into the oven to cook and I realised that I hadn't added the nuts to it. LOL And when it came to doing the Yum yum balls I had forgotten how yuk your hands get and I had trouble getting the coconut to stick to the balls. Oh well I guess now I've got a year to try and find some other things to cook next xmas. Asher had fun and watching her was half the fun.
My still to do list.

1.Finish dinner.
2.Bath Asher and wash her hair.
3.Put out carrots for the reindeers and snack for Santa.
4.Get Asher to bed.
5.Finish of the inserts to the famliy xmas cards and write in them.
6.Wrap pressents. Why oh why do we always leave that till the night before xmas.
7.Remember to bring Santa's magic key in of the front door as Santa is going to leave it in Asher's room so she knows that he has been.

Wishing everyone a happy christmas.


At 25 December, 2006 , Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Julie,
I hope you have a fantastic holiday season with your loved ones.
Take care,

At 26 December, 2006 , Blogger Anthea said...

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday Julie, those yummies look great, as does Ashars new glasses!!


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