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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another cyber crop, a story and some news.
Well this little cybercropping scrapnut was at it again last night chatting away with the girls over at EM. Thanks all for the chat and laughs.
I've got 1 and a half of the challenges done and hope to finish them up sometime tomorrow. Still thinking on one of the challenges. Just need to get the right pics and one of the one's I was wanting to use of Craig's mum can't be found. Oh well onto plan
While chatting away last night Asher was outside jumping on her trampoline and as usual the kids over the back and her were talking (or should I say yelling) to each other over the fence. They have a tramp too and often one or both of them are either jumping on it or actually sitting on the back fence. I caught a glimpse of her jumping on the tramp and ended up bringing her jumping to an end quick smart. My little angel was flashing her cute butt to the kids while she was jumping. I am laughing now but I wasn't then. She was banished to her room till dinner time and has been banned from the trampoline all weekend. Some of the girls last night thought it was quiet funny and we had a few laughs about it.
And now for my news. My Live learn hope page (a few posts back) I did for one of the 123 cyber crop challenges won. I am so wrapped as that page is one I had fun with.
Anyway for now this little tired old scrapnut is heading of to bed.
Till next time happy scrapping.


At 05 March, 2007 , Anonymous Tash Allen said...

Congrats on the 123 CC win, great LO. and love all the other creations you've made lately too. great work! :)


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