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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Warning big page share ahead.
If you need a coffee may just be the time to get it lol
Like I said in my past post I was a crazy cybercropping adict over the weekend and joined in on two. 1 over at Em and the other over at Scrap Therapy. Thats to all the girls fun some fun and laughs over the weekend.
Here are my pages and projects from the Em challenegs.
Chal 1 we had to raid our stationary suplies and use them on our page with the word family as a title. I've been putting some of my older pages into my albums and are slowly getting uo to date and decided to use some xmas pics from when Asher was one.
My stationary items are the crumpled paper pulled out of an exercise book, staples on bazzil and flowers and paperclips. I was going to add some drawing pins to the flowers as well but I couldn't get the pin part of it to fold over once through the flowers.
Chal2 was to make up a easter basket of some sort. I had already brought the little muffin cases for just this job to do for Asher and the nephews and Nieces. I had a bit of a production line going to make 10 but I did it. I put theribbons on the ones for the girls as I didn't thik the boys would like them all tizzied up.
Chal 3 was a sketch and here is my page from it.
I was going to add some more embellies to this one but it just didn't look right so left. Pics are of Asher taken at one of out many trips out to the local play center.
Chal 4 we had to use multi pics and have it in the gallery in an hour. I was working on my 1 perfect day page just before starting it so with my pics from easter morning printed I used some scrap peices of the Scenic Route papers I had out on my bench as well as some of the M M paers.
I had the title all sorted and with about twenty minutes to spare and thought it needed something else. Then I rememebered I had some Scenic Route chippe elements in the autumn colours stashed in my chippie box on my bench so I dug them out and they suited it perfectly.
I also tried my hand at adding some zigzags to my doodling. It looked good so Iadded it to my 1 perfect page too.
Now for my Scrap Therapy pages.
Chal 1 we had to use chocolate in some way. Papers, pics or title, something hidden and riboons. I had this pic of Asher enjoying a chocky frog from easter quite a few years ago so I printed it out big and then cropped it down as I was a part of the pic.
This is the tag and a close up pic of the title work.
Chal 2. This is the one I put aside to do the hour chal for Em. We had to use either an ANZAC photo or Aplhas,Numbers,Zigzags,Arrows and Chipboard. Seeing as I couldn't find my pics of my grandfather I went for the second option and thought we had to use all of the above but it turn out we only had to use three.
This is a close up of the title work and flower detail.
I've been adding the paper strip flowers to a few of my pages laterly when layering flowers and so love the effect. It can be a little fiddly though.

Chal 3 was a sketch. I pulled out some more of my older pics of Asher and Craig in the backyard of the old house when Craig was out there practing his golf swing. Asher just had to join in on the fun.
Not too sure if I like the inking on the flower. I over did it a bit. I like the faint paint was over it though. it was a bit stark as it was.
Chla 4 was a scraps challenge. We had to make something from the scraps from one of our chals. Seeing as my neices b'day is coming up next week I madea card with the scraps from chal 1.

Well guys if you managed to stick around for all that thanks. I'm of now to hit the shower as Asher and I are having a mummy and daughter day. Movies,lunch and maybe a little shopping.
Till next time thanks for stopping by and any comments you leave.
Happy scrapping.


At 10 April, 2007 , Blogger just me said...

all i can say is WOW! :)

At 10 April, 2007 , Blogger deirdre said...

WOW julie, you have been busy. Love them all! And those easter baskets are sooooooo cute :)
Hope you had a great Easter :)

At 11 April, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie, I love all of your work. It is just beautiful.

At 11 April, 2007 , Blogger karenday said...

wow those layouts are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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