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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Page share ahead.
Yeap this scrap nut has been at it again. And loving
Here is my page for the second week of the beyond blue challenge over at Em. We had to scrap about our greatest acheivement or proudest moment and this is what I came up with.
I was origionally going to do it based around the birth of Asher but instead based it on how proud I am of myself for being able to get on with my life after the break up of my first marriage.
Close up pic of the journaling.

Here is a link to the gallery where you can check out the other great pages.

My next page is for the survior challenge over at S & C. we had to scrap a page with at least two pp's from different manufactures,three flowers and some glitz.

There is a little story behind this page. I had started it on Thursday durring the day while Asher was at school and it was pretty much finished except for the stamping. On Thursday we always go from school to swimming lessons. Asher loves playing around in the water and has an issue about having to jump into the pool from the edge. Her teacher knows this and allows her to stoop down rather than stand and Asher has to reach out for her hands. Well on Thursday Asher didn't want to reach out and wanted her teacher to move in closer. Her teacher didn't so she started getting upset. She sat and watched for a while as she usually does if she isn't doing as she is asked(happens a bit). Was given a few chances to do it but refused everytime. Well the teacher starts a game with the others as it is near the end of the lesson and guess who missed out. Asher lost it big time. The lesson was over and here she is trying to get back into the water. At one time I had wet feet from trying to get her up of the step and out of the pool. She wasn't happy and she let the whole place know about it. She started running away from me, soaking wet, around the edge of the pool and I had visions of us making a mad dash to the hospital. One of the other parents managed to grab her for me and I had to carry a dripping wet, kicking, hitting and screaming meanie back to the chair to get her changed. By the time I got home I was not a happy chappy and she knew it. When it came to finishing of my angel page I really wasn't in the mood to do so until I had the little comment well nearly always to the end of it.

The girls over at S&C had a few giggles over the comment and the story. Well the short version

Sorry but the link to the S&C was too big and messed up the side link bar but there is a link to S&C over ->somewhere.

My next page is the last one for the 8 week challenge comp over at the apple yard. It was a free choice layout and this is what I did.You can check out the other pages in this weeks challenge here.

And last by no means least is my 123 challenge blog March page. We had to use sewing,black and white with a splash of colour and 3 or more pics.

These pics I took of Asher in her new bikini just before we started lessons on Thursday and the screaming meanie showed By the time I had finished this page I was going a bit dotty. I dotted the letters in the title and then coloured the cream spots on the Scenic Route paper with a pink gel pen. I was thinking of going over the letters in kindy glitz or dimensional stuff but wasn't too sure how the gel pens would react with it so decided not to. I did try to sew on the pink Heidi Swap flowerbut it looked shocking so I layered it up a bit with the big ric rac and covered up most of it. I even used the sewing machine to stcih my journaling lines. Something I may just try out again one day.

I joined in the fun of the 123 cc on Friday night too. Thanks for the laughs girls while I was there. I hope to get to at least one of the challenges before the end of the month. MSM was going crazy but it was a fun kinda

Jolene put up the pages for the round three challenge over at CIS. You can check them out here. And I got through to round 4. I won't say which one is mine though. Lets see if you can Jolene did put up a little quiz for a bit of fun and we had to guess out of 4 options who did which page. I sat there for about ten minutes or so checking out the pages and trying to match up who I thought did which page. I took a few pot luck guesses and changed my nind a few times, hit the button and I was pleasantly shocked. I managed to get them all right.

Now we all thought the round three specs were a challenge but that is nothing compared to round four. We need to do an OTP project. It has to be a NON scrapping item(a household item,) we can't use chipboard as the base and we need to have a monogram on it. But that is not all. We need to take pics as we go and make up a set of step by step instructions and add it to the OTP thread on the forum. I have a few ideas rolling around upstairs. I hope to get a start on in tomorrow morning before we pic up Asher from Mum's.

It is our aniversary tomorrow and Craig and I went out to the movies and dinner tonight. Something we haven't done in a while. Tomorrow when we pick up Asher we are going to head up to Tranby House where we got married and have afternoon tea and then of to Bunnings so I can get somethings for my otp project.

Ok what else has this scrap nut been up to.

1. Posted of my American cj. Wahoo two more rounds and mine should be home.

2.Posted of my CIS cj. That one has a few more to go yet before heading home.

3.Did some more of my Poppet cj for the apple yard. That one will be going postal on Monday.

4.Heard from Mardi about our cj's from a circle we are in together on the boxx. Hopefully our cj's will be heading to me soon. Mine home and Mardi's on it way home.

Yeap I think I'm addictd to cj's at the moment. lol

I won't post any of the pages here as yet as some of the girls in the circle do pop in here everynow and then but when they get home I will certainly share them then.

Well I definately think I have rambled on enough. Thanks for staying with me if you have. lol

Till next time happy scrapping.


At 18 March, 2007 , Blogger bon said...

GREAT LO's, they're all gorgeous!

At 18 March, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Julie, they are all so lovely, you have done an awesome job.

At 18 March, 2007 , Anonymous Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Happy Aniversary for you and Craig. I hope you have many more happy years together.

As always I love seeing your layouts and how you put them together. Fabulous work Julie, you inspire me so much. I love your style xxoo

At 18 March, 2007 , Anonymous Tara said...

Wow, they are great. You've been very busy.


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