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Friday, December 29, 2006

Beach fun
We took Asher out for a splash at the beach yesterday and I like any like minded scrap nut made sure my camera was with me.LOL. Here are a few of my favs from the day.

IN this one she is trying to run away from Craig. She decided to start a water splashing fight, which I will add she lost. LOL
My cheeky girl trying to make a sandcastle. I tried to tell her to move out of the waves but would she listen. No and did she get annoyed at the waves. Um Yes.LOL
She got a set of goggles and an underwater camera for her b'day from one of her school friends and when we told her that we were going to the beach they had to come too. She had a play with the camera, can't wait to see the pics LOL, before Craig claimed it for a while and then enjoyed running in and out the waves with her goggles slipping but was I allowed to pull them up. Not likely. She will hate me for it in a few years but this is one photo that is going to be scrapped.LOL

Tried to scrap the Santa pic I posted a few posts back but it just wasn't coming together all that well. My scrappy roll has come to an end. I've finished it but I think it still needs something but what that something is who knows. I will take a pic of it tomorrow and post here and get you guys to help out if you can.

I brought myself a little note book that I am going to alter for a 2007 scrap diary. When doing my layouts I like to keep a record of what products I use and have been jotting it all down on a post it note then pop it into a little book so for next year I will write it all down in my dairy and also keep track of how many pages I have done and what pages I sub to what mag. Hopefully next year will be my year for getting published.

Till next time happy scrapping.


At 30 December, 2006 , Blogger MichelleLanning said...

hehehe- Julie - I love the pictures-- the water looks so refreshing!

At 30 December, 2006 , Blogger Mardi said...

Julie....adore your beachy photos...and I love your idea of a diary to record your layouts..material and subs ect.....Im sure next year will be your year.
Mardi x

At 30 December, 2006 , Blogger Shirls said...

great photos, julie!

At 30 December, 2006 , Blogger Sarah said...

Great photos from the beach. And I like your note book idea!!

At 31 December, 2006 , Blogger francineA said...

love taking photos at the beach,,they always look so clean...good luck with your subbing next sure it will be your year,,your work is outstanding!


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