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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas fun.
Christmas day has come and gone for another year. It was such a lovely day at home and out visiting family.
After getting all the wrapping done and remebering to bring the key in of the door and collect the carrots from outside and having Asher wake up before we had gone to bed asking if Santa had been we finally got to bed about 12.30. Asher woke again about 3.00 but went of to sleep again and woke about 7.30.
She was so excited about all her gifts in her stocking from Santa and the ones under the tree from us. Craig and I both watched in delight as she played Santa and dived in under the tree pulling out her gifts and the few in there that were ours. The hit at home was her little pet leopard which she has called Anastasia. It is so sweet and when you pat it it purs and growls.
After a play with some of her goddies here at home and siting down to watch the cars movie, another of her gifts with Craig while I got togther a salad for mum's we loaded up the car with baskets of goodies and headed out to Craigs brothers place.
Asher was totally spoilt yet again. Our house in now known as cabbage patch centeral as she now has three of them. One last year for christmas one last week for her birthday and another one for christmas. That is a grand total of six dolls here at home for someone who really isn't into them a lot. Oh well.
The hit at the Dudley's was a kitchen set with a toy blender and coffee maker. She was making us all coffee and shakes.

After a big lunch and a relaxing time we packed the car up again and headed to my Mum's place. It was a bit noisy but with 11 grandies running around it was bound to be and as usual Asher was one of the loudest.LOL. Asher didn't get to open any of her pressies out of the box at Mum's as there was so much going on but the hit today when we unpacked and sorted her stash was a set of Barbie bookends. Although Asher probably isn't going to use them as book ends today she was using them as play areas for her Barbie and Kelly dolls. Today was a big sort out day here after the influx of toys from her birthday and then again yesterday it is time to sort through her ever growing stash of toys. Some to be sold and then some to be given to the Salvos.

Anyway that's about it from me for now. I'm of to try and do some scrapping.

Till next time happy scrapping.


At 27 December, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like you have a happy little girl at your place too:) yes, the next task is to find places to store all those toys!


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