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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Big pic and page share ahead
You guessed it this little scrap nut has been busy yet again. I'll get to the pages in a little bit.
Today for mother's day we popped into see Craigs mum for a while, where she loved her fridge magnet I made for her, silly me forgot to get a pic. I'll try and get one later. Then it was of into Fremantle for lunch at Kalis and the of for a bit of a walk to try and get some pics for the photography chal over at CIS. We need to try our hand at getting some landscape shoots and try as I might trying to get some good ones without a whole heap of bodies around was so hard as it was packed. I think I managed to get a few though on the walk up to the round house.
How could I not take pics of Asher while the camera was This 1 of my favs from the day was taken as she was running back towards me on the way back to the car. I pretty much held up the camera and snapped. So love the smile she has on her face.
This is another fav. It was taken in the round house. She was in one of the cells looking out the window.
And another of her being the goofy girl she is. We had a great day out and it was made even better by the Dockers winning their game today. We got to watch half of the game at my parents place on the way home from Fremantle where I gave mum her angel frame which she loved and then we went home durring half time.
Now here come the pages. Hope you manage to stay around for them
This page I did for a challenge set by Jode over at Divas. We had to scrap five reasons about someone or people special in our lives and how could I not scrap My man and My girl. We also had to use 3 forms of distressing, journaling strips and some form of sewing.

Close up pic of the journaling and the sewing french knots on the lace.

This is my page for the Apple yard scraproom chal this week. We had to sort and scrap our embellie storage. Seeing as mine are pretty much sorted as much as I can do at the moment I scrapped how they are stored. I am loving the blush range of Basic Grey at the moment. I've been digging into my stash heaps lately that I may need to go and get a top

If you can read my journaling you will see that I've got quite a few stackable containers stashed on my overloaded shelf. Oh and I do realise that I left an L out of the title. Didn't notice it until I popped it into the Apple gallery. Argh I used some crate paper scraps on this page as well as a mix of Heidi Swap and Basic Grey letters.

This is my page for the Em 12 week challenge. We need to scrap about something we struggle with and for the moment with me it is my weight.
I am so loving journaling strips at the moment as if you can't More crate paper here with some Heidi Swap, Basic Grey and Provocraft letters too.
On Friday night I poped in on some of the chat for the CIS cyber crop before popping out for dinner with the girls from work. Thanks for the fun and laughs over the weekend girls and the great challenges as usual Jolene. The theme for this cyber crop was a low cost one and I had fun doing all of the challenges.

For the first challenge we had to do a page using 1 patterned paper or 1 cardstock, a hand cut title and a handmade embellie of some sort. I had popped out to Stephs on the Friday and got myself some of the new Dream Street papers. So yummy. This is the first page in my album I'm going to put together with pages of Reenie. I did this one 8.5 by 11 but I am going to try out something a bit different for this album. When I did the class with Emily Falconbridge a few weeks back she was saying that she has a 12 by 12 album and she scraps whatever size she feels like and pops it all into the one album. So I'm going to try it out for Reenies album and for Asher's scrapped pages too. Love this pic of our newest member of the family. At one time there I thought that she would jump into the bath with Asher and the toys.

For the title I hand drew and hand cut it. I'm not too sure if I've done alot of hand drwan titile before but I think I may just do more. For the handmade embellie I made a calico flower.

And using some of my making memories stamps I made my own journaling spots.

This is my page for challenge 2. For this one we had to try and keep out pages to under $7 and have a stamped title. Pics are of Asher having fun in the frogs room at daycare.

All up this page came too $3 so way under the limit so to speak. Some more of my new Dream Street papers. I just brought the two peices of this one but I may just get some more. lol

Challenge three was a sketch one using another of Jolene great sketches. We also had to use a mixed letter title of some sort. These pics are of our first family holiday a few years back now. So can't wait for the next one.

I had so much journaling that I wanted to put on the page that is just grew from the small spot in the sketch on the bottom right to right up the side. I was going to cull some of it to fit into the sketch more but I really wanted to keep it all in as the journaling is about some little things that aren't in pics so to speak.
For challenge three we also had to make a card from the scraps and seeing as I hadn't made my mothers day cards yet I made these. Both Mum's loved them too.
While I was scrapping on the Saturday Asher kept on asking me if she could scrap too. So after I had finished challenge 2 and had challenge 3 all layed out I gave her a pic of Reenie and some K and Co pet paper and this is what she did. I pretty much didn't do anything for her apart from cutting the papers to size and journal down the side what she wanted me too. Even the lines for me to write on were her idea.
While we were scrapping I couldn't help but laugh. She started talking about wanting to be the scrapping queen and of course I just had to put my foot down. She can't be the scrapping queen isn't that me. lol So she settled for the scrapping princess and Craig well he is the fidhing king as boys don'tlike
Ok if you guys are still with me I'll quickly share some stuff that has happened this week.
1. I finally heard back from SC about my Cake and jumping don't mix page that they asked me to hold way back in January. Right now it is on my kitchen table ready to be posted tomorrow. So can't wait to see my first page in print.
2. I've also got my US scrappy pal from, Laura's cj here ready to be sent on it's final leg home. I heard today too that mine is one it's way home. So can't wait to see it when it arrives.
3.I got an email from Sara about my cj from the circle I am in one Scrapboxx. It too is on it's way home. So in the next few weeks two of my cj's will be home.
4.Over at Therapy Nat is starting up a make believe masters contest. It so sounds like fun.
Anyway I think that I've rambled on enough. Hope that you stayed around to the end. As usual thanks for popping by and for any comments and till next time happy scrapping.


At 14 May, 2007 , Blogger kristy.lynn said...

great pages julie... love all the little details of each one... how fun that asher is showing an interest in scrapping... or at least wanting to be the princess :)

At 14 May, 2007 , Blogger Anthea said...

WOW what a mammoth post Julie! you have been busy!

great pages, looking forward to seeing your LO in print too!

At 14 May, 2007 , Blogger Karen L said...

Wow Julie - you have really been very busy. I am loving your layouts. Love those photos of your daughter too and her Layout is really awesome. Love the bright colours.

At 14 May, 2007 , Blogger Megan said...

oh my goodness Julie - you've always got SO MUCH to share!! The photos and layouts all look fabulous - you can really put a page together :-)

At 14 May, 2007 , Blogger francineA said...

awesome work as the pic of asher looking out the window..hope you got some good landscape pics as im still struggling with

At 15 May, 2007 , Blogger connie said...

boy you sure have been busy Julie... loving all your work... your scrapping always amazes me.. makes me wanna scrap!!!

At 15 May, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic layouts as always Julie, I also love journaling strips at the minute, sounds like you had a great Mothers Day..

At 15 May, 2007 , Blogger Melanie said...

You have been busy created all these stunning layouts, they are all beautiful Julie.

I love the photo of Asher at the window, it is gorgeous.

At 15 May, 2007 , Blogger Julie said...

Great to read you had such a good Mother's day Julie - that pic of Asher is too cute.
Awesome work with all your layouts - you definetly have been busy.

At 16 May, 2007 , Blogger Mel Diener said...

Asher has a definate talent for colour mixing, her page is so delightful, and if she keeps this up, she may well become a scrapping Queen.

Loving all your pages Julie, just gorgeous.

Mothers day sounds like it was an awesome day, and you've got some beautiful shots of Asher on the day too.

At 16 May, 2007 , Anonymous Charmane said...

OMG Julie - you are definitely the Scrapping Queen!!!! Awesome scrapping as usual!!! LOVE your work!!! HOpe to see you at 1,2,3 on Friday night ;)

Love your cute little kitty!!!

At 17 May, 2007 , Blogger Sharon Manning said...

SOunds like you had a busy Mother's Day! Thank you for your kind words on my blog.
Take Care

At 17 May, 2007 , Blogger Louise said...


At 18 May, 2007 , Blogger Mardi said...

Hi Julie.... I hope your scrappy mail arrives today...
I always lve popping in and seeing all your layouts....I know I say it every time....but you create more than anyone I are amazing...honestly.
Have a great weekend coming up...
Mardi x

At 18 May, 2007 , Blogger deirdre said...

Lovely pics of Asher too, cant wait to see them scrapped!

At 19 May, 2007 , Blogger Sarah said...

Love that photo of Asher looking out the window!! Gorgeous :)

At 20 May, 2007 , Blogger bon said...

OMG, what a post.... with lots of inspiration!
gorgeous phots and equally gorgeous LO's!!! :)


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