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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Welcome Miss Reenie
Yes we got ourselves a cat today. The little visitor we had last Sunday decided to go home and we went out and got ourselves one today. Not quite a kitten about six months old. I will put up some more pics tomorrow. I got some great ones while Asher was in the bath. Reenie was perched on the edge of the bath trying to get the bath toys. I was so waiting for her to fall in not Asher would of jumped straight out. lol She is a bit wary of her at the moment but still excited at the same time. She was watching a movie before bed tonight and Reenie kept on jumping onto the lounge to sit near her and she kept on moving away. In the end Asher went to bed but she was so worried that Reenie would get into her room while she was sleeping that she went of to sleep with the door shut for the first time in years.
As to her name well it was the name that was given her when they micro chipped her. The lady at the haven, who happens to be a teacher at Asher's school said we could change it but when I told Asher about it she wanted to keep it the same.
Ok page share before I end up forgetting these again. Two new and two old ones.
This page is my page for the Blue chal over at Em. We had to scrap our fear. Close up of the journaling. Can't see it all that well in the pics but the title, flower centers and the butterflies on the Fancy Pants paper have been dm'd. I christened the new swirl stamps that I got the other night as a bonus at the Emily class.
This is my page for the Apple scraproom challenge. We had to scrap our favorite colour and why. My fav is purple and as for why it has always been since I was little so I guess it has stuck. It is not that I wear a lot of it or use a lot of it in my scrapping or have a lot around the house.
I christened my other set of stamps that I got on Thursday. These ones I've been eying of for a while now so I treated myself to an early b'day pressent.
I ended up using lots of little things from my stash on this page. Some I've had for ages.
This page is one that I did a while ago now but couldn't share until Ngaire from CIS got it. We did a photo swap and I scrapped photos of her sweet little angel.
I wasn't too sure how to go with the journaling so I went with a nice quote. This one I found is actually an Irish blessing.
While I was scrapping this Asher came up to me and gave me a sticker and asked if I wanted to put it on the layout. I said that I had an extra photo printed that I didn't use and asked if she wanted to scrap it for Ngaire as well. This is her page. After I had finished the one I did I gave her some of the scraps, which she cut up and arranged around the photo.
I was quite impressed at how she turned the scrap of paper all by itself into a poppet. Now Ngaire has an Asher origional as well.

I loved the page I did for Ngaire so much that I scrap lifted
This is the page I did for the CIS photo chal layout comp.
The pics are a few I took, with the tips in mind from the lessons for round one, at Mcdonalds. She always has so much fun playing in the playground there.

I did these two pages a few days after I got my Zina Wright stamps and have used them heaps since then.

Anyway I've got a page to finish. I ended up chatting for a little while at both the cc's at Therapy and Em. I have got one chal from therapy finished and working on the second one. Not too sure just how much I'll get done tomorrow. I may just be having some fun with my man, my girl and my cat. lol

Till next time thanks for popping in and any comments you leave and as usual happy scrapping.


At 06 May, 2007 , Blogger Mardi said...

Welcome Reenie.....Im sure we will get to see lots of Reenie on upcoming layouts Julie! usual when I pop in have been incredibaly busy...with a swag of fabulous layouts....and a very cute altered button box.
Mardi x

At 06 May, 2007 , Blogger Jolene Pienaar said...

Oh I love kitties! Love your LO's, you did an awesome job with Ngaire's pics!

At 06 May, 2007 , Blogger Liz said...

Hi Julie, congrats on becoming "owned" by Reenie. Funny how kids act with animals - Asher will warm up to her in no time.
Loving your layouts and love that new stamp you got - looks very pretty on your layout.
Great layout you and Asher created for Ngaire.
Keep up the scrapping frenzy :-)

At 06 May, 2007 , Blogger Anthea said...

WOW, love all of the Los Julie!

oooo Id love to get a pet for the boys, you enjoy that cat wont you

At 06 May, 2007 , Blogger Megan said...

Oh Julie....I simply love the layout you did for is stunning.

And the one Asher did has the coolest poppet on it - how cute is that?!

Welcome also to Miss Reenie. No doubt she will be giving lots of pleasure to the family!

Megan xx

At 06 May, 2007 , Anonymous Tash Allen said...

gorgeous Julie! LOVE all that stamping.

At 07 May, 2007 , Anonymous Tara said...

Ooh, a new cat... just think of all the stash you have to buy now. ;) what a pity...


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