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Monday, May 28, 2007

Pages to share and a story to tell.
I'll start with the pages first. As usual I've been happy scrapping away.
This first page is for the photo chal over at CIS. We get given tips on taking photos then get to have a play around with using the tips, picking out the best ones and scrap a page with them.
This month we had some great tips on taking landscape shots. Making use of the line of sight, forground interest and rule of thirds methods.
On mother's day we went out to Fremantle for lunch at Kalis's then had a walk up to the Roundhouse where I had a play with the tips. The pic of the fishing boat harbour in this page was my favorite one and I included a few others that were taken on the day.
I'm not too sure if it shows up on the close up pic a lot but I've gone over the red in the swirls on the Dream Street paper with dimensional magic.
You can check out the other pages in the gallery at CIS here.
I scrapped Asher and her toothless grin for the Therapy make believe masters comp. We had to do a double about a special moment.
My journaling strips which I had to move as one of the ones near the top got lost somewhere along the way and I didn't notice it till I re read it when it was posted over at Therapy. So it is wrong here but have changed it. lol

I've been doing alot of the doodled borders lately and this one is one of my latest favs. Thanks Charm. Loved it on the b'day card you gave me and thought I'd give it ago. I also have had this paper from Karne Foster stashed for just this layout.

You can check out the other doubles here
This is my page for the last week of the Beyond the blue challenge over at Em. We had to scrap our life motto.

My lss has got in some new Cosmo Cricket papers and couldn't resist them when I went down the scrap on Friday.
This page is for chal 3 of the 123 chal cc. We had to use a tip from CIS, mixed alphas and stripes.
I used Liz's tip on stamping on alpha's it seems to have been a popular tip.
The pics are of Asher pointing out stuff in Craigs car. He entered a car stereo and asked if I could scrap a page about what is in his car.
I used up some of my growing stash of MME papers for this page and for the next.
I once again chatted with the girls over at Scrap Divas on Friday night after plans for dinner changed. I had fun chatting with all the girls and loved the challenges. This one is for challenge 1 we had to use white card,blue papers and include handstiching.

I had fun doing up the butterfly on this and adding the gliz to Asher's face.
Challenge 2 was to use three or more tags and some frames. I pulled out a Crate paper die cut sheet and used some of the strips and tags to make the photo mat and added the two frames as well. The second one I cut in half.
The photo is of Craigs brother Gareth and Asher a few years back one xmas night jamming together on her pianos.
As to what else has been happening

1. Went to the craft fair on Saturday and caught up with Carole Janson and Alli Patternson. I spent some money on more clear stamps to add to my collection. Some of them which I have already used.

2. I've had a page of Asher put up on the scrap the girls site.

3.I've still to take pics of my two cjs that have come home. Will try and do it this weekend.

Oops I nearly forgot my story.

My six year old decided that she and her friend were going to come over to our house and play after school and walked home.

Forgetting that

- I was working today and nobody was home

- She was being picked up by day care

- and that her friends Mum had no idea of the plans at all.

In their six year old wisdom these things didn't matter so they got their school bags and walked out of school and home to our place, using the crossing guard mind you. Lucky for them and for us we live directly opposite the school, I can acutally see the door to Asher room from my front door. While they were waiting at my front door, daycare turned up to collect Asher and when she wasn't there knowing that we lived over the road pulled into and checked our place, talked Asher and her friend into getting on the bus, dropped friend of at the school office then headed of to daycare. Meanwhile friends mum was begining to panic as she hadn't walked over to where she usually parks the car. Needless to say that when dh got to daycare to pick up Asher and heard of her adventures he wasn't happy and she was in trouble big time. I get a call at work from dh telling me what had happened and I'm thinking OMG. I then called friends mum just to make sure that they got her from the office. I was so glad to hear those few words "we have her"

Add to this a staff meeting after work that I totally forgot all about so my day at work was longer than normal and when I do get home dd races for the front door, opens it and the cat runs out and dh and I spend the next 10mins trying to catch a run away cat. All that when I all wanted to do was come home,have a shower and veg out here with a coffee or two.

Anyway thanks for making it ths far. Thanks for popping by and comments you may leave and as usual till next time happy scrapping.


At 29 May, 2007 , Blogger kristy.lynn said...

jules... i am loving the doodled borders... i may just have to try it myself! :) great lo's... the toothfairy one is awesome!

i'm glad asher is safe and everything worked out okay!

(ps... looking forward to getting my little goodie... but take your time :)

At 29 May, 2007 , Anonymous Tara said...

Glad Asher is okay!!!

At 29 May, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Julie it's a worry when kids get ideas into their heads isn't it. They forget all about danger sometimes.

When Amanda was 5 years old she walked down to the train station all alone one afternoon from school. I arrived at school at 3pm and could not find her. I looked everywhere. I had about 20 other students and parents all looking for her too. It was very worrying and a day I will never forget.

After a while I called the police telling them my daugther was missing from school. About an hour later thank heavens a nice little old lady found Amanda at the train station and took her to the police station.

The police called me on my mobile phone and I too was thrilled to hear those words "we have her".

It was the longest and most worrying hour of my life. I was so happy that nothing bad had happened to her. Still to this day I remind Amanda about how stressful that afternoon was for me and I make her promise to never ever ever do that again.

I am so glad Asher and her friend are safe too xxoo

From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

At 30 May, 2007 , Blogger Jolene Pienaar said...

wowser, so many LO's! Love love the one you did for us and the one you did for scraptherapy, the double one! Just fab LO's all over!
Sorry to hear about Asher and friend! I'm so glad that the daycare decided to check your home!

At 01 June, 2007 , Blogger scrapwitch said...

lovin these layouts...your work rocks babe..i adore your butterfly blues layout ,simply dabulous


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