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Sunday, May 11, 2008

My CIS cj is finally home

After 16 months travelling around Australia my chocolate cj is now home. Traveling around it has gotten a bit worn and rugged looking but in my eyes it has gained some character on it's way, minus a chipboard heart,which I have since replaced on the flowers center and with a touch of kindy glitz too. Now to find me some time to try out the yummy stuff in it.
Thought I'd show of the pages that I have done and thier pages in mine. So this is going to be a big post.
Intro and rules pages.Sign in pages.My pages in Bernadettes famous people you'd like to meet.
I had to think about this one for a while as there is realy nobody famous I would like to meet but these two awesome scrappers are on the top of my to meet one day list. They may not be famous in the general sense of the word but to me they are.Bernadettes pages in mine.My pages in Amanda's Lullaby cj. When I was in hospital having Asher I adapted the words to a nursery ryhme and sang it to Asher when she was very tiny.Amanda's in mine.My pages in Jolenne's chocolate cj. lol we were cj theme twins and both did up paper bag albums. I also had drama's with cooking up these cupcakes. They just didn't look all that great but they tasted so yummy. And made up heaps.Jolene's in mine.

My pages in Lynn's qoutes cj.Lynn's in mine. LOL I need to find a H to fill the gap. Or I may just leave it as another sign of cj character.My pages in Frans out my back door cj.Fran's pages in mine.My pages in Ally's 10 things I love cj.Ally's in mine.

My pages in Beth's collections cj. lol my stash of keys and the bucket have since now been altered for one of my Therpay Inspiration challenges. The tins are still on the shelf in the laundry, dust and all.Beth's in mine. My pages in Kim's technique cj on stamping with texture paste.Kim's in mine.My pages in Fluer's poppet cj.Fleur's in mine.Thanks pages.Now just one more cj to come home then I think that will be it for me. 4 cjs is enough don't you think. As always thanks for popping in, thanks for any comments you may leave and happy scrapping.


At 12 May, 2008 , Blogger Jolene Pienaar said...

wow, so glad you got it back AT LONG LAST!!!! how shocking was that haha!
It looks like a gorgeous finished album though, thanks for sharing the piccies!

At 19 May, 2008 , Blogger Belinda Venables said...

I just adore each and every page Julie...and especially the one of those two hot;)
You are too sweet - thankyou!I look forward to meeting you some day too.


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