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Sunday, June 01, 2008

I'm so excited

My good news continues.
No it is not anymore comp wins something better than that.
On Monday I came home from work to a nice email for SC asking for my April photo shoot to use in a technique quick grabs gallery.
On Tuseday I came home to a very nice email from Lusi Austin asking me to be a part of a top ten chabby chic article she is putting together for SC.
On Thursday I got a very very nice email from the people over at Paper Trends asking for my card that I had done up for the Hero Arts envelop challenge. My first US mag pub.
Like I said no to any of them lol. Still to hear back form SC about the layout, have spoken to Lusi (or I should say typed lol) about the article and have workedon a layout already and the envelop card is on it's way to the USA as I type.
On Friday I picked up a copy of the new Scrapbook Memoreis magazine which had my cheeky little girl in it.
What's been happening over at Therapy?
there is a lot going on seeing as it is the start of a new month, new avs, new challenges and cyber crop clues coming very soon as we are ccing this weekend.

Here is a page I did with the monthly kit. And there is a step by step in the forum so you can have a play around too.

The Make believe masters is into it's second week with the double layout challenge posted yesterday. Can't wait to see what the girls do with this challenge. Voting is now up for the first round. There are some great pages in the gallery and the votes have been coming in all weekend. Don't forget to pop into the Therapy blog and check out the challenge I have posted there. I've been sorting through some of my Therpay goodies this weekend and will be puting togther a parcel of goodies for the challenge winner.

What's been happening at home?

I took Asher out for a photo shoot on Friday and she was pretty unco-operative. So not wanting to do as she was asked but I did get some nice pics out of it.

My girl peekingo ut of one of the playground pannel holes, under sufferance mind you.

Doing some twirlies in her twirly skirt. lol I tried to convince her to change out of her sneekers and favorite stripy socks that she wore to school but to no avail.

She found some danilion flowers and had fun making dandy wishes. This and another with her tounge sticking out are the photos I have scrapped already.
While trying to get Asger to pose for me under a willow tree she decidedto jump up and reach for the leaves hanging down. She got one small branch then decided to do the george of the jungle swing thing and it broke. I caught this pic and the next one as she fell. Can't see much of her face in them but like them anyway.

We have had a lazy weekend at home. DH out fishing this afternoon, Asher was happily playing with her Barbies and me well I was scrapping. But I can't share anything yet though but will share two layouts and a card next week.

I sorted through my Therpay draw this weekend and while in the sorting mood I did my paper stash. I was pretty ruthless and put aside a whole heap of papers that I know I won't use. I am going to put some a side for a few friends, raks, and have a bundle of smaller scraps to take down to the school.

Wll that is all from me for now. Till next time thanks for popping in and any comments that you leave. Till next time happy scrapping and hope to see you all in Therapy.


At 02 June, 2008 , Anonymous Arlene said...

I love the pics of your daughter. Great natural shots. I was taking a break and wanted to catch up on some of the sites I found through the Hero Arts site - thank you for putting your blog in. Reminds me, I need to get out and take some shots before it gets too hot here to enjoy the weather. Arlene (Clarian's Hawk).

At 02 June, 2008 , Blogger Belinda Venables said...

Way to go're on a roll lately!

Love the pics of Miss A...very sweet.

Enjoy your week.


At 02 June, 2008 , Blogger jodee76 said...

Wow, you're getting your work everywhere now! Well Done! You deserve it!
Congrats on the first US pub too

At 02 June, 2008 , Blogger Terri H said...

Gorgeous works Julie & massive CONGRATS!!!

LOVED catching up on all your news & seeing your stunning LO's & cards.

At 03 June, 2008 , Blogger Mardi said...

WooHoo are on a roo...and so deservedly too....just love seeing all the inspiration here on your blog...and in the lastest mag too!!
Your layout just jumped out of SM at me...
Also meant to lovely to have your CJ home..xx

At 03 June, 2008 , Blogger Shimano (aka Christine) said...

You are one talented lady, you deserve all your wins & publishings, as the work you do on your LO's, cards, challenges is amazing.
Love the pics of little missy, wish mine were that cooperative (even though you say she wasn't - the photos are still great).
Can't wait till next week to see my b'day card (lol).

At 03 June, 2008 , Blogger Liz said...

Congrats on all the wins and publications Julie - you so deserve it - your layouts are always wonderful and your cards are gorgeous.

Loving those photos of Asher - great job regardless of her "cooperation" or lack of lol

Keep up the great work Julie

At 04 June, 2008 , Blogger Manon Keir said...

wow, so much good news Julie, fantastic, congratulations. |Love your work girl

At 04 June, 2008 , Blogger Laura said...

I linked to you from Hero's page. I love your stuff! I will definitely be checking back to your site.

At 04 June, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loving both your LO's and pics Julie!

Congrats on all your upcoming scrappy stuff!

Will look out for them in the mags!

Maz xx

At 04 June, 2008 , Blogger Scrapper With the Catch of Her Life said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats Julie!!! Lovin' all of your LO's and so happy you are being recognized in the US mag! You go girl!

BTW, love the pics of your little girl...she is so sweet!


At 05 June, 2008 , Blogger Erin Glee said...

Hi "Aussie Julie" !

So many good things comming your way~ you are so talented and seem so nice,too!

Your daughter is "A" for " Adorable. She looks like she should be on a TV show or something... & is photogenic DESPITE her attempts not to cooperate with you and your camera!

Cheers, California Erin from HA Club

At 08 June, 2008 , Blogger cruzinkellster said...

Love the Layouts Julie...Your Little girl is adorable....Cute Photos!


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