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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Inchie fun and Asher news

Hi all out there in blogger land.

Not too much in the way of layouts that I can share tonight as they are for DT stuff over at Therapy. Will share next week after the CC. I do how ever have some cards that I have done up for the Hero Arts Blog challenge. This weeks challenge was an inchie one. To include an inch square piece of art on your layout, card or ATC. Here are four that I did. I loved doing them and will probablly do some more.

With these two above the green paper on the chipboard is the inchie and the one below it is the stamped white square.

I was going to do up a card for the card challenge over at the scrapbook shelf and seeing as I was having fun with my inchies I did up another one.

I can finally share my latest class project for Therapy too.

Thanks to the girls that joined in on Saturday night. I can't wait to see your boxes.

Has been a big week here at home with Asher having a pediatrian appointment. Asher's teacher had picked up a few issues at school that she felt needed seeing into and after the visit we have to go and have some tests done but it looks as though our girl may have a special personality. Nothing definate yet as the doc didn't want to say much with out all the test info but it looks as if she may have ADHD tendancies. We couldn't get into get the testing done till August but I am doing a bit of reserach on the net about diet and plan on changing a few things here at home.

I haven't forgotten about spilling my secret. lol I can't yet but any day now I'll be able to. I may even try and remember to make a mid week post to let the cat out so to speak.

Well that is about all from me. As always thanks for stopping by and any comments you may leave and till next time happy scrapping and hope to see you in Therapy.


At 30 June, 2008 , Blogger Scrapper With the Catch of Her Life said...

Love your entries, Julie! I also like the x-tra ones you did...they are great! I am soooo curious to learn your secret...will check back!


At 30 June, 2008 , Anonymous Julie H said...

Lovin the cards here Julie - gorgeous work, you have a great knack for them.

At 30 June, 2008 , Blogger Belinda Venables said...

Beautiful creations as always Julie.

Great to hear you are reading up on it and changing a few things at home. Thinking of you!


At 30 June, 2008 , Blogger LEA said...

love those inchies julie! they are so cute!

At 30 June, 2008 , Blogger Manon Keir said...

Oh Julie the cards and the box are so gorgeous!!!
Good on you for reading up on it and making some changes at home to suit Asher.
Can't wait to hear your secret!!!

At 30 June, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie!!!!! Your craft here is so very beautiful! I love everything you did, and the little birdie is so very adorable!

looking forward to getting to know you better!

At 30 June, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohhh and btw glad to hear you reading up on the subject at hand and see what you can change yourself vs most people who are so quick with the med's.
We have not had this problem, but know some and they each handled it very differently!

At 01 July, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Julie PLeese look at this web site this lady has some interesting ideas on diet & ADHD
Her books are good too.
Kay Vee
PS love your work

At 01 July, 2008 , Anonymous jodi said...

i second that book!! it has done wonders in our home!!
the cards are just gorgeous!!i only wish that i had and inch lol of your talent with them!!
oh and hurry up with that secret


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