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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Photo's and page share.
Just thought I 's share some of my favorite photos I took for this months lessons in the CIS stop the moment photo competetion. For this month we had to practice out action shots. I sort of fluked this photo of Asher walking down to the shops one afternoon. She wanted to go to the shops dressed up in her fairy skirt and tiara so I grabbed the camera and snapped away as she ran of down the street. When I came home I checked in on CIS to find out the first lesson had been posted and this photo fit it.
Another one of the many I took that day. Asher wasn't happy that I wanted her to sit down on the grass so she squatted. lol
The second part of this months lessons was to pan the action. This is Asher having a ball after her swimming lesson. She gets to have a play after her lesson if she listens to her teacher and does as she is asked to. We have had some major issues with swimming lately and getting to have a play afterwards seems to be working, for now
Another one I snapped of her durring the lesson of her tring out her big arms on the kick board. So love the look on her face.
and another of her having fun in the water.
Now I have to pick which photo to scrap for the layout part of the competition. I will probably go with the swimming one I think. I've scrapped photos of Asher for each term of swimming to go into an album with her certificate and haven't done this terms yet.
Onto some pages.
This is a page I've done for Charm's Funky Friday challenge over at Bons.
For this week we had to use buttons and brackets and I decided to scrap a page for my Book of Reenie.
On her first weekend here she soon claimed one of Asher's toy dogs as her cat pillow.
I've already got ideas for more pages of Reenie and Doodles and seeing as Doodles gets a wash every other week one of them will be of Doodles hanging on the washing line. lol
This is my challenge three page for the 123 June cybercrop. We had to use a Grey,red and white colour combo, an eighties photo and kitchen string or glitter. There was some debate over the kitchen string durring the chat so we were given the option to use either or both.
The photo is of me,my sister and her boy friend at the time taken down at Busselton when I was about 21 I think. I ended up using the song title as well from one of the other chals as my sister is wearing a Go Go windcheater.
So what else has been happening.
-Asher has had a good week this week,apart from tellingm y MIL to shut up that is.
-She is having a ball at school on Friday as part of last day of term celebrations. I will be so taking the camera with me andmaking sure the batteries and the back up ones are charged.
-Over at Arty Pants I have started a Fav foto Friday chal. Being the mad scrappers that most of us are we make the most of the foto optortunites we get. So I thought we could all share our favs each week. At the end of the month I'll pop all the names of those that shared foto's and I'll get Asher to pull out two names and those two people will pick out their fav from the month for the other person to scrap.
Well that is about all from me for now. As usual thanks for popping by and any comments that you may leave and happy scrapping.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Arty Pants chat up a storm prize pack
I've been scrap shopping today but alas this is not me for to keep although I'm very tempted to raid those
This is the prize pack I've put together for the chat up a storm competiton over at Arty Pants. So if you are up for a chat pop on over and join in on all the fun.
While there check out the challenge that Lisa has set up.
Being the mad scrappers that we all are I am sure we have three products that we tend to use a lot on our pages. So tell us what your three are in the top 3 thread and then do a page using just those three. Jodee is still working on setting up the gallery but you can post your page straight into the challenge thread from a photo bucket or like account or post a link to your page posted on your blog. At the end of the month a poll will be set up for the Arty Pants members to vote and the winner will win a rak from Lisa.
My three are
-patterned paper
-letters of all sorts
-clear stamps and ink/paint(sort of have to have one to go with the other)
*Bazzil/cardstock and adhesive not included in the three.
Well that is it from me for now. It would be nice to see some of you over at Arty Pants.
Oh before I go I just want to send out a big thank you to Tara. She was able to help me out with my side bar link issue to Arty Pants. It was just one little / that was causing the side bar link not too work.
Anyway till next time thanks for popping by,any comments and happy scrapping.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Page share yet again.
I got down to my local today and managed to finish of my Aussie scrapjack page. I needed something from Asher's school memories box which was there on display to jog my memory for the journaling.
I'm loving the blue and brown combo and it is not often I do it with doing girliy pages. I came across some papers from an old kit I've got here at home form Embellished with some piggy tales papers in it.
Sorry about the bad pics as it is rainy here today and I couldn't get outside to take the pics.
And this is for Bons royal challenge over at Bonsscraps.
I did try and do this page using purple as the base with green as well but it just wasn't coming together at all. I ended up salvaging the Shh title from it and have put it aside for Asher to have a play with.

lol the page is straight just my cropping is a bit of.
Well that is it on the page sharing for now.

Asher has dancing tomorrow and hopefully we will have a better day tomorrow than what she did last Saturday. It was a shocker. Major hissy fit at the newsagent because she couldn't have what she wanted. If it isn't in she can't get it right. I managed to carry her out to the car with only a little fuss on the threat that we would leave Felicity (her doll she wanted the new out fit for) at the newsagent for a weeks holiday if she didn't stop crying. We got to dancing and she was really clingy. Wouldn't let go of me and point blank refused to go into class. I used the Felictity tactic again only to say that she would go on holidays with My mum and dad up north for six weeks and the response I got (maybe not in these exact words) was well she can go on holidays I'm not dancing. Right now Felicity is riding around in a caravan on her way up to Broome. lol Mum is under instructions to take pics of Felicity so I can scrap her travels.

When we got home she was out back playing and I had a friend pop over for a coffee and chat and I've never seen her move so quickly in my life. Asher had her skipping rope around the cats neck and was dragging her around the back garden. Needless to say the skipping rope has been banished as was Asher to her room and the cat will probably run a mile if she see that skipping rope again.

I've got two more cjs here at home to do pages in. Fran's from a CIS circle and Dawn's from the Apple yard one. I am loving the pages in both of these cj's and so can't wait to see the pages everyone does in mine.

I have spent some time today trying to sort out the link to the Arty Pants forum in my links side bar. I copied the http thingy from the bar at the top of the forum and pasted it into my blog post and that link works but when I do the same in the template of my blog to change it in the side bar it comes up as can't find the page. Anyone with any idea of what I am doing wrong please help.

Well I think that is about if for now. I'm of to pop into Arty Pants to see if anyone is willing to take on Lisa in the chat up a storm comp. I'll be getting some goodies together for the prize part of it to tomorrow and will post a photo of it on the forum and here.

Anyway as usual till next time thanks for popping by, thanks for any comments and happy scrapping.

So who likes to chat.
If you do and would like to win a prize pack of scrappy stuff from me as well as a layout scrapped by me for you head over to the Arty Pants fourm as we have a chat up a storm competition running until the end of the month.
Hope to see some of you over there.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My Scrapboxx cirlcle journal
Well it is finally home and posted on my blog. Sorry about the glare on the inserts taking pics of two albums took long enough without taking the pages out to do it. lol
This was my first ever cj and the one that started me of on my love of doing them. I have/part of four. Two now home and two still traveling Australia.
My theme was scraping favs. My fav of the moment then was flowers and it still is now although I must admit I've not used them as much lately but still love them. I also asked the girls to share with me their fav layout.
My introduction page.
My sign in pages.
Tatum and Louise pulled out after I had done my pages and Linda had to do an unexpected trip of to Ireland for family reasons so Annies daughter Alice filled in for her. Sorry Alice I've yet to get around to change the name on the page next to your tag.
My pages for my album. I've got a pic of my fav page under the title flap and silly me forgot to take a pic of it. lol
My pages in Mardi's album. Her theme was your home. I loved the pages I did for her.
Mardi's pages in mine.
My pages for Linda's album which also was a your home theme.
Linda's pages in mine.
My pages in Annies album who had a theme of family favorite reciepes.
Annie's pages in mine.
Alice's pages in mine.
My pages in Leanne's who had a All about you theme.
Leannes pages in mine.
My pages in Sara's whose theme was Your favorite scrapping colour combo.
My thanks page.
Note to self. When taking pics of the pages I have done in other album to name the pic with the owner of the album not the title of the pages as it took me a while to remember just a few pages I did in who's album. lol
Anyway that is it for me for now.
Happy scrapping.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sorry but this is going to be a long post.
I finally got around to taking photos of the pages in my two cjs that came home a few weeks back. Sorry about the plastic glare on some of the pics I didn't take the pages out of the albums as it would have taken twice as long.
These are the pages that have been done in my cj and the pages that I have done in the other hunny bunny hotties cjs. This cj has travelled over seas to America. One day I too hope to travel over there and catch up with my hunny bunny hotties.
The theme for my album was all about us.
This is my cover page. I did this page well over a year ago and I was loving it when I dd it but now it looks a bit busy too me.
I included a letter for each of my hotties to use on their page somehow.
My pledge,intro and rules page.
My sign in pages. I asked that when signing in if they would autograph or draw a little picture on the green part of the page so that is a little of what you can see there.
My pages.
Kristy's pages. Unfortunately Kristy had to pull out of the circle for personal reasons before her album got to me so I didn't get to do a page for her.
Laura's pages.
Laura's theme was your home and it was the last page I did in the circle. It just so happened that the circle I was in with some members of Scrapboxx finished up around the same time and the last cj I did for that was Mardi's and her theme was your home too.
Dana's pages.
Dana's theme was Celebrating the woman you are and I realise I forgot to take a pic of the hidden journaling but from memory it revolved around the paths my life has taken me and not looking back at what can't be changed and looking forward to the future.
Danielle's pages.
Danielle's theme was a confessions one and I had a lot of fun doing this page.
Anna's pages.
Anna's theme was where you scrap and chat.
Martha's pages.
Martha's theme was what makes you smile. The pic of Asher and me is still one of my all time favs of the photo's I've tried to take of ourselves.
Steph's pages.
Steph's theme was Pieces of you. Asher and Craig are both very big pieces of me so I included pics of them both as well as our feet.
Jenn's pages
Jenns theme was Through the looking glass and she wanted us to try and still to the colours red blue and yellow based on the Alice and wonderland colours and I was lucky enough to borrow some Alice stamps. You can see Alice and the White rabbit in amongst the flower on the bottom left and right of the double.
Adrienne's pages. Our illustirous chief Hunny bunny hottie. The founding member of our little group.
Adrienne's theme was a technique one. She had a list of techniques and we got to pick one of them and give a few pointers and then do a page using the technique. Seeing as I am a stamper/scrapper convert I chose stamping.

My thanks page. I have done this on the last page of all my cj's to fill it up so too speak. A thank you to everyone who has done a page in my cj.
When the cj was coming to an end there was talk of doing another swap and I was all for it. This one is a puzzle swap. My pieces are all ready for posting out tomorrow with a little thanks card. I'll post them when the puzzle pieces are all safe and sound where they are surposed to be so that I don't spoil the surprize. Sorry guys.
Ok what else is new.
1.I have got the pics of my Scrapboxx cj but will post them tomorrow or durring the week. Thought it might have been a bit of an over load. The same with my 123 monthly page.
2. The chat was fast on Friday night at the 123 cybercrop but fun. I've not even thought on the chals yet.
3. I've been sorting out some of my stash into the new storage area and decided not to scrap on the top of it as a friend pointed out even if I am very careful it is something that you wouldn't want getting messed up.
Anyway that is about it for now so as usual till next time thanks for popping by and any comments and happy scrapping.