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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Page share
Yeap my usual Sunday page share is early again this week. I've been of work the past two days with a yukky cold and sore throat. I'm feeling heaps better now and I managed to do some scrapping in between catnaps while I was of.
Over at Scrap Therapy Nat was running a dt serach for four new memebrs. She chose three from the applications that she got (and the dt is looking mighty fine I must say) and for the last spot she is running a competition on the forum for the other non suscessful applicants and the non competing forum mebers are voting on each round with the highest pollers going through to the next round.
I got through to the 2nd round and for that challenge we had to do a 123 style page. Forum memebrs posted elements that we had to use on our pages. The elements where, 3 photos, embossing and buttons. I had an idea for the page right from the start but it just wasn't coming together as I had planned. I lost track of how many times I pulled the half finished page apart and started again.
For the embossing side of the challenge I pulled out my heat gun from my stamping/card making days, stamped up the FUN part of my title in paint and then sprinkled it with clear embossing powder and heat set it.
For the embossing on the paper strips I laid the paper over my scalloped ruler and rubbed my embossing tool over the back of it then sanded the front lightly.
I alos got around to have a play around with some more paint and the August sketch challenge over at TSE. I had so much fun doing this page.

For the title I swiped the page with some paint and then stamped the creative imaginations carefree and antics stamps straight into the wet paint. I didn't get the real defined image I was after so outlined them in the white and black gel pens when dry.
I also played around with layering the same white and black rub ons. You can't really see the effect though as the bulk of the white rub on is on the pale pink Fancy pants paper.
This page is my attempt at Jacking Jill for this months Aussie Scrapjack blog.
I have had this pic in my to scrap pile for a while and and so knew just what the title was going to be too just had to scrap it and the My little shoe box papers went with the photo perfectly.

I have a pull out Doodlebug stamped journaling tag tucked behind the photo mat that tells the story of how whenever we went into Fremantle to see Bec at Scrapindipity we always had to pop into the Fairy shop and to Culleys for lunch. Asher got to pick whatever she wanted to eat for lunch and nearly always it would be a Jam sandwhich and a strawberry milkshake. This is a memory I wanted to scrap as I can remember going to the same coffee shop with my Nanna when I was Asher's age.

What else has been happening out here

-My little cheeky rat got into trouble at school yesterday. She had a small dinosaur at school, put it in her desk then went on to tell the teacher that another boy in the class had taken it. The boy in question is autisic and got a little bit upset about having to turn out his pockets so to speak. So today Asher had to go and say sorry to the boy and to her teacher too. While in the shower this morning she came in to me and asked if she could take Layth a pressent and make hime a card. So she raided her dinosaur box, wrote I'm sorry on the tag and drew a picture of a dinosaur on the card. And yes this crazy scapnut took pics of the dinosaur and card with my little rat and have plans on scrapping them for her school album.

-I've been sick with a cold and sore throat. Only now just feeling better this afternoon. I went to the doctors and was told I had a slight infection, not enough to be given any antibiotics but enough for two days of work. I wasn't going to say no to that. lol

-I'm waiting to hear if I get through to the next round of idol. Friday is a long way away. lol The next challenge has been posted though and it isure is a challenge and a half. To do a page using NO ADHESIVE. I have a few ideas in mind and will start working on it tomorrow night after all the usual Thursday shopping and housework is out of the way.

Well that is about all from me. Till next time, thanks for stopping by and any comments and happy scrapping.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sundays PP share on Saturday
Thought I'd share early this weekend as I'm out tomorrrow for my Mum's b'day dinner. And as a bonus I've added another P to the share.
The photo is of my cat who just happens to think she can claim my bed after I've crawled out of it. lol Not for long she can't. Just long enough for me to snap a few pics. lol I've popped this photo into the August Favo foto fri comp over at Arty Pants.
You can check out the details here and if you have a fav foto that you would like to share with us you could end up having a page scrapped and scrapping one yourself for another Arty Girl in a fun page swap.
And here is my round four page for the idol comp over at Em. Once again I did this page on Wednesday night before knowing if I was through or not yet and waited till I knewwhere to load it before popping it into the gallery. Well I've made it through another round but for how long I'll be in the comp who knows. I've gotten a far as I got last year which is a bonus. The pics are of Reenie, a few of the many I took as a part of the CIS photography comp.
She likes to think she rules the place. lol
This is a page I did for a challenge on the 123 cc. It was an ispirstion challenge from a photo posted.
Well I shared 2 of my P' s already and here is the 3rd one a Project. It is Mum's b'day durring the week and we are getting together tomorrow for lunch. She is an avid painter so I headed of to the art surply place near work to pick up something to alter for her. It is a box to store all her paints and brushes in. I had heaps of fun putting it togther and at the last minute before starting it I decided to take step by step pics and made them up into a project post over at Arty Pants. You can get all the details here.

I have also posted over at Arty pants the sneek peek for the September Tech Tues

and the next item in the ongoing how many Rak.

It is a cute little tin full of buttons

it is on it's way to Lisa as I type as she guessed how many flowers were in the bag for Andrea and whoever guesses how many buttons will have a little something put together for them and it will start again.

Sorry I forgot to post the pics in this post for the sneek and the tin and I've not quite sussed out yet how to add pics mid post here, I usually add all the pics in first then type around them so to speak.

Well what else has been happening out here,

-I posted out Karen's little rak for guesing what my fav product of the mo is. She has some of the MM little letters and some other goodies on the way to her.

-I took pics and wrapped up the last of the puzzle pieces for the swap with my hunnies over at When I alter my pics and the puzzle frame I'll post the finished puzzle. They will be going out in the next week or so as the postie has had some money enough from me today.

-It has been a while since I popped in to both Forever always and Scrap divas but I did on Friday night and chatted away in thier cyber crops. I've not done anything for either of them yet as getting Mum's box done was at the top of my to do list last night and now when that is out of the way I'm feeling rotten with a sore throat and with a date later on tonight with a friend and their new blue healer puppy and lunch tomorrow I'm not liking my chances of getting any done soon. Lucky for me the FA cut of is the end of the month so I may be able to pull some together for them.

Anyway that is it from me till next time as alway,thanks for popping in and any comments and happy scrapping.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I got around to finishing and taking a photo of my 123 challenge page which I had finished all bar three A's while on retreat last weekend.
The photo is Asher up and the life of her first new years eve party in Jan 04. We went up to a friends place for a bbq and she slept on the way up there and stayed asleep on Amanda's bed till 7ish, about an hour and a half or so I think then was up to see the new year in.
I got the felt flowers in a rak with a whole bundle of chipboard from one of the many blogs I pop into. It was the Magistical Memoreis blog I think.
I borrowed an ink from a friend to ink the letters and ran out of the A's, Jordie did pop up to the shop on the Saturday, seeing as it was only half and hour away and got me some more but I forgot to ink the letters while I could and had to buy my own.
And I had two people put in some guesses from my previous post about what my favorite scrappy product of the moment is.
guessed water colours and although they are a favorite they are not on top of the list.
Guessed the MM letters in this page and she has won a little package from me. I am loving these at the moment. So much so that I am onto my 3rd pack and only have one A left lol. I'll pop into my local sometime this week and pick up two more packs. One to pop in with Karens bundle and another for me.
Well I knew the guessing over at Arty Pants for the How many ongoing rak would go of soon and it did. Andrea
guessed the right amount. 16 flowers and now this little baggie will be on it's way to her and the guessing will begin again.
You can check it out here.
now I've got to go through my stash of goodies to fill another little container for whoever guesses this one.

I finished of my page for the Septemebr Tech Tuseday and love how it has all come together. I will pop up a sneek peek later on in the month both here and over at Arty Pants and more guessing fun can be had where you can try and guess what the tech will be from the sneek peek.

Well we did end up getting into the garden for a bit today in between going up to Mum's to help Dad out with a computer problem which took all of two minutes or so to fix. Oh well we got lunch out of it.

I also have sorted out some of my pages into the albums I brought early on this year. I now have the family album, pages on Asher and the two of us since we have been toghether all up to date to her 4th b'day. lol I still have pizza boxes galore though. One for each year,two in some cases, one for my wedding, one for my BOM, one for school, friends and swimming pages, one for Rennie pages, one for pages about scrapping lol i've done a few pages about that for chals so I've now got a scrapping journey album and Asher even has one too. 12 all up.

The albums I have for the family one, I will probally get different albums for the rest, are print block ring bound ones. Now in these three albums I've got 20 inserts holding 40 pages. Now on a rough calculation this year I have scrapped 150 pages so far and they will go into 3 and a half albums. Oh my goodness just where are all these albums going to go. I'm going to need a new house with a scraproom and an album room just to hold the

Ok I'll got to go and sort out some stuff so as usal thanks for stopping by,any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Em idol

Well the challenge for round three was put up before the votes were in from round two so I ended up doing my page for it Thursday night before knowing if I was through or not. When I found out on Friday that I had made it through I was so excited that I went out and took pics straight away. lol Next time I'll remember not to take pics when excited and all shaky as some of them were shockers.

So to the challenge. We had to use tags on our page, using how many and whatever style of tags we liked as long as they were not hidden. I've got a collection of all sorts of tags , some that I thought I'd never use but kept anyway.

I had heaps of fun going though my tag stash and ended up using several. A 7 gypsies journaling one, a hand full of the smaller jewelery type ones and one of two I claimed of a couple of shirts I brought last xmas for my nephews. The tilte mat is a fabric tag that I embellished to cover up the words on it. I've got another one here and if I had the right photo I would of used it as is as it had sticks and stones printed on it. Next time lol.
I also had a bit of a play around with some rub ons. Using several to make bigger sprays and adding more flowers and a little doodling too
I once againg used my favorite scrappy product of the moment on this page. I won't say what it is as I'm going to put together a little bundle of goodies to whoever can guess. As I've been using alot on most of my recent pages it shouldn't be too hard to guess right. lol

Well what else has been happening

-My girl friend and I signed up for the scrap it day out here in Perth at the end of September. Looks as though it will be alot of fun. Although my girl friend got her registration package the other day and wasn't happy. It was $100 to register for the day, something that we didn't mind paying as all procedes are going towards Alsimas(spelling is so of sorry). Well unknown to us on reading the info she got there is also a $25 compulsary sponsorship thingy. We both agree that we don't mind paying for the reg fee(seeing as it is for fund raising) but to be told, after we had paid it that there was an additional cost which is compuslary we didn't think was fair at all. Nothing was mentioned in any of the leaflets about it that we could see. Jane is so not happy and I am almost positive she will be having something to say about it.

-It looks as though the first little prize of my how many on going rak over at Arty Pants will be going of very soon. With the latest guesses coming in at higher than 15 but lower and 17 it won't take long. lol I'll be decorating and filling up another little bag like in the past post with more flowers and then the guessing will begin again. All the details can be found here.

-I have been thinking of starting up the chat up a storm comp over there again too. Give Lisa the chance to defend her title of Arty Girl chatterbox. lol I have got a little twist in mind too so be on the look out for all the details towards the end of the month.
-I'm working on the next Tech Tues challenge at the moment. Having fun playing with it too.
Anywaythat is about all from me for now as always thanks for popping by and any comments you leave and till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Retreat fun
I has so much fun away this weekned ay my retreat. I didn't acutally get as much done as I had hoped too though but here is a bit of it.
This is the page I did for the Em idol round 2 challenge. lol I did this page not even knowing that I had made it through as I had so much to sort out before going I didn't check anything here on the computer after 10.00 on Friday morning and the results hadn't been posted then.
I got through.Yeah.
The challenge this round was to use paint swatches on our page and use those colours in the swatches on the layout. I chose to use pink and brown. Had my photos picked out and papers too and headed of to Bunnings with them in tow to pick up a handful of swatches.
I also had Jane, my retreating buddy on strict instructions. She was not to let me cut them up or to use more than two on the page as that was a part of the requirements.
I've always loved these picks of Asher taken last year in Fremantle enjoying a swing and the colours so matched the basic grey papers.
My friend Jane just kept on laughing at me. I said to her that I just wanted to try and keep it clustered in the corner and every time she looked up it was growing and growing out.
When it came to doing the title I was stumped for a while. As I sort of had the idea to use the ghost letters for it and threw them into my stash to go away with not even thinking to check I had all the letters. When I got there you guessed it. No N and the small shop stash didn't have any there. Argh. So I got a U turned it upside down and debated about using it for nearly half hour. After painting the reverse side of them I liked the look of the painted side better and seeing as all the letters look ok wrong side up that is the way I

I also threw into my take with me stash the latest kit from CIS. I so totally loved the papers in the kit and this is what I came up with after alot of deliberation. At our table of four we had a real nice lady who loved to talk and it got to the point this morning while I was doing this page and Jane was trying to stamp a title on her first ever scrapping page (long story lol) both of us felt like telling her to be quite so we could concentrate on what we were doing. I ended up adding to the papers a piece of my MME paper with the dragonfly too as I wanted to have a layered effect with the leaf spray up the side.
After all the muff ups on this page and it taking me so long I love how it has turned out.
And this little card and bag is a thank you gift from me to the other lady sitting at our table. Where we stayed they only had the thinest of blankets on the bed, with no extras at all. She lived just down the road and was going home to pick up her doona and asked us if we would like to borrow a couple of sleeping bags. Like we said So I made up a card for her and used the sizzix bag die to make up the bag and filled it with assorted small bazzil sized flowers.

I've got an extra bag cut outso have set up a bit of a guessing game happening over at Arty Pants to guess how many flowers are in the bag. Who ever can guess it will get a little bag made up for them with flowers in it too.

You can check it out here

My little guessing game has given me an idea for a fun little game over at Arty Pants so if you want to join in, join

What I am going to do is make up the bag and fill it with some more flowers for whoever guesses right (not the same size ones guys so you will have to guess again lol) and then take a pic of that bag and start it all over again. Each little bag, box or whatever I decide to pop the items into will have different things in it. Some may have brads, the next eyelets, buttons or even chipboard pieces whatever tickles my fancy at the time. All in a little personalised contanier. I thought it would be alot of fun and in a way it is helping me to rak out some of my stash of which I am getting way too much.

What else has been happening

-I manged to scrap 3 12 by 12's while away, one not finished yet as I ran out of A's in my favorite letter, 1 cj double page, 5 puzzle pieces and the card and bag

-packed way too much scrappy stuff for my weekend away but I would rather have too much and not what I wanted to play with lol

-I took somepics of my scrapped jeans for the woodstock dinner on Saturday night. Haven't had a good look at them yet but will post some here if they are any good

-same with my nightime pics for the photo challenge over at CIS. I took some pics of the crop room all lit up at night using the roof of my car and a post to keep the camera stable.

my holidays are over back to work for me tomorrow

Well that's about all from me. I was planning on going to bed early tonight and just looked at the clock. Oops 10.30. So till next time as always, thanks for popping by and any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I've been nominated as Rockin' girl blogger.
Thanks Jodee

So the deal is that I put the Rockin Girl Blogger icon on my blog on then nominate some other girls who I think ROCK!! So I'm going to nominate
and Jolene
Finally manged to get a decent photo if my page for the idol comp over at Em.
A few of you may remember the photo I took of Asher all ready fro the royal ball she had at school on the last week of term. The one next to all of the journaling is a favorite of mine.
The challenge this round was a skecth one. I so love working with sketches and seeing how everyone interperates them. The gallery over at Em is full of stunning pages. It is going to be so hard to pick just five to vote for.
I raided my new sheets of the MM letters for this they are my favorite at the moment. So much so that I brought them on Monday, used them that night and am down to one or two A's and E's
I also picked myself up my first lot of Queen and co felt. I love it . I'm so going to have to get me some more colours.
I thought it was about time to share my pages I did with the Arty Pants kit.
You can check out Arty Pants here
Jodee is still working on getting the online shop back up and running as well as the gallery too but if you are in the Cranbourne area pop into the shop and you will be able to see my favorite page I did from the kit. My dad rocks.

Wow three posts in as many days. I so think that is a record for me.
Anyway as usual thanks for stopping by, any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Another page share.
Thought I'd share my whispers/bingo page before I forget again. lol
I was a little cheeky and managed to use this page for both. A fun chinesse whispers over at Bons and for a bingo page over at Therapy.
The photo is of Asher and her cheeky mate Shaleah at school on pirate dress up day. I scrapped this pic already but loved it and scrapped it again to give to Kristy, Shaleah's mum who is a scrapper too. Shaleah has left Asher's school to go to a private one closer to her new home or as Asher called it pirate school.I've been having a lot of fun using my paints lately.
In between doing the album class over at CIS I managed to chat with the girls over at Therapy on Friday night in their cyber crop and I managed to get two pages done.
The idea for the first page I've had for a while now after seeing what the word for the one little word challenge blog was, Automatic I knew just what I was going to do, pity I missed the deadline lol.
The first challenge was an inspiration challlenge. We had to pick a layout from the gallery and scraplift it. I choose to scraplift Kayla's piano page which you can see here.
After 4 attempts at trying to get my liecnce where I had a lot of trouble co-ordinating the brake and clutch I drive an automatic. I've only driven a manual once or twice since.
The third challenge was to use a sketch of Jini's from the gallery and scrap using either a blue and green theme or blue and brown, two of her favorite colour combos and something from your stash older than 12 months. The sketch I choose was this one
and I converted it to 8.5 by 11.

Nearly everything on the page has been in my stash for 12 months, all except for the rub ons and the Hambly trans.

I had a play around with using more than one rub on to form the florish. I had intended to colour in someareas of the rub one with my white gel pen but forgot. I also started and finished of my idol page for the comp over at Em last. I have finished it but the pic is a bit of so I have to take another one. I've put it up in the gallery there just incase I can't get a better photo before the cut of time which is Wednesday morning. So I'll wait till I get a better pic before putting it up here.

Oh by the way I had a bit of a tidy up on my link list yesterday. I was going to update it with all the new blogs I pop into as the list had grown from the one that was there but it had grown too big. lol

I've taken the links of but they are all in my blog lines with my new ones so even though you guys may no longer be here, so to speak I still pop into your blog.

Anyway not much else has happend since yesterday so till next time thanks for popping by, any comments and happy scrapping.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday photo and page share.
Yeap it is Sunday and time for my regular blog update.
I've got a bit to share so you may need to grab a coffee.
Yesterday Asher and I went up to my best friends little boys b'day party at an indoor play center. We all had a ball and I jumped into the ball pit with Asher and the camera and we had a ball fight. Some of the pics are a bit blurry but this is my favorite one.
I tried to take some pics of Daylan blowing out his candles but he wasn't happy and the pics weren't that great either. My photo taking skills are pretty hit and miss these days.
Friday seen the end of the CIS on line retreat. I has so much fun being a part of it.
This page is one that I did as part of a stampin up workshop held by FLeur. I have got a few older stampin up sets but I had a play with the Autumn Leaves and MM flower stamps as I wanted to use my watercolour pencils to colour them in.
The photo is of Asher and her best girl Shaleah on one of their trips to the park on one of their sleep overs.
The next page andthe one after are two pages that were part of a power scrap workshop held by Kaz. With everything all picked and ready to go both pages could be done in an hour. I had the photos,papers,embellies and titles already picked out for each page. Making sure I had enough of the letters before hand. Clocked in and went to start and realised that the photos and title I had sorted out for one page went with the layout of the other. So I had to pull a swifty and change things at the last minute and I did the pages in an hour and three minutes.
This page is of Asher on xmas morning when she was three. With a new addition to her Pinky toys. The little people all had their own names but Asher gave them all new ones. Pinky(the girl in a pink dress) was her favorite. As her collection of pinky toys(as she calls them) grew she ended up with a few Pinkies and they are something that still get pulled out and played with often.The next page are photos of Asher having fun pretending to drive my brother in laws boat while it was down at Rockingham beach.
This layout I ended up having to flip to suit the photos after my mix up.

And this is the Hambly mini album we did on Friday night with Kaz.
I had heaps of fun doing this one.
Qoute page
She loves dressing up
She loves having fun
She loves her best girl and boy
She loves her cat Reenie
She love tapping no more
This page is my favorite one in the album. I still have to do the last page which is a handmade by page with a photo of myself and Asher butI want to get a new photo of the both of us together and the journaling but I need to get myself a sharpie to do that.
Ok what else has been happening
-The Arty Pants August kit has been released and the pages I did with it, along with Connies are now up on the site. You can check them out here
-I will soon be the owner of an Elise 52 challenge book. Over at The scrapbook establishment they have a new member prise that gets given out and thanks to Ngaire letting it slip the other night on MSM I found out I won it.
-Embellished is running the Idol competition again this year and the gallery for the first round is looking fab. I've got my pics printed out ready to scrap tonight.
-I chatted with the girls over at Therapy for a bit on Friday night in their cyber crop in between the album class and chatting on MSM and I managed to get one page done for it today and hope to try and do the others after I get my idol page out of the way.
-I was going to post my page for the Chinesse whispers challenge over at Bons , which I have used as my bingo page at Therapy but forgot it so I'll try and remember to put it up in my next post.
-I'm on holidays this week so I have got as much scrappy time as I want. Which is a bonus as I've got some challenges and to try and catch up on and I've got to get organised for---
---a real life retreat on the weekend too. I so can't wait.
Well I think that is about all from me for now so as usual thanks for popping by, for any comments that you leave and till next time happy scrapping.