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Sunday, March 25, 2007

This scrapnut has been having some fun.
Ok lets try again as I just lost the whole post I typed before posting it for some reason. Not a happy scrapnut here. Stomping foot.
I've been scrapping a lot the past few days. All I can say is thank goodness dh loves his computer games and guitars as much as I love my
This is my page for the 3rd beyond blue chal over at Em. We had to scrap out tranquil spot or where we find peace. I find peace at the waters edge.
I wasn't quite too sure if this needed anything else but whatever I tried just didn't look or feel right so I just left it. Thanks for all the great comments about my page girls. It has made me feel a lot better about leaving the page as is.
You can check out the other great pages here.

This is my page for the 1st chal for the 123 cyber crop last Friday. We had to use an Elise sketch as a part of the chal. I used number 19. We also had to include a monogram and some handstiching.

I sewed the buttons on but though it need a bit more sewing so added the french knots to the spots on one of the bg panels. The pic is of Asher waiting for her cousin Alexis to come in from America. She used to live in Texas and at one time Asher used to call her Texas.

You can check out the other pages that are coming through for the 123 cyber crop here. I love the idea of having the extra time to get the pages done. If you see my page there you will also see a suberb page by Danielle too. Posted under mine. We both used the same sketch. It is great to see how two people came up with two totally different pages from the smae sketch.

I joined in on another cyber crop on Friday night. It is becoming a regular thing for me on a Friday. This time it was with the girls over at Scrapbook divas. Thanks for a great night everyone. I loved the chals and managed to get all three done.

The first chal we had to incorperate puzzle pieces into our page somehow. I traced a big M M chipboard heart then traced and cut out one of Asher puzzle pieces out of it.

The journaling talks about how no matter where Asher goes on her life journey a piece of my heart will always be with her.

The second one was to scrap a photo of someone who means a lot to you and to add some heartfelt journaling. This is a pic of my bestie Justine and Asher when she was a year old. I've been meaning to get a recent one of us together but everytime we catch up, which isn't as often as we would like too, I forget. Next time
Justine make sure you have those tissues handy before going any

As you can probably guess from my title Justine is my rock. She has helped me through a major rough patch in my life and I am forever grateful to her for that and her continual freindship in a situation that has at times been a little tricky. It is nice to know that she is there for me whenever I need and she knows that I'm here for her too.

Love you heaps Chicky.

You can stop blubbering

I had a play around with layering flowers for this one and chal 3. Seeing as I had the strips from the edge of the paper I trimmed sitting on my bench I played around with adding a paper layer. Tricky but looks good.

The third chal was a black and white anything challenge. I chose to scrap Asher's latest fashion trend. Her school socks have to be

Just a close up of theflower and journaling. I think that this may even be the first time I have hand drawn my title.You can check out the other fab pages here.

So what else s this little scrapnut been up to.

.I didn't make it through the first round of the survior challenge over at S & C but seeing as I was not loving the page I finished for it I'm not surprised. Good luck to all those still in it. There are some fab pages for the 2nd round.

.The girls in round 4 of the DT challenge over at CIS have all finished and uploaded their OTP and the step by step instructions. There are some awesome creations there.

You can check them out here.

.I'm back of to work tomorrow. Still waiting on that big lotto

.I'm of to a workshop/demo at Steph's on Tuesday night. Julie Van Ousten(sp?) the lady behind collections chipboard is coming down. I'm a big lover of chipboard and have heaps of her bits and pieces here.

Well that's about it from me for now. So till next time, thanks for popping by and any comments you leave and have fun scrapping.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My OTP for CIS.
After walking around my house and thinking on a few ideas for the otp challenge at CIS I finally decided on emptying my washing powder box and altering that for Asher to keep her big alphabet puzzle letters in. We have been trying to get her to learn some of her letters and having the big puzzle board out for her to use when she want's is awkward so they now live in this box. When she does know her letters I'll pop them away and this she can use as a little mail box for her special drawings.
And the best part about it is that she just loves it.
Here is a link to the step by step post that I needed to add as a part of the challenge.
I can't wait to see what the other five girls come up with.

I'm also sharing this pic I took of her the other day. She had a little tumble of the lounge and even though she didn't hurt herself she wanted a wipe. We tend to use them for little boo's boo's where there isn't any And so that she didn't have to hold it on she raided her hair box for a few of her school bands.

Well thats about all from me for now. Back at work tomorrow. Roll on

Till next time thanks for stopping by and any comments you leave. Happy scrapping

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Page share ahead.
Yeap this scrap nut has been at it again. And loving
Here is my page for the second week of the beyond blue challenge over at Em. We had to scrap about our greatest acheivement or proudest moment and this is what I came up with.
I was origionally going to do it based around the birth of Asher but instead based it on how proud I am of myself for being able to get on with my life after the break up of my first marriage.
Close up pic of the journaling.

Here is a link to the gallery where you can check out the other great pages.

My next page is for the survior challenge over at S & C. we had to scrap a page with at least two pp's from different manufactures,three flowers and some glitz.

There is a little story behind this page. I had started it on Thursday durring the day while Asher was at school and it was pretty much finished except for the stamping. On Thursday we always go from school to swimming lessons. Asher loves playing around in the water and has an issue about having to jump into the pool from the edge. Her teacher knows this and allows her to stoop down rather than stand and Asher has to reach out for her hands. Well on Thursday Asher didn't want to reach out and wanted her teacher to move in closer. Her teacher didn't so she started getting upset. She sat and watched for a while as she usually does if she isn't doing as she is asked(happens a bit). Was given a few chances to do it but refused everytime. Well the teacher starts a game with the others as it is near the end of the lesson and guess who missed out. Asher lost it big time. The lesson was over and here she is trying to get back into the water. At one time I had wet feet from trying to get her up of the step and out of the pool. She wasn't happy and she let the whole place know about it. She started running away from me, soaking wet, around the edge of the pool and I had visions of us making a mad dash to the hospital. One of the other parents managed to grab her for me and I had to carry a dripping wet, kicking, hitting and screaming meanie back to the chair to get her changed. By the time I got home I was not a happy chappy and she knew it. When it came to finishing of my angel page I really wasn't in the mood to do so until I had the little comment well nearly always to the end of it.

The girls over at S&C had a few giggles over the comment and the story. Well the short version

Sorry but the link to the S&C was too big and messed up the side link bar but there is a link to S&C over ->somewhere.

My next page is the last one for the 8 week challenge comp over at the apple yard. It was a free choice layout and this is what I did.You can check out the other pages in this weeks challenge here.

And last by no means least is my 123 challenge blog March page. We had to use sewing,black and white with a splash of colour and 3 or more pics.

These pics I took of Asher in her new bikini just before we started lessons on Thursday and the screaming meanie showed By the time I had finished this page I was going a bit dotty. I dotted the letters in the title and then coloured the cream spots on the Scenic Route paper with a pink gel pen. I was thinking of going over the letters in kindy glitz or dimensional stuff but wasn't too sure how the gel pens would react with it so decided not to. I did try to sew on the pink Heidi Swap flowerbut it looked shocking so I layered it up a bit with the big ric rac and covered up most of it. I even used the sewing machine to stcih my journaling lines. Something I may just try out again one day.

I joined in the fun of the 123 cc on Friday night too. Thanks for the laughs girls while I was there. I hope to get to at least one of the challenges before the end of the month. MSM was going crazy but it was a fun kinda

Jolene put up the pages for the round three challenge over at CIS. You can check them out here. And I got through to round 4. I won't say which one is mine though. Lets see if you can Jolene did put up a little quiz for a bit of fun and we had to guess out of 4 options who did which page. I sat there for about ten minutes or so checking out the pages and trying to match up who I thought did which page. I took a few pot luck guesses and changed my nind a few times, hit the button and I was pleasantly shocked. I managed to get them all right.

Now we all thought the round three specs were a challenge but that is nothing compared to round four. We need to do an OTP project. It has to be a NON scrapping item(a household item,) we can't use chipboard as the base and we need to have a monogram on it. But that is not all. We need to take pics as we go and make up a set of step by step instructions and add it to the OTP thread on the forum. I have a few ideas rolling around upstairs. I hope to get a start on in tomorrow morning before we pic up Asher from Mum's.

It is our aniversary tomorrow and Craig and I went out to the movies and dinner tonight. Something we haven't done in a while. Tomorrow when we pick up Asher we are going to head up to Tranby House where we got married and have afternoon tea and then of to Bunnings so I can get somethings for my otp project.

Ok what else has this scrap nut been up to.

1. Posted of my American cj. Wahoo two more rounds and mine should be home.

2.Posted of my CIS cj. That one has a few more to go yet before heading home.

3.Did some more of my Poppet cj for the apple yard. That one will be going postal on Monday.

4.Heard from Mardi about our cj's from a circle we are in together on the boxx. Hopefully our cj's will be heading to me soon. Mine home and Mardi's on it way home.

Yeap I think I'm addictd to cj's at the moment. lol

I won't post any of the pages here as yet as some of the girls in the circle do pop in here everynow and then but when they get home I will certainly share them then.

Well I definately think I have rambled on enough. Thanks for staying with me if you have. lol

Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cybercropping the weekend away
Thanks to the girls over at CIS an FA for some fun over the weekend. I got to get 5 out of the 7 challenges done. Dh went out to the boat show today so was out for most of it so that was a definate bonus.
For the first challenge at CIS we had to find something in our kitchen for inspiration. lol I wasn't allowed to be inspired by all my scrummy bg papers covering my kitchen bench. I found a packet of lasanga sheets and used the design on it for a sketch. We also had to include the word home and some hand sticthing.
This is a pic of Asher at two at Daycare where she loved the home corner. It was also the first time she had two piggies in her hair.
The second challenge was also an inspiration one. We had two pics to choose from that Jolene posted. One was a baby nursery pic and the other was a cushion. We also had to use something non scrappy on out pages somewhere. I had just finished of a roll of tape so I used that as a stamp to copy the circles on the cushion as well as the patch work background.

The pics are of Asher on her first b'day.

The third challenge was a sketch and we had to use material and circles. I love these pics of Asher and a good friend of ours Paul taken a few years back now.

Here is a sneak peek at my first challenge for FA. It was an inspiration chal as well. We had to find inspiration in an article of clothing and use no chipboard and stamping. I have always liked this shirt of Ashers and decided to go with that. The reason for just a sneak peek. I was able to kill two birds with one stone and did the challenge around a cj I had here at home to do and the cj owner sometimes pops in so I don't want to spoil her surprise totally now do I. lol

The second chal at FA was a kiss one. Keepsake,ink,stamping and sewing. I choose to do my page about the little scottie men given to me by my great aunt Jean. I couldn't get a good pic of them inside so took them outside for a photo shoot. Asher who hasn't seen them before as I have them stashed away till the day I have somewhere I can display them properly so she was facinated by them.

I didn't get to the third and bonus challenge at FA as Asher was wanting someone to play with her so I thought I'd better do the mummy thing. We had a great time playing shops and a card game.

Till next time happy scrapping girls.

Friday, March 09, 2007

More pages to share.
I've been scrapping up a storm here over the last two days and chatting tonight at not one but two cybercrops. Yeap crazy me. lol Thanks guys at CIS and FA for the chats. I'm not too sure how many of the challenges I will get done but I am hoping to get a few. Will share what I do manage to get done later.
I did my page for the week 1 Beyond Blue challenge over at Em last night. We had to do a page on where we hoped we would be in ten years. This is what I did.
Close up of the painted ghost letters
The quote down the side reads. Challenges are what make life interesting, over coming them make life meaningful. Joshua Marine. I found the quote over in the library at and thought it fit in well. On the little pull out tag I've journaled about how there are challenges in my life now and how there are bound to be many more instore for me and that I hope I have the strength to face them when they come.
You can check out the other pages here in the Beyond Blue gallery at Em.
I also finished of my two pages we had to do for the Apple yard 8 week challenge. We had to do a page on our favorite product and then a second one using it. Two guesses as to what my favorite product
Thats right flowers for me but then on looking back at the last few pages I have done and what do I see. All of them are mainly Basic Grey. I set up a mine photo shooy on the top of my washing machine with some of my flower stash and used some of the Heidi swap letters in the photo to use in my title.
Took me a while to cut out the flower spray from the Basic Grey papers but love how it looks. I seen the idea in one of my galleries and when I went back to sort out a link to the page that inspired me do you think it was where I thought it was. lol Not. If I do remeber just where it is I'll pop in the link later.
And this is my page using some of my fav products. I love the way this one turned out. It isn't how I had hoped it would be though. I was going to go for a bigger spray of flowers but it didn't quite look right so left it at the three.
You can check out the fab pages for the weeks challenge here
I did finish of my page for the CIS challenge too but seeing as we needed to email it in and Jolene will upload it herself and it will be an unknown page so to speak. I can't. Will pop in a link to that gallery when Jolene has it sorted and my page when I can.

I have got one page finished for the cc over at CIS and seeing as it is now nearly 12.30 I think I'll finish up for the night and get back into it in the morning.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Em cyber cropping projects
Like I said in my last post I was cyber cropping again this weekned.
We had three chals to do.
Chal 1 was to use autumn colours with a then and now theme. I was going to do it with a photo of Craigs mum when she was little where she looks so much like Asher at about the same age but the photo couldn't be found. What I did end up doing was about the changes in my life from 98 to 06. In 98 I had not long moved in with Craig and I had also be introduced to stamping and was often heard to say that scrapping would never get me. But I think it has got me and got me good don't you. lol My friend just laughs at me now and reminds me never to say never.
Chal 2 we had to make up a time capsule and I did one for Asher's school mementoes. Those that don't end up getting scrapped that
I made a Kindy and a pre school file folder and will make one for each year she is at school.

Inside I've just written a little bit about who her teachers and friends were and asked her what she liked doing best.
The pre primary not pre school title on the pre primary one was something Asher would always say to me when I said pre school. It got to the point that it used to make her annoyed and sometimes I would say it anyway. Just to get a laugh at her reaction. Mean aren't I lol
Chal 3 was a sketch one and this is what I came up with. These pics were taken on the same day and the one on my My perfect day page a few posts back so seeing as they will eventually go into the album side by side I tried to keep the papers the same.
Well this little scrapnut is exhausted and is heading of to bed.
We are hoping to go out to the Hyde Park Festival tomorrow seeing as it is a public Holiday out here.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another cyber crop, a story and some news.
Well this little cybercropping scrapnut was at it again last night chatting away with the girls over at EM. Thanks all for the chat and laughs.
I've got 1 and a half of the challenges done and hope to finish them up sometime tomorrow. Still thinking on one of the challenges. Just need to get the right pics and one of the one's I was wanting to use of Craig's mum can't be found. Oh well onto plan
While chatting away last night Asher was outside jumping on her trampoline and as usual the kids over the back and her were talking (or should I say yelling) to each other over the fence. They have a tramp too and often one or both of them are either jumping on it or actually sitting on the back fence. I caught a glimpse of her jumping on the tramp and ended up bringing her jumping to an end quick smart. My little angel was flashing her cute butt to the kids while she was jumping. I am laughing now but I wasn't then. She was banished to her room till dinner time and has been banned from the trampoline all weekend. Some of the girls last night thought it was quiet funny and we had a few laughs about it.
And now for my news. My Live learn hope page (a few posts back) I did for one of the 123 cyber crop challenges won. I am so wrapped as that page is one I had fun with.
Anyway for now this little tired old scrapnut is heading of to bed.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Got some more stuff to share.
This scrap nut has been at it
I joined in on an online class last night with Jolene over at CIS and this is the page that I ended up with. Thanks again for the class Jolene.
Here is a link to her page in the CIS gallery.

Just a detail shot of the masking. I ended up rubbing over the painted area lighly with one of my ink pads to dullen the white a tad as it was a little too starj for me.
And this page is one that I finished today. I was given the papers from Bec over at Scrappindipity and they just weren't doing anything for me and I just kept on putting of doing something with them even though I have had the pics for a month now.
I stumbled across a new blog site the other day called scrapped jacked and this weeks jack inspired to do something with them. Here is a link to the site if you want to check it out.
It is wonders what a bit of paint will do to papers that just were not doing anything for me.

Anyway that's all from me for now. I'm going to go back and chat with the girls over at Em for the cyber crop.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Warning big page share ahead.
No I've not had a mega scrappy session with new pages to share. lol Most of these you have already seen.
My new page before I start on the rest of the post.
For this weeks apple challenge we had to do a page based around our perfect day. Here is my page for the challenge. The Photo is one that Craig took of us three at the park a few weeks ago. I used some of the papers out of my Em kit that I got in the other day(except for the orange)which I had here already.
If you want to check out the other great pages in this weeks challenge you can do so here.
The voting is now on for the felt pages over at CIS and there are some great pages there too. Not too sure if I'll get through to the next round though but the next challenge is going to be fun. We have to scrap a page with no people on it. Use 5 or more photos and then email it over to Jolene so that she can upload all the pages under her name so the voting of the next round will be done on the page itself not on whose page it is.
When the pages are up in the gallery I will pop in a link so that you can have a look see.
I also joined in on an online class with Jolene and my fellow Cisters tonight too. Have not long finished my page so will take a photo tomorrow and post next time.
Now to the reason for the mega page share. One of the blogs I check out every now and then is Ali Stafford blog and she posted her top ten pages and has asked us to do the same so I know particular order here are my top ten layouts using some of my favorite photos.
1. Treasured
A page I did for a weekend workshop over at the apple yard. I also did it for a bickie tin challenge on one of my other blogs I visit. I love how this one came together.

2.Wild and Crazy.

My cheeky girl with fuzzy hair after having it up in Charlie curls(Hi 5) all day. The title so suits her.3. Tams jumper

This is a photo of Asher taken at a friends party where she borrowed a jumper nearly 4 sizes too big for her.4. So love you

One of my pages done recently for the apple yard 8 week challenge. Have been itching to scrap this pic for a few years now but so glad that I didn't as I love this page.

5. Old Tom

Yes that's right when we brought home our new lawn mawer a few years back it had to have a name and seeing as Asher's favorite cartoon on ABC at the time was Old Tom that is what it was called. You can't see it well here but the red strip under the Rover logo is a close up and trimed photo of the stickers that I had to put on Old

6.Pooh and you.

This page has a sort of double meaning for me. The Pooh bear in the photo is one that was given to Craig and myself as part of an engagement pressent. I know it sounds weird but coming from one big Pooh bear lover to another it sort of makes sense. Asher claimed it has hers though and for years was her constant companion. The shirt has been mended quite a few times, been lost once and he is looking a bit worse for wear but still sits on Asher's bed of a nightime.


.These photos were taken on the day that Asher was taken down to buy her first fishing rod. She had seen it in the shops about a month before hand and wanted to buy it. After a few tears at the shop she left with the promise that if she saved up her pocket money from her grandparents we would let her get it. Thinking that she would forget all about it. Not likely. She saved it up and got it

8.Busselton carefree days

These photo were taken on one of our many trips away down south. It was a life changing holiday for us as it was when we started to talk about spending the rest of our lives togther. Have put in an extra pic as there is more stuff under the photo flap.

9.Bunny fun.
Just a pic of my little funny bunny.

10. 10 things I am grateful for.

My two music lovers having a jamming session and my first ever scrap lift.

Well that's about all from me for now. I hope that you liked my top ten. What are yours?

Thanks for stopping by and any comments you may leave for me.

Till next time happy scrapping.