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Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's Sunday and here is my photo and page share
After another hissy fit and a battle of wills with Asher over her having to wear her lacy legings under her new dress which had shrunk a little in the wash I managed to convince her to keep them on long enough to take photos of her unhappy in them and then we took them off and cut the lace of as it was the lace that she didn't like.
and yes I'm keeping the lace and have plans on using it on the page when I scrap some of the 40 odd pics I took. Hopefully I can refrain from scrapping them till the CIS cybercrop next weekend. lol Liz and some of the other Cisters didn't think that I would be able too.
You can check out all the details of the CIS cyber crop here it is bound to be heaps of fun
and with the birthday celebrations starting tomorrow it will be a week of fun and games. You can check out what is happening over the birthday week here
boy am I glad that I'm on holidays this week so I've got more time to join in on all the fun.
As I said in my last post I got through to the next round of the Therapy dt comp and we had to put together a class. Nat ended up getting us to put up the class as a step by step post rather than a real time class (IFKWIM) so if you want to see more of the layout I did you can check it out here
I had heaps of fun doing this page. While you are there check out what the other girls are doing too. It all looks great so far.
I did this next page for the K I Memoreis challenge this month there. Doing it was a challenge and a half as I don't have a lot of K I stuff here, not too keen on the new papers but I did have two older papers that I managed to work with. The red spotty one and the white one with the printed words on it, which I chopped and covered to form my title and part of the journaling.
around my doodled frame I wrote the words to the I scream you scream childrens song and added to the end "you can scream all you want this one's mine and I'm not sharing"
My journaling, which I put together with bits of the pp, a chippie circle, some stickers and handwritting reads"You make sharing a delight but not this time it's all about me and it's mine and I'm not sharing"
and the title which I put together the same way reads "I like to share with you but NOT my icecreams though"
Over at Therapy they wil be having a 'Girls night in" cyber crop not weekend. You can check out all the details here
durring the cc weekend they will be running a few classes to rasie money for the cancer council. All the details of the classes can be found in the link above too.
With two of my favorite places to pop in and visit having a cc on the same weekend I'm going to be busy but I'm sure it is nothing this little scrapnut can't handle. lol
I chatted with the girls at TSE for their first cc and had a ball. I managed to do two out of the four challenges.
This one below I did for the scraplift challenge and lifted Kathy Pitts jump page seeing as I had similar pics to the ones she used.
I love how quickly this one came together. Asher seen the trampoline jumping thingy at one of the bigger shopping centers last school hols and just had to do it all again. She did it last year as well so I've got two totally different pages of her doing the same thing.
lol If I had of thought of it I would of uploaded the other page too.
The other page I did was for the MME, buttons and no journaling challlenge. I had to scan that page as my camera was playing up and it isn't that great so will take a pic of it tomorrow and post it next post.
This is my monthly page for the 123 challenge, the one I forgot to post last time.
The photo is one of the ones Mum took on holidays up north of Felicity(one of Asher's dolls) who went with them after a major hissy fit at dancing. Asher had the choice of going into dancing or have Felicity go on holidays and in no uncertain terms it was
"Well Felicity can go on holidays them as I'm not going dancing"I had a laugh with Mum when they got back. She was saying to me that Dad kept on laughing at her taking the photos as they went around but it was Dad that took her out of the caravan where Mum put her and put her in the back of the 4WD where she could see where she was going.
Well what else has happened out here since yesterday lol

-dh went out fishing today and had the nerve to take his camera with him and left me with mine which is playing up at the moment

-he caught 2 fish and knows that I can't stand the smell or sight of fresh fish and what does he go and do, hold the fish up in all their glory for me to admire then wonder why I won't look at him and then wonders why I grumbled at him for waving the fish rubbish under my nose as he walked it out to the bin.

-with dh out fishing all day Asher and I had a pj day. Both of us stayed in our pj's till 5.30 ish then we had showers and got into clean ones.

-I was writting up my latest pages in my little scrap dairy for the year and realised that I have nearly done 200 pages for the year. 179 to be exact so I thought I'd run a little blog comp. Just post in the comments below the date you think I may reach my 200th page and when I've done it the first person who guessed closest will get a rak from me.

Well I think I have rambled on enough now so as usuall thanks for popping by, any comments that you nay leave and till next time happy scrapping.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sundays share on a Saturday
Yeap a day early only beacuse I've got so much to share, I even forgot one page and I hope to have some more for tomorrow too.
On Tuseday they had a clown come out to the school and they were allowed to dress up as clowns for the day and here is my cheeky little clown.
The pants she is wearing are a pair that mum made up for her ages ago, she would of been under two, for red nose day at day care. She made them with bone in the waist so they need to be held up by the braces and the legs longer,we had them tacked up, so she could wear them later if she wanted to.
Over at Arty Pants I've got the next round on the ongoing rak posted. This altered red rooster mug will be on it's way to Laura very soon.
If you want to try and guess how many and be the next person to have an altered container full of scrappy goodies of some sort pop on over to Arty pants, join up and guess away but you may have to hurry as the girls have nearly narrowed it down.
You can find out all the info here

Over at CIS the photo comp is still running and I've been playing around with Jolenes tips on taking better photos. This month we had to take nightime pics I took a photo of the dinning room at the retreat I went too a while back as the landscape one, the photo here of Asher for the outside portrait one and the brats by candle light for the low light one and scrapped my snail serenader. yeap that's right while outside sitting on the step doing the photo shoot Asher found a snail, covered it up and started singing to it. Over at CIS at the moment there is lots of fun on the cards for their first birthday celebrations.

Pop in here to find out all the info

lots of games and a few free classes too.

CIS has their cyber crop on next weekend to if you want to join in on all the fun.

Last Friday I popped into Forever Always and joined in on the chat for their cybercrop. I had goood plans on doing at least two pages but have just done the one. I may stil get to the other one day but don't like my chances.for this challenege we had to be inspired by our pantry, use our basic scrap supplies no ribbons, bling or flowers, staples and leftover letters and packaging.

I love the way this turned out I did it while at the all day crop I went too last Sunday and the journaling took me ages as I was working backwards from the title.

The packaging on my page is the brown card between the two dream street papers from a box of cornflakes I opened that morning and the black strips from some Hiedi Swap letters.

It was also my first attempt at colouring a black andwhite photo. Thanks to Jolenes great photo shop tips that you can find here

This is my page for the 123 cybercrop and the flowers and buttons challenege over at TSE I had hoped to do another for the 123 cc but time got away from me. With this page I have our family album up to date and in albums up to Asher's forth birthday.
I did have the 123 monthly yo share but that is the one I forgot to upload to blogger before starting this post so wil upload it next time.

So what else has been happening out here

-Well my big news is that I made it. Made it through to the next round of the Scrap Therapy DT comp. Now I have to host an online class. My first ever class real and on line. Scary stuff for me. I have got a page all planned and nearly finished for it just need to do up the instructions for it. While I was sorting out a photo to use for the class layout I relised that I have scrapped most of the better pics of Asher I've got so it took me a while to decide on a photo and then my sewing machine decided to play up too. So the layout part of it all hasn't gotten of to a good start. If anyone out there that is still reading my ramble has any tips that they can share about running an on line class I would be very grateful. I also need to do up a how to for a blog post too but I have got the idea for that one just need to put it together. Not too sure just when the class will be but will post all the dteails on here as soon as I know.

-Therapy have their cybercrop next week and it looks like it will be a lot of fun. You can check out all the details here

I'm going to be a busy girl next

-It is school holidays here and Asher is driving me crazy already. Lucky for me I only have the one week off and she can drive the daycarers crazy for the three days I work next week.

-We are hopefully going of to the zoo this week. So I will have some great photo oppurtunities coming my way which I so need as apart form a few recent ones I am pretty much up to date with the photos of Asher that I want to scrap. I didn't think I would ever catch up on Asher's photos seeing as I didn't start scrapping till she was about three but I guess I'm not called the scrap nut for

-I chatted with all the little Misses over at TSE for thier first cyber crop on Fiday night. Why little Misses you ask. I have sort of given some of them fun nick names. I had heaps of fun chatting and hope to do at least one of the challenges.

-Well that is about all from me for now if you stayed around till the end of my ramble thanks heaps, thanks for any comments and till next time happy scrapping.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Sundays share on Monday
So sorry girls I forgot my Sunday share so it is a Monday one, not that I've got a lot too share though.
I have been scrapping but not alot that I can share just now. 4 pages with my CIS dt kit and the oct tech tues chal for Arty pants. I have done a page for the Forever always cc but haven't taken a pic of it just yet so will add it to my next Sunday share.
This is the pic I was planning on taking for the last nightime photo chal set over at CIS. We had to take a pic by candle light.I didn't really think Asher would sit still through the nighttime flash so I got her to set up a photoshoot with her Brats. Not the best of pics but the best of the ones I took.
Well what else has been happening out here
-Had a ball out at the big crop on Sunday. I took five projects to work on and came home with 1 finished page, a finished card, a cj entry that needs some journaling, a book mark that needs a quote and a layout that needs journaling. Quite proud of what I did.
-Asher has a dress up day tomorrow at school so I will have some cute clown pics to share on Sunday.
-Laura won the ongoing rak this time round by guessing how many tags/journaling cards were in Connies little box so I now need to do up anther project. Have got an idea or two up my sleeve just need to pick which one.
-The vote for the dt comp over at Therapy is all set up. The highest five go through to the next round and they will have to put together a class. OMG I had better get my thinking cap on just incase.
- I will soon be the owner of a Jane jones origional tag book. Over at TSE she had a chat chal going and Al and Marcela chatted up a storm over there giving me a few much needed laughs at times. I came in third. There was no way I could catch those too.
Anyway that's about all from me for now as I am totally bushed. Thanks for popping by, any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Just popping in for a quick share.
It was sports day today and we had some nice weather for it finally after it being canceled twice.
Here is a pic of my blue girl before we left fot home.
and one while she was waiting for her turn in the ball game she was playing in. She looked up and seen me and yelled at the top of her voice "Hi Mum".
and this is the next item in the ongoing swap rak over at Arty pants. When I get it wrapped up it will be on it's way to Connie who guessed how many brads were in Linda's pot, the first guess. I think I had only had it posted about an hour if I was lucky before it had been won.
If you want to be a part of all the fun of the guessing how many tags and journaling cards in her box pop on over here
and while you are there check out this months Tech Tues chal here
I had fun doing the page and using a few different ways to alter chipboard. I have been working on the next Tech tues chal and will post up the sneeky peek very soon.
also the chat up a storm comp will be starting up and there are a few twists this time round. You can check out all the details here
I have a date with my camera, some candles, Asher and her Brat dolls tonight. Why you ask? Well over at CIS Jolene is holding a photography comp were we get a few tips on taking photos and then have to go out and play around with our camera using the tips. This months tips were on taking photo's at night time. Has been a bit tricky for me seeing as I don't have a tripod and using the night setting I had to have to camera resting on something. I managed to get the first two pics taken with no trouble, handy dandy post and plant stand, now have to try and take some pics by candle light so we are going to have a tea party.
Any way that is about it from me for now so till next time thanks for stopping by, any comments and happy scrapping.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday photo and page share
Well it is Sunday and here I am with my usual Sunday share.
We went of to the shops this afternoon to buy some pies for lunch and Asher just had to take her trolley with Lisa and Max and of course I took my camera. lol There is Max in this pic and Lisa(her doll) is sitting in the front of the trolley.
On Friday night it was all happening over at the CIS cyber crop. The bingo went of well and I didn't drop the words like I was dreading I would.
The CISters all got into the chat too and the two chattiest on the night were Liz and Tam. Liz had asked for me not to count her in the chat tally for the rak and page seeing as she is the chit chat co-ordinator at CIS and chatting up a storm so to speak is a part of what she does and she dose it well. So Tam won the rak and the page although I have offered to do a page for Liz too.
There were three chals and a kiddies chal which I set, with some help from Asher.
The first one was to use bright colours in your page, the word happy in the title and doodling. My happy girl is the sample I did.
I have loved doodling lately and now that I've found a fine waterproof marker I've been adding some watercolour pencils to them alot too. The photo is of Asher at her Easter Bonnet parade this year at school.
The second chal was to use lots of flowers, a bird and a spring quote.
I had been meaning to do a page on our lack of garden for a while and decided that it would fit this challenge. The strips of paper to the side of the photo are some of the printed flower words I used in the bingo game.
The journaling on the photo reads-I will sit here and be surounded by flowers instead of weeds and long grass. Soon I hope.
I seeing as I couldn't win the cc chal I decided to tie it in with the Friday night live chal over at Em which was to use two of Sares tips from her tip and teach thread. I chose to use patch worked background tech and the white rub ons on white card with watercolour effect. Loved the rub on effect Sares and I'll be using it again. Thanks. Pity I didn't realise that it had to be in by 5 there time and I was still working on it at 3 here.
and the flower pics are from seed packets that I went out a brought. Hey they may even get me motivated to do something. DH needs lots of it although I was lucky I took the pic yesterday for he mowed the lawn
So what else has been happening
-I've finished my round 3 page for the Therapy dt comp. I forgot to add it here so will do it next time.
-I have been lucky again this week. I found out at the begining of the week that I have won a page scrapped by a dter over at Bons. Not too sure just who will be scrapping my photo, or Asher's actually, but can't wait to see it and my pirate page from a few posts back that I did for one of the chals over at the Therapy CC last weekend won so I've got a voucher to go and spend on some yummies.
-I've been working on the pack from Jolene fot the GDT spot overat CIS and have done four pages. I may even get another done with what's left over.
-SC 46 is out. I so can't wait for 47 as it will have my first ever published page. Wahoo
Well that is about all that has been happening so as usual it is thanks for popping by and any comments and until next time happy scrapping.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm back
I thought I'd share a pic of the rak on offer as well as a page scrapped by me for the Friday chat challenge over at CIS as part of the cyber crop this weekend.
I had fun out scrap shopping this morning and couldn't resist the Cosmo Cricket xmas papers so got some for me and some for the rak. There is only three papers in the rak. I've got the six there to show the second side of the papers.

Chat soon, hopefully at the CIS CC if you all have no other plans.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just a qucik share.
My card from the Therapy cc that I forgot to share on Sunday. It had to be bright and I think this one is. Just incase you are popping in Justine. Close your eyes. lol

As I said in the past post I'm the guest dter over at CIS this month and I've been having lots of fun. If you feel like joining in on a CC pop on over for lots of fun this Friday. There are going to be some great chals and on the Friday there is a chat challenge. You can find all the details here
and if you want join in on bingo the word list is here
now be easy on me girls as this will be my first time calling or I should say typing the bingo words.
One of my latest things I've been playing around with is photoshop and using brushes. It is something that I'm going to have to work at but with the help of a few tips here
I am sure I will work it out.
And while you are over at CIS you might want to check out Tatum's free class. The details can be found here
A few days ago I was awarded by the lovely Missy Anthea the nice matters award. Thanks chicky love checking out your awesome stuff too.

so I now pass this onto some of the Arty Girls. I so love popping into your blogs and always your new pages and projects.




That is all that has been happening here at the moment so till nexttime as usual thanks for stoppingby and any comments and happy scrapping.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sundays usual page share and some news.
Well I'll start of with my pages as I've not got any new pics to share this week. My camera hasn't been out much at all to take pics of anything but my pages.
I have uploaded these pages all out of order. Oops sorry.
I joined in on theTherapy cc on Friday night and had a ball. I managed to get three out of the five chals done and love what I did for them.
This page I did for Angels midnight madness challenge. We had to use a night time photo,something black and stars. The photo is of Asher at the christmas lights near a friends place last year. I am loving doodling at the moment and the latest for me is to add a rub on to the doodling and watercolours too now that I've got me a fine dvd marker and it is waterproof.
This is the page I did for the round six Idol challenege over at Em. We had to use a mix of traditonal scrapping and digi scrapping. I downloaded a few brushes andstuff and made my own journaling cards, added the swirl to the bgpaper and used a computer font forthe title. Yeah waterproof too lol.
but alas I didn't get through to the next round so my page is in the justfor fun gallery now. Congrats to those that are still in.
This is a page I did for thesketch chal over at Therapy. I played around with the sketch and ended up pushing it all into the corner of the page so to speak.
and I used up a few more of my favorite stickers as well as some older ones that have been hamging around for a while for my journaling.
This is a sneek peek of a page I did with my ArtyPants dt pack this month. I've only put up the one sneek as the pages are not up on site yet but this one is up in the forum as a step by step project.
I forgot to post the card I did for one ofthe chals so will post it next post.
You can check it out here.
I did have plans on just doing a dry run of the page so I could take pics durring the day but got carried away so the pics aren't that crash hot.
And this little pot is a brad pot I made up for Lindaas part of the next round of the how many ongoing rak over at Arty Pants. I had fun making it up and Reenie had fun playing with it this morning while we were in bed. Lucky for me she didn't get the lid of as there would of been a big brad mess all over the place.

I was going to put up the link so you can pop on over and guess how many brads there are in there but Connie, the lucky thing guessed that there were 138 brads in there WITH THE FIRST GUESS. Lucky Connie. She has just missed by a guess or two on the last two on offer and now she gets it right with the first guess.

As to what else has been happening

-Little Missy Anthea left me a nice surprise the other day. A nice matters award. I forgot to upload the little icon but will do so next post and pass it on.

-I'm the guest dter over at CIS this month so pop on over and try out the monthly challenge I have set to scraplift a Cister and to use three papers from three manufactures.

-It is also the CIS cc next weekend so pop on over and check it out. The chals are good and I'm setting up a kiddies chal and Asher scrapped a sample page for it. I'll post a pic of her page up here after the cc.

-The two lucky page swappers for the August Fav Foto Fri challenge at Arty Girls were me and Andrea. Andrea sent me over two sweet pics of her Bailey and Ellie his nanny and poppy's new puppy. I so loved the page I scrapped for Andrea and the page Asher did as the CIS cc sample is of Ellie so Bailey will have a small scrapped page for his room too. I'll post the page up here once Andrea has gotten them.
-I chatted for a while with the girls over at Em for the first Friday night live and managed to do a page for the challenege too.(Andrea's page, with her permission to do so first) I hope to pop in every Friday and check out the challenge and chat as the dt girls over at Em have got some talent and are some of my favorite scappers.

Well I think that is about all from me for now so as usual thanks for popping by and leaving any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sunday PPP share
Well it is that time again. Sundays photo, page and project share.
Here are a few pics first.
I sent Asher into her room yesterday lunch time to clean it up and make her bed. When it was time for bed last night this is what I found tucked in under her pillow. I so had to pull out the camera. The red goggles on the bear actually were a part of her super hero costume this morning. A scraf tied around her shoulders, a fancy dress up necklace and one of her Pooh bears in a back to front bib had fun saving the world while jumping on the trampoline. It only lasted a few minutes and by the time I realsied just what she was doing and went to get the camera she had stopped. lol
And this is a pic of my cheeky little **** and the little apology gift for the boy at school who she acussed of taking one of her toys.
and the inside of the card signed with love (the heart) kisses (the lips) and hugs(two little figutes)
These are the cards I made up last night for fathers day. You can't see it well in the photo but the lighter brown paper has been stamped with a pattern made by placing three of my Lil Davis Crillion stamps onto my block in a pattern the stamping onto the brown with my white ink. Thanks for the suggestion at CIS Liz to try and make a mosaic of stamps on your blocks. I think it turned out ok.
As part of the next round of the Em idol comp I am in, if we got through to round five which I did. we had to do a page using no adhesive. Well I had all these ides of things to try on my page and was going to use a few and in the end I only used the one. Machine sewing.
I have had this photo of Asher enoying a spa at my parents house printed for a while and nothing really seemed to be grabbing me with so it is was always put back in the to get round to it later pile. When I opened up my box of bg papers from Nat at therapy I loved the way the three different papers from bg all seemed to go well together.

The base paper is one from the Infuse range, the flowers are from the Jubille one and the birds are from the newer range Pheriphery
I wanted to still do one of my favorite techs of layeringwith demension and seeing as using mounting tape was out of the question I cut up some scraps of thin chipboard and sewed it between my layers of cut out flowers.
Andreas guessed that there were 104 buttons in the tine I made up for Lisa as part of the on going rak over at Arty Pants so this little tin is or will be tomorrow on it's way to her.
and it is full of ? 30 ribbons and trim lengths.
You can check out all the details of the ongoing rak here
There is between 10 and 40 ribbons in it.
Well what else has been happening out here
-I got a nice phone call the other day from one of my not so local scrappy shops I pop into. We,Jane and I, were up there a few weekends back and brought raffle tickets in the Autisum raffle they had. I won a HP Photosmart printer. I was so wrapped. I've yet to try it out but it is all ready to go so may have aplay around with it later on tonight after all the dinner and bedtime stuff is sorted out. When I told Jane about it she pretty much called me a lucky ***** as I have been a bit lately and to make it worse she brought her ticket before I did, she was thinking of getting two and decided not too and I got the next ticket so if she had of gotten the two it would of been hers.
-I'm feeling better after having this rotten cold nearly all week. The test will be back to work tomorrow with no nanna naps avalilable if I get tired, which I have been doing.
-I got my page in for the 2nd round of the Therapy dt comp now to see if I make it through to the next round. There are some great pages there and over at Em too in each comp so it is getting harder to stay in each round. The main thing for me is that the pages I've done for each round in both comps I love and that is what counts for me first and foremost.
Well that is about all from me for now. Till next time as usual thanks for popping by, any comments that you may leave and happy scrapping.