Life happenings at Jacs place

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Page and photo share.
Finally got around to uploading my last page from the 123 cyber crop. For this one we had to follow a sketch, include 123 somewhere and a monocramatic layout. Of the three this one is my fav by far.
Thought I'd share some photos too seeing as I haven't for a while. Our little Aussie wasn't feeling the best on Aussie day so we didn't end up going out to join in on the celebrations and see the fireworks. So we had a aussie photo shoot a few days later when she was feeling better. This is my fav photo from the many I took. The looking up over the top of her glasses is something she does often.
It was a really hot day on Sunday and we decided to head out to Fremantle for fish and chips for dinner. They have got some new statues since we were there last of fishermen and Asher was facinated by them. She is right in front of one of them here leaning on a craypot that is part of the statue. I wanted her to sit up on the craypot so that I could get the statue in the photo as well but she wouldn't do it. Oh well love the photo anyway and have it printed all ready to scrap.
Asher is of back to school tomorrow so we had a Mummy daughter day today and went out to the movies. I was going to take her out for lunch as well but she wanted a jam sandwhich so we came home and watched videos instead.
I have got another page to share. I did it with some scenic route papers I got in a dt kit from Steph. I'm working on a little mini album at the moment and I will try and do some cards too so I'll upload them all together.
The week 2 challenge is up on the apple yard. We have to do a page that includes different textures. I've got something all planed out in my head I just have to do it. I am hoping that my idea works as it is doing something I've not done before.
Anyway I think I had better go as this little scrapnut is tired.
Till tomorrow and sharing back to school photos happy scrapping.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

This little Scrapnut is at it again.
More pages to share from yesterday. Had a quiet day at home and seeing as dh went out fishing late in the afternoon and Asher wasn't feeling the best either we missed out on the fireworks. Oh well next year.
The first page is the one I did for the desginer dairies 10 + photo challenge and for a challenge over in the bickie tin to make your own chipboard embellies. So love it when I can double up on my challenges.LOL I made my own letters and then covered them in some yummy Piggy tales paper that I got with my Jan kit from Em. So love the papers and even though they are in blues and greens, not the usual girly colours I use, I am having fun working with them. I enjoyed doing this one and I made sure I didn't lose any photos like I did when doing my Waiting page, which was my first attempt at the 10 photo challenge till I lost one. LOL. The journaling reads May you always enjoy yourself as you explore the beautiful place we call home. The photos were taken up at kings park a few months back where we went for a friends birthday party and Asher had a ball in the playground there.
My second page is for the 123 cyber crop and while puting it together I had to keep telling myself no double upping on this one. We had to use White cardstock, 1 rubon, 2 photos,3 flowers and scollops on our page. When Charm was typing up the challenge she add a J to it by mistake and I joking said thta I was going to add it into the page somewhere and I did.LOL. I used the piggy tales papers again for this one. I am so loving the idea of getting kits at the moment as some of the guess work of matching papers and stuff is done for you.
Ok guys I think I need some tips on getting good pics of my pages. I take them out side to do it and turn of the flash so I don't need to worry about flash glare on my photos but most times I never seem to get good clear shots. My Puppy eyes page is actually on white card but it looks pale blue here and on my explore page the lettering in the title is not very clear a little fuzzy looking. It may have something to do with the resizing on the explore page but who knows with the Puppy eyes page.
Anyway got to go as I've got another lazy day at home ahead of me and I am planning on doing some more scrapping while I can.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

New page share and some news.
Well this Scrapnut is now offically on holidays. I hope to try and do heaps of scrapping on my two weeks off. Asher is starting grade 1 on Wednesday and she is really looking forward to it. We picked up her school book pack on Tuesday and she is so excited about it all.
Onto my new page. I signed up for the eight week challenge over at the apple yard, LOL as well as about 70 other scrappers.
The first challenge was posted on Monday. To do a double around the theme My life. I really had to put my thinking cap on for this one and when I did get an idea I found that I didn't have many nice photos of Asher and myself together. So I still went ahead with my idea using the pics that I had and just twisted the journaling around to go with some of the not good pics.
The journaling talks about some of the stuff that Asher has brought into my life. Bottles, nappies and the like as well as all the love and cuddles I could ask for. And how I have had to resort to taking photo's myself of the two of us together as Craig won't unless the camera is literally thrown at him.
There are some great pages coming in for the 1st challenge. Check them out here
if you want. I so can't wait to see what next weeks challenge is.
I got the Arty Pants newsletter today and had a few emails going to and fro with Jodie. Looks like things are going full steam ahead for the forum side of things with the site. Should be up and running in a month or so. It is going to be exciting to be apart of a growing, I hope, site. I put my foot in my mouth in talking to Jodie about the monthly challenge and suggested that us dt girls take it in turns to set it up. Guess how's got ot sort out the first one.LOL. Now to think of something.
I did some cooking today for my chocolate cj with a group of girls over at CIS. I made up a ----- -------- ----------. Hey I know a couple of the girls pop in once in a while so I can't give away too much info now can I. Tomorrow I need to make something else then I can take pics and start putting my pages together. I'm glad I am on hols for two weeks. It is going to take me that long to catch up with all my challenges,even with double uppping where I can.LOL
Well this little Scrapnut is beat.
Till next time happy scrapping

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Got some great news today.
Scrapbook creations wants my You page for an up coming magazine gallery. Yahoooo. My scrappy goal for 07 is on it's way to being fullfilled.
Going to have a go a making up an out for pub sign tomorrow. Too late to do it tonight. Been too busy tooting. LOL.

Monday, January 22, 2007

More pages to share.
This Scrapnut joined in on yet another cyber crop On Friday night. Charm and Karlene over at the 123 challenge blog had their first one and I had a blast. Thanks for the chats guys and all the laughs. There were three challenges set that all night all based on the 123 challenge set up. One person picks the first requirement of the challenge then two more pick the others. I only got to one of the challenges on the weekend but still have this week to work on them thank goodness.
This is my page for the second challenge. You had to use Sun in the title or journaling. Blue,white and yellow on the layout and a bigger than 6 by 4 summery photo.
Not totally loving this one as it gave me some grief. I used some fuzzy rub ons for the first time on the photo and I hated the way they looked so I had to cover them up.
My second page I love how it turned out although there is a bit of a story behind it. I was planning in the back of my mind to do a double up on my challenges as I try and do sometimes and was going to do this page for a challenge over at CIS to journal differently and for the designer diaries challenge blog to use ten or more photos. So here is where the story starts. With 4 6 by 4 peices of photo paper I print out 1 photo on one peice 2 photos on another and the last 2 I print out with 4 on each. All adds up to 11 photos right. Trim down the photo's and realise I had 2 small ones the same so I gave 1 to Asher. Set my page up stuck everthing down. Loved the look of it. Finished it of and count the photos, 9. I lost a photo somewhere along the line and do you think I could find it anywhere. Not on your nelly and I've lost count of how many times I've actually counted the photos. LOL So it is back to the drawing board for the dd challenge now. I am going to be one busy Scrapnut over the next few days as I've got a few things that need to be finished for the weekend.
Well till next time happy scrapping.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just a quick post
as it is way past my bed time and I am working tomorrow.
My Treasured page a couple of posts back won the weekend challenge over at the apple yard. I am so wrapped. It was one I wasn't umhing and arhing over entering. I am so glad I did.
I scrap treasure bucket also won the challenge at the Em cybercrop a few weekends back too.
Better go put this tired body too bed.
Till next time happy scrapping.

The challnenge for last week on the Ali Edwards blog was to make up a note card with you word on it and this is mine. I may even make up a new banner with it for my blog on the weekend.
Not much else to talk about or share so till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Don't you just love a good chat and some great challenges.
Yes you guessed it this Scrapnut has been cyber cropping again and catching up on some challenges too. LOL
My first page share is my favourite of my weekend four. I did it for the Apple weekend workout we we had to scrap our most treasured possession. I had to think about just what to do and then I thought I would scrap Blackie and Snowy. Two stuffed scotties which are the first thing I can remember buying for myself when I started working oh so long ago. I took them down from Asher's wardrobe to take some pics and you guessed it I had to take some of her with them as well. LOL When I seen this one on the screen after downloading it of the camera I knew that I couldn't not scrap it so I used this one insted of the ones of Blackie and Snowy by themselves. I even popped it into the snap and scrap comp over at Em and if I am lucky one of the lovely DT girls over there will pick Asher's pic to scrap for me. The journaling around the paper reads...Blackie and Snowy. Two treasured possessions that are no longer mine. Asher. Another treasured possession that will never truely be mine for long.
I was able to do my usual double up on this page and did it to a set of directions for a challenge over in the bickie tin. So with the cj page I did durring the week and this one I am now up to date with my bickies.
Onto my cyber cropping pages for the crop over at CIS.
We had three challenges on Friday night and this is the first one. We had to use a black background, lots of colour and something cut out from patterned paper. I've been trying to scrap some of my older pics of Asher in an attempt to catch up but being the camera clicking nut I am there is no hope of that happening soon. This photo was taken on a trip out for a bike ride. Asher was so excited about the ride until we got to the park and she seen the playground. The ride lasted two minutes from the car to the playground.LOL.
The second challenge was to do a page using predominatley blue and pink, make one of J1's, form Em, famous paper flowers( I did mine in material),stamping and use something new. I used my new pebbles inc stamps that I won a few weeks back for a weekend workout at the apple yard. Again an older photo of Asher enjoying a farm visit at daycare. She was very excited to see the animals.
The third challenge was a skecth one. With it though we had a list of about eight embelies and we had to include 2 or more of them on the page somewhere. I chose to use eyelets and the photo anchor. The photos were taken last year when Asher went to school for book week dressed up as Jessie. We raided her dress ups for a hat, put on her Houston shirt with the boots on it, added a check shirt, some freckles, Bullseye and her pink boots which she just had to wear and we headed of to school with her Yeehahing and boot stamping all the way.
And last my 123 challenge page. We had to use material, focus on the journaling and lots of chipboard. I have been playing around with this one for weeks now. I wasn't too happy about how it was looking when the calico and then the photo buckled when sewing it them down. I managed to hide it on the photo with the journaling but everything I tried to do to the calico to hide it at the bottom wasn't looking any better so I decided to leave it. Once again some older pics of Asher. Taken at a friends place enjoying a jump on the trampoline after eating cake while sitting on it.
I have pretty much nothing else to share it has been a quiet weekend here. Craig has been of fishing for most of it so I've been able to scrap to my hearts content.
So much for me starting on my circle journal I am in with a group of the girls over at CIS but then I've always got next weekend.LOL Anyway till next time happy scrapping.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My house was hit my five mini tornados today

My mum and my sisters came down for lunch today and there were toys everywhere by the time the five kids had finished having a ball. I got these pics of two of the four disater areas before we did the big pack up. I think I may have to start culling again. LOL.

Danielle, one of my American hunnies found and posted this blog and I thought I'd share too. Check it out you may get a laugh.

On the scrappy side of things I got my act together last night and managed to not double but triple up on some scrappy stuff. I've got Anna's, one of my American hunnies cj here to work on and the theme of it was scrap and chat. We had to do a page about where we do both and seing as this months layout comp over at the apple yard was your scrapping space and one of the challenges for the bickie tin was to do a page about your sanity saver,which scrapping is mine I was able to tie them all in together. But I'm not going to post them here just yet as I'm sure some of my hotties maybe lurkers here and I don't want to spoil any surprises for them now do I.

Anyway I've got my 123 page to finish of and then a few other things to start or think about starting before the cc over at CIS tomorrow night so that I am free to do the challenegs which sound like fun.

Till then happy scrapping.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Warning huge photo share ahead.
I've been a little busy scrap nut since Wednesday night so have got a few things to share.
Em had their first cc for the year on Friday night and I had a blast as always. Sare set the challenges and she really had me thinking.
The first challenge was a skecth one and we had to do it around the a new ? theme. After stumbling across Ali Edwards blog a few days before hand and reading her post about finding a word to discribe yourself I choose CREATE as my word then did my page for the first challenge around it.
The second challenge was to follow a summer theme. We had to use three or more pics, chipboard and painting. I loved the pics of Asher I took last week and knew I would end up scrapping them. I was able to add a quote that I found in the library over at to my page and use it for the CIS monthly competition as well and seeing as the lovey Dana in the get published challenge thread at set us a summer page challenge I killed three with on page so to speak.LOL
The third challenge was to use circles and inks. I have had this pic of Asher hold a fish that her uncle caught for a while now and wasn't too sure just how to scrap it but I loved how it turned out. Although the flowers on a fish page I first thought would look funny but seeing as I am a flower loving scrapnut I couldn't not put any on.LOL
The fourth challenge was an optional one and I am so glad I ended up doing it. I love my scrap treasure bucket. We had to alter a bucket. It had to have a painted finish to it as well as the words my treasures. It is going to sit on my kitchen bench, when I get it back from Scrappindipity, and hold all those little things that get left behind on my kitchen bench after my scrap mess is all packed away.
I feel so guilty. Bec over at Scrappindipity is pretty casual about when the dt projects get done and she gave me a pack of Deja view papers at the end of Novemeber last year. I did say to her that I probably wouldn't get to it till after xmas. I managed to do a page and then poped it away and toatlly forgot all about it till about a week ago. So I am of there on Friday with my projects. This bucket being one of them.
My best friend had herlittle boys 1st birthday and name day ceremony on Sunday and I made up this card and a little autograph book for him. The book was for everyone to write a few words in for him. Not that many people did though. I found a few nice life quotes and added them onto the pages. Have only taken a pic of one page as they were all the same aprt from the quotes.

I felt a little awkward there as my ex and his new wife were there too. I met my bestie through my ex dh's best friend when he married her. When we split I said to him that I wouldn't be breaking any ties with Paul and Justine as they both mean too much to me. His new wife and him can't see it that way though. Even some of the friends we all use to hang around with were a little stand offish. Oh well on to better things. A pic of my beautiful girl. Some one who wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my ex calling it quits when he did.
Anyway till next time happy scrapping.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My tongue is bigger than yours.
Trust Craig to come up with that fro a title when I asked him for ideas. I liked it so used it anyway. This is my second page for the year the one I did with the new Becky Fleck round maps. I had a lot of fun doing this one although my silent setter got a workout doing the holes and it did take some time but I like the look. The photo was taken at Australia day last year and the journaling reads..My tongue is bigger than yours. Trying to get a nice photo of mt two lovavble crazies is not easy.

I had to do some things out and about this morning and when I got home I had some nice news. My page I posted a few back now, the 1st birthday at daycare one I did for a monthly theme comp over at CIS won. I've got another gift voucher to use. When Jolene gets some albums in I am definately going to get some and hopefully make a dent in my stash of pizza boxes with layouts in them.LOL

That's about it from me for now. So till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, January 01, 2007

I've got 2 pages for 07 already.
Yes Martha and Adrienne this scrapnut is living up to her nickname. LOL. I had actually started this one here new years eve while Craig was out fishing and finished it of this morning before doing a mad cleaning spree. It is for a sketch challenge set by Poppy's Mum over at Em. This one took me a while to do. The flowers just weren't working for me. I lifted the idea to add fibres to them from Jo but I don't think I pulled it of as well as she did. LOL. There is a link in my side bar. Check out her stuff she does some great pages.

My secod page I did from another sketch. I got the page maps newsletter this afternoon and Becky has got some great round maps. I did a page using one of them and added it to a 12 by 12. It was too dark to take a photo when I had finished so will do so tomorrow.

Anyway thats all from me. This scrapnut has got work on tomorrow and it is way past my bedtime.

Tille next time happy scrapping.