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Monday, November 27, 2006

Mini album and some scrappy recognition.
Just posting the pics of the mini album I did durring the week for a friend of Asher who let her have a lebd of her carebear for a week. It went everywhere with her so I thought I do up an album as a thankyou gift to her. I will eventually get around to doing one for Asher as well as she loved helping me with this one. Emily her friend took home one of Asher xmas bears so when I get the pics from her I will do up one about Mr Claus's holiday with Emily.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kierrala over at She has started up the gallery of the day thread again and I got a nice email this morning saying that she was adding one of my latest pages in my previous post, the good and bad of me into the thread. For those of you who don't know and what it is a thread that dishes out daily inspiration in new layouts added to the gallery and shares them with everyone. There have been some great scrappers added to it and it really made my day to get the email that I had been added to.
I did some more work on my advent calender and I hope to have it finished soon. I didn't realise it was going to be so fiddly to do but I'm loving it anyway.
I will be doing some subbing to mags tomorrow night. I may just try my luck with my the good and bad of me page. Hey it may just be my lucky week.
Well I'm of to bed now. Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cyber cropping fun.
I was a part of anothe cyber crop on Friday night over at Zig Zag. Thanks guys for a great night. I am getting addicted them as much as I am scrapping. At least it is making me put a dent in my to scrap list. LOL. We had four challenges,I've only uploaded three as one of them I used some of my stash from my Arty Pants DT kit and will upload it with the rest of the goodies I do. I also managed to do a few of them for several challenges on other sites as well. Sneaky I know. LOL
This page was for the second challenge where you had to use either love,forever,everlasting or hearts in the title. Pink or red colours on white or black cardstock with hearts or flowers. I also did this page for a challenge Mickey set over at Em to use big letters in your title. I know I've scrapped this pic before but this one is going into Asher's swimming album.
This page was meant to be for the third challenge we had to use a song title for the title. Looking through my pics I really couldn't find any that fit any songs I knew so I went with this title, a twist on the ZZ Top song she's got legs. I was so focused on getting the title working right on the page that I totally forgot that it had to be done based on a sketch as well. I did this one for a challenge Ali set over at Em to use 3 patterned papers and stiching and a summer challenge over at CIS. This is the page I did for the first challenge and the one I love the most. We had to use one photo. I know I printed of two but seeing as they are the same photo I counted it as one. We had to alter the photo is some way so to go with the BOM challenge at Zig Zag as well I added wings and horns to my pics and stamped on them. We also had to use a mixed letter title, doodle and do some hand stitching. It took a while but I added french knots around the edge of the flower and paisley feature.
I have got a mini album to share but I will leave that for another day.
As you can see I've had a scrappy weekend and it isn't over yet. When I'm done here I'm heading of back to my kitchen bench to start on altering a shadow box frame that I picked up a while back with 24 little compartments ideal for a advent calendar.
Till next time Happy scrapping.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cardstock only DT challenge

Jodie over at Arty Pants set us a tricky challenge this month. To do a page with no patterned paper or embellies. Card stock only. Oh bot was this hard for me. I just kept on having to hold myself back from adding to this but I love hoe it turned out in the end. I also did this page for a words to live by challenge over at the designer diaries blog. I wasn't quite sure just how to do this one till I was over at Em the other day and noticed the quote by Laura Ingals Wilder in a memebers siggy. I loved watching The little house on the praire when I was younger. So thanks for the inspiration Tiddlypeep.

I also managed to do this card as well with some of my bits left over on my bench after I had done my page. I am going to try and do a card or two when I've finished a page to build up my stash so there isn't a mad dash making one when I need it.LOL

I should be getting my first ever kit order in soon. I so can't wait to have a play with it when it gets here. I've already got ideas for two macthing mini albums. At dancing on Saturday Asher and her friend did a teddy swap for the week. Emily's care has been going pretty much eveywhere with her so I thought I would do up one for Emily about what her care bear did while on holidays with Asher and Emily's mum is going to take some photo's of her and Asher's bear Mr Clause and I will do the same for Asher.

Anyway it is late here and I've got work tomorrow. So till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just stumbled across this and thought I'd share.

Pop on bye and if your lucky Mrs Santa may have a surprise for you.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've been tagged
TAG you are it!!! THIS tag is too good to pass up! On YOUR blog list 5 scrappers who inspire you. Maybe you JUST noticed them today or 2 months ago, maybe their journaling is exceptional or the design is fresh and unique! Whatever your reason is, list it!! So, scope out the gallery and post a link to 5 people's gallery.

Thanks Cheryl you made my day. Here's my five inspirational scrappers.
Mama Pickles-Martha you and the pages you have done have encouraged me to bring out my sewing machine.
Laura2266-Laura the way you do a mix of digi and paper scrapping makes me think that maybe one day I may be able to master the digi side of it.
Mama2Mason-Kristy. You my girl are in my eyes the queen of the alterable. Love your altered stuff.
Nicole Rayner-Nicole I so love how you do your 3d layering on your pages. You manage to make it look so easy to do.
And last but by no means least
Starlilly-star-Ali all of your work is an ispiration to me. I don't think I have seen a page of your that hasn't inspired me in some way or another.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some cards

Just thought I'd share some cards I have done recently. The thank you card I did with some of my scraps on my kitchen bench after working on a cj for my American friend Martha with the yummy choc box papers from the Arty Pants dt pack. I was going to post a pic of the page I did here but just incase Martha does pop in I won't. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprisefor her now would I.

These two I did with some of the yummies I had left over from working on my Pure joy page in my last post with the Dt pack from Steph. I am going to try and get into the habit of making a few cards with my scraps and stuff after doing pages before cleaning up.

I'm of work today and down to the doctors as my neck is playing up again. Hopefully I've just pulled it or something.

The final three for the idol comp over at Em are Anthea,Melissa and Amanda. They did some great layouts for round 7 and and the other rounds and so deserve to be in the final three. Can't wait to see what they come up with for the final round and who the idol will be.

I taken the plunge again and joined up at yet another forum. LOL It is becoming as addictive as scrapping lately. I will add a link to my side bar and I will have to make some changes to my friends links as well as there are a few that are members on a couple of the sites that I am on so which section do I put them in.LOL

Anyway that's it for now. Till next time happy scrapping.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pics, page and cards

Well today was the day I had to take Asher down to her dancing school and put her costume, which I had to do the fiddly bits on through muster. I passed thank goodness. I don't want to have to sew another sequin on anything for ages. This pic was taken inside the class and for some reason the pics taken in there are always grainy. This is one of the better ones. Before this was taken, out in the foyer we had to get into the costume and my little Miss decided she didn't like the stocking and was having a major break down over having to wear them but wear them she did. I tried to get some pics of her all dressed but she just wasn't all that happy that one of her dancing friends was allowed to read her book while she was having her little break down. So I ended up with a sulky pic but love it anyway.

Onto my latest page and some cards with Steph's dt pack. The pack had in it some yummy Carolee Creations papers. I managed to do this layout, a card and some Atc' for a swap over at Zig Zag as well as one for Steph.
The photo on the layout was taken at a friends wedding about two years ago. The journaling reads. Pure joy(which is on the flower center) Is what you bring 2 my life. There are times when things are not always rosy but it is the joyful moments I treasure most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Bother I just hit the wrong button and deleted the card from my post so will have to pop it in the next one.
These are the Atc's I did for a swap over a Zig Zag. Hope you like them girls.
Of the a b'day party tomorrow at Kings park for a friends little boy so we will be coming home with a few more Em exposed pics tommorrow.
I just happened to be around on Friday night for a chat with some of the box girls. Just wanted to say thanks for all the laughs girls and Sharryn I'm not ever going to be able to talk to or think about my bro with me trying not to laugh. His name just happens to be Darrel. LOL.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Thought I'd share.
My idol pages from the comp over at Em seeing as I'm no longer in the comp. The first chal was to do a vintage style page. Something I've never done before. I ended up doing my page with a pic of my Nan. Even raided her stash of sewing goodies for the lace and buttons which probably where from Nan's at one time.

The next round we had to scraplift 1 of 4 layouts. I chose the one by Rhonna Farrier. Scraplifting is something else I've not done before.
The pic is one I took a while ago in the garden. When I wanted a photo of Craig for my music man layout Asher had to be part of the fun to so Craig got out his Dad's ukele(sp) which he gave to Asher and I snapped a few pics of them both strumming away.

Next round we had to do a miniamlist page which once again is something I don't do alot of. I love how it turned out and the best part about it was that it took me 25 mins to do. The pic is of Asher,Craig and Old Tom. Our new lawner maver a year or so now that justhad to have a name, stickers and all. The rover logo and Old Tom words were cut out from a close up pic and mounted on chipboard.
Alas I didn't get voted through to the next round.
Although much to my delight I was asked to come back into the comp in round 5 as a dt wild card entrant. The round 4 chal was posted before the voting had closed for round 3 so I was working on this page to use for a BOM chal on another site but I kept it aside just incase I got through. The challenge was to use three pics and at least two patterned papers. I so love how this one turned out.

Round 5 and we had to do a page revolving around dreams and to include beads. As I had already done a page on my dream I did it about Asher's dream to one day have a pet and added beads around the circle letters. I wasn't lucky enough to get enough votes to stay in this round so that was the end to my stint in idol. I had a great time doing the challenges and lots of fun along the way.
Thanks Ali and the girls there for a great comp. Can't wait for next years if there is going to be one.
I did have some other pics to post today but I think this one is long enough so till next time. Happy scrapping.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Arty Pants layout and cover comp reject layout.

I finished my dt project for Arty Pants this week. The papers are definately a challenge and it took me a few hours just to try and work out what to do with them but I so love a challenge and how this turned out. Thanks to Sare's over at Em to for the inspiration with the sketch.
I had a package sitting on my table when I go home today. No it wasn't a yummy scrappy parcel with some goodies for me it was from SC. My page for the cover comp returned to me so I'm guessing it isn't cover material. Oh well I'm loving what I did and that is all that counts.

And the best thing about it is now I can share my page with you all. I used one of the photo's I took of Asher earlier this year to use on my first dt project from Arty Pants my sugar cube, which I might add is now in the shop so if any one is out that way and wants to have a look see go ahead. Lots of cutting out of flowers from BG paper on this. The words around the page are Angel with attitude but you just gotta love her.
I got my first pack from Jem Hall yeaterday. So can wait to pull out some of the goodies and do something with the yummy xmas materials. I also put in an order for Em's October kit and some other yummies as well as some from Zig Zag so I've got myself some yummy mail coming my way hopefully soon.
I've yet to hear back anything good or bad from the subs I did recently so I'm probably not going to hold my brathe waiting for that good news email.
Not too much else happening here apart from the fact I should be working on Asher's dancing concert costume but I have just spent the past hour sewing on about ten sequins onto a tutu and I still have about two thirds of it to do as well as the stiching of sequins onto her leotard and seeing as I've got to stitch them on when she is wear it and she is sleeping at the moment I can't really do that can I. But then I could be givning her shoes another coat of paint but I'm going to leave that for tomorrow night. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute is there. LOL Full costume showing on Saturday morning. I'm glad that I don't have to make the whole thing and just have to put the fiddly bits on it. I will take some pics of my little rainbow when I've finished her costume.
Anyway till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Steph's mono challenge page and cc pages

At a dt crop a few Saturdays ago Steph set us a monochramatic challenge and then challenged us to sub it to FK. This is the page I did with the pack of chatterbox papers I picked out. I got a bit carried away with the doodling but love the end result.
I took pics of my Em cyber crop pages and here they are.
My sack racer page needed to include at least ten cuts of ribbon and a photo turn.
I love how this one turned out. I did my usual too and added an arrow so I could use it for an Elise chal at Em as well.
If you pop by Charm you will notice I used the material and flower from the rak you sent me. Thanks so very much again they just fit in with my page so well I couldn't not use them.

My castles in the sand page was for a double sketch chal. It has been ages since I did a double and love how it turned out. The pics are of Asher and Craig making sand castles. There are four more pics of Asher and my sister in law on the pull out tag behind the photos on the left side.
My last page was for a black and white chal. We were allowed to add just a hint of colour and I added a little pink. I christened my new stamps I brought at Scraptivate on Saturday. I'm so going to love using them.
Not much else has happened or is going to happen out here at the moment. Still waiting on my big lotto win so I can have a big splurge on a few big holidays to catch up with some of the great girls I've met on my forums. I will always be thankful for the day I came across which in turn led me to Em and when I came across Scrapboxx as well. I've made some great friends at my three fav sites and my dream is to one day meet up with them. Big hugs to you all.

Well that is about all from me for now. Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

More lost pics and other stuff.
We had a busy weekend out here. Dancing on Saturday with a trip out to Scraptivate after that. So had fun there and will definately be popping in often even though it is 30 mins away.
I was part of another cc on Stayrday night as well. This time over at Em. I so had fun. Didn't get to chat much as Craig and friends of ours decided at the last minute to go out for tea. Had a good feed and apart from little miss Asher's paddy about eating her meal and all the fuss she made it was a nice night out.
On Sunday I pretty much spent most of the morning and late afternoon scrapping my challenges. Haven't got pics yet so will load them up here later.
We went out to get a few bits and peices from Bunnings today and as a surprise for Asher picked up some more fish for the fish pond. It was so hard at the fish shop not to burst out laughing. Asher was jumping up and down all over the place giving a running commentary, at the top of her voice no less,on the fish shop guys attempt to catch the fish. I'm sure the whole shop heard her. LOL
Not too much else going on here at the moment. So here's a few of the latest Em poster pics, till next time happy scrapping.