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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New page
I managed to get this one started and finished last night so that I could enter it into the monthly comp over at CIS. The pics are of Asher at her 1st birthday afternoon tea at daycare quite a few years back. I had fun with this one 3d ins some of the flowers. The journaling isn't clear at all but is is about how we took in a cake for her to share with her friends for all her birthday's ahe had at daycare.
Here is the Santa page that I am having trouble with. The top image is the one I like the best. The flower (which isn't stuck down ) just isn't doing it for me. I had a freind over for tea last night and she like it as is. The journaling talks about howexcited Asher was to see Santa and how she couldn't stand still. Even when talking to Santa she kept on stepping from side to side. Santa ended up joining her and started rocking with her.

Thats about all from me for now. It's a quiet home for me tonight.

Hopeing all my blog visitors have a safe and happy new year.

Till next year happy scrapping.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Beach fun
We took Asher out for a splash at the beach yesterday and I like any like minded scrap nut made sure my camera was with me.LOL. Here are a few of my favs from the day.

IN this one she is trying to run away from Craig. She decided to start a water splashing fight, which I will add she lost. LOL
My cheeky girl trying to make a sandcastle. I tried to tell her to move out of the waves but would she listen. No and did she get annoyed at the waves. Um Yes.LOL
She got a set of goggles and an underwater camera for her b'day from one of her school friends and when we told her that we were going to the beach they had to come too. She had a play with the camera, can't wait to see the pics LOL, before Craig claimed it for a while and then enjoyed running in and out the waves with her goggles slipping but was I allowed to pull them up. Not likely. She will hate me for it in a few years but this is one photo that is going to be scrapped.LOL

Tried to scrap the Santa pic I posted a few posts back but it just wasn't coming together all that well. My scrappy roll has come to an end. I've finished it but I think it still needs something but what that something is who knows. I will take a pic of it tomorrow and post here and get you guys to help out if you can.

I brought myself a little note book that I am going to alter for a 2007 scrap diary. When doing my layouts I like to keep a record of what products I use and have been jotting it all down on a post it note then pop it into a little book so for next year I will write it all down in my dairy and also keep track of how many pages I have done and what pages I sub to what mag. Hopefully next year will be my year for getting published.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm on a scrappy roll
So I am going to take advantage of it while I can. LOL I started this page yesterday at a girl friends place. I wasn't just too sure how it would all come together as the colours in the pics are a bit bright so I just pulled out a few papers that I thought would go together with each other, put in a few other scrappy goodies including my new alpha stamps that I won, headed out to my friends place and hoped for the best. This is my first time at trying 3d work and mixing differnt papers and elements and it is now my new fav.
I did this one around the sketch challenge for the bickie tin. Thanks Clair for a great challenge.
This is a close up pic of the 3d work and the dimensional magic. I also pulled out my silent setter and added the holes to the background paper and then stuck the green underneath to blend in with the green dots of the swirls which was a fluck as it was the other side of the green We R Memory Keepers paper I popped in the box with the rest of the stash.
Anyway that's all from me for now. I am planning on trying to do some more scrapping today the housework can wait. I'm on hols and if I want to scrap the day away I will. LOL
Till next time happy scrapping.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New pages
Just thought I'd share two new pages that I have finished of today. The first one is all about Asher comment the other day about being the loudest six person in the world.
I raid my stash of 3 bugs goodies from one of the kits I got from Em. I've already tried my luck subbed it to a few mag calls just a little while ago.
Also a while back I stumbled upon Missymuh's (Claire) blog. She has started up a challenge blog and the first challenge was saying one so I am going to pop this into the challenge there.
You can find out all the details here.
While you are there check out her blog as she takes some great pics and does some awesome pages.
This page is for a sketch over at CIS. I am trying to get caught up on Ashers school album for this year as I have fallen behind in it. This page is all about the hat we made for her easter hat parade this year.
I've tried my luck with the bsaic grey gallery with this one as well as subbing to a few mags.

I got a yummy parcel in the mail today. My prize package from the weekend workout win with my potty page over at the apple yard. Some new alpha stamps that I've seen before and some chipboard and tape. A girl just can't have enough of either.

Not much else happening here. Trying to get some scrapping done so my kitchen bench is a mess at the moment but lately when is it not. LOL May have to take some pics of all the mess for my pages in Anna's scrap and chat cj journal that has to go out mid Jan.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas fun.
Christmas day has come and gone for another year. It was such a lovely day at home and out visiting family.
After getting all the wrapping done and remebering to bring the key in of the door and collect the carrots from outside and having Asher wake up before we had gone to bed asking if Santa had been we finally got to bed about 12.30. Asher woke again about 3.00 but went of to sleep again and woke about 7.30.
She was so excited about all her gifts in her stocking from Santa and the ones under the tree from us. Craig and I both watched in delight as she played Santa and dived in under the tree pulling out her gifts and the few in there that were ours. The hit at home was her little pet leopard which she has called Anastasia. It is so sweet and when you pat it it purs and growls.
After a play with some of her goddies here at home and siting down to watch the cars movie, another of her gifts with Craig while I got togther a salad for mum's we loaded up the car with baskets of goodies and headed out to Craigs brothers place.
Asher was totally spoilt yet again. Our house in now known as cabbage patch centeral as she now has three of them. One last year for christmas one last week for her birthday and another one for christmas. That is a grand total of six dolls here at home for someone who really isn't into them a lot. Oh well.
The hit at the Dudley's was a kitchen set with a toy blender and coffee maker. She was making us all coffee and shakes.

After a big lunch and a relaxing time we packed the car up again and headed to my Mum's place. It was a bit noisy but with 11 grandies running around it was bound to be and as usual Asher was one of the loudest.LOL. Asher didn't get to open any of her pressies out of the box at Mum's as there was so much going on but the hit today when we unpacked and sorted her stash was a set of Barbie bookends. Although Asher probably isn't going to use them as book ends today she was using them as play areas for her Barbie and Kelly dolls. Today was a big sort out day here after the influx of toys from her birthday and then again yesterday it is time to sort through her ever growing stash of toys. Some to be sold and then some to be given to the Salvos.

Anyway that's about it from me for now. I'm of to try and do some scrapping.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa key, new glasses and some xmas yummies.
After hitting the shops and braving the crowds for some last minute shopping this morning I came home and started work on my list of things to do today.
Our Santa key kit from the lovely Jen Hall, in my links bar, was one of them. Asher and I started out doing it togther but we got half way through it and she lost interest.LOL
I wasn't quite liking it as we were putting it together as I thought I should of probabaly stuck to the one colour of material to wrap around the Delish key but Asher was adament that we use different ones and as we were making it up for her we did it her way.
When I was explaining to her the other day what it was for she was "but Mum Santa dosen't need a key he has magic dust to get in the chimney," or in our case the pot belly flu, so I said that it was for Santa to use just incase he runs out of magic dust and that is what I wrote on the little tag.

She was so excited when it was finished and couldn't wait for Craig to put a nail in the door and hang it up

This is a pic that I took of my loudest six person in the world on Friday. To post it here was another thing on my to do today list.
On the way out to Craigs work xmas wind up Craig said to me I hope Asher will be quieter today than what she was yesterday when he took her into work for a little while. I laughed and said probablly not and we had a big voice in the back say
"Probablly not I am the loudest six person in the world"
We both cracked up laughing.
She has got on her new pinl glasses. She was so proud of them she was telling everyone in the shop all about them.
To do some xmas cooking was another thing on my to do list. I am not one for doing alot of cooking as in sweets and cakes but I thought I'd start to do something for xmas with Asher.
We made some Yum yum balls, as a friends little girl calls them and a chocolate slice receipe that I got of the forum over at Em.
All was going well till I popped the slice into the oven to cook and I realised that I hadn't added the nuts to it. LOL And when it came to doing the Yum yum balls I had forgotten how yuk your hands get and I had trouble getting the coconut to stick to the balls. Oh well I guess now I've got a year to try and find some other things to cook next xmas. Asher had fun and watching her was half the fun.
My still to do list.

1.Finish dinner.
2.Bath Asher and wash her hair.
3.Put out carrots for the reindeers and snack for Santa.
4.Get Asher to bed.
5.Finish of the inserts to the famliy xmas cards and write in them.
6.Wrap pressents. Why oh why do we always leave that till the night before xmas.
7.Remember to bring Santa's magic key in of the front door as Santa is going to leave it in Asher's room so she knows that he has been.

Wishing everyone a happy christmas.

Asher's Santa pic and my xmas cards

I finally remembered to scan Asher's Santa photo for this year so here it is.
Also here are my xmas cards for this year as well. I sort of went a bit over board doing different types as with my family and Craigs family I give out their cards when I see them on xmas day so I don't like to give out the same ones. I made up two orthre of each one. I used the same pic with a mix of the new basic grey papers and Delish papers. I am going to try my luck with the basic grey ones in thier gallery.

Told you I went over board LOL.
Till next time happy holidays.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas wishes hugs and kisses

To all my scrappy pals.I hope you all have a safe a happy christmas. Thanks for popping into my blog in the time that I have had on and for all the lovely comments.
This is one of the xmas cards I have made up with a photo from my photo shoot. I've got a few more too make and then I will post the others I've done.
We went out to a friends place in Thornlie tonight and they live near one of the streets that have a few houses put up lights for christams so we went and checked them out. Asher was so excited about it all and she let everyone know about it in her usual top of her voice way. Here are a few pics I got.

Our cross eyed girl. Her glasses frames have pretty much had it and we have new ones coming in soon.

Making friends with Rudolph. This is a quick card I made up to post of to my ex mother in law. It is her birthday on Saturday. I had a great relationship with her and although I haven't seen her for a while she still means alot to me and I think of her often.

Just thought I'd share this too.

One of the lovely girls in the apple yard posted it on the forum and it made me laugh. So if you need a laugh check it out but you may want to wait till the little ones have gone to bed.

Well I am now offically on holidays and no longer a Froggie. In the new year I will be a Possum with all my terror Froggies who will be moving up with me. For those of you who don't know I work as a childcare worker and the last few months have been a challenge and a half with a few of the Froggies driving me bananas with their not so nice behavour. Lets hope the christmas break will bring a change in them but I'm not holding my breathe for it.

I got my little Santa Key package form the lovely Jen Hall today and I am so looking forward to putting it together with Asher and then hanging it up on the front door for Santa to be able to get in on christmas eve. Just got to get some more christmas cards finished first.

Anyway till next time happy scrapping.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good news
I found out yesterday that my page I did for the weekend workshop over at the apple yard won. I am wrapped. My potty page,which is in a few posts back was one that I wasn't loving all that much.
I've just spent some time updating my link list. Since Erica from the boxx introduced me to bloglines I've not updated my list just subbing to new blogs through bloglines. For some reason the new links I've added have got a space problem. Not too sure just what went wrong so if anyone has any ideas please help.
Well I've got to go just incase Jules from over at Shop and Crop decides to call more bingo words tonight. With two words to go knowing my luck I'll be doing things elsewhere and forget all about it. LOL
Till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I've done my 123 challenge page. I've sent it across to Charm this morning so I can't be tempted to pop it in anywhere for a comp like the other two I did.LOL
This is a page I also managed to do around the latest Em Elise challenge where you had to scrap lift a shape from a layout in the gallery.
I chose one of Missy Anthea's latest pages to lift.

I love the way that she used the squares on her page so I used that as a basis for my page.
The journaling is a bit hard to read so here it is
Asher you will always be our christmas blessing our shining star. May you always shine bright. Christmas 2003.
Asher is Hebrew for blessing and that is what you are too us. Love you always. Mum and Dad. December 2006.
Feeling a bit blah today. Have got myself a summer cold. Hate them.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy b'day baby
My little girl turned six today. It seems like just yesterday that she was having fun playing with her potty and today she is having fun playing on a trampoline.
I started out doing this page for the box weekend challenge but got carried away with my cardstock and ended up using four colours instead of two so I added some eyelets and popped it into the scrapapple weekend workshop instead.LOL I had actually started out doing this for the 123 chalenge blog but got side tracked again. Back to the drawing board for that one. The pic is of my little princess when she was 16 months old. She loved sitting on the potty but actually getting her to do anything on it was a different story. Not too sure if I'm loving the doodling though but it is done.
And here is a pic of my girl today enjoying her birthday trampoline. She just loved it. She got a few other smaller pressies from us, one of them was a big book which had a cardboard castle in it that you popped the peices out and the built it up. Took us a while, or I should say Craig LOL but it looks great. Asher and her friend tonight had it out and were using it as a home for her polly pockets of which she has heaps.
We had a morning tea at home for cake and coffee with Craig's family and Craig's Mum didn't turn up. It was too hot for her to go out. Like we don't have aircon. She got totally spoilt again by them and her uncles and good friends of ours with more goodies and then more again at her Maccas b'day with her school and dancing friends. Only half of those she invited turned up but they had fun anyway and still managed to make heaps of noise.LOL.
I had some good news durring the week. My Sundae Sunday page I did for a cyber crop over at CIS last weekend won. Still no news from any of the subbing I did though.

Thanks for all the well wishes on my forums, which are a few these days for Asher's b'day well wishes and to the girls over at the apple yard for the chat tonight.

Anyway that's about all from me for now. I'm of once again to try and do my 123 challenge page. Maybe third time lucky I will get it done and not decide to pop it in elsewhere.LOL

Till next time happy scrapping.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa rocker.
It was Asher's dayvare xmas party today and I gave her one of her b'day pressies early so she could wear it to the party. I cou;dn't resist this top when I seen it in cotton on the other day. When she was dressed and she went to put her shoes on the nutter just had to wear her boots or her Santa boots as she called them. Nearly 30 degrees here today and she wore them all day.LOL

Now this overflowing bucket of blooms is my prize pack from Scraploot which my Stop taking my photo page won an inspiration challenge. Is this flower loving scrapnut going to have fun or what. Thanks so much Sue.
And this is my secret Santa pressie from Ruth over at the Box. Thankyou so very much Ruth it is an awesome parcel and I've already raided some of it and some stuff from my bucket too.LOL Only took me a day. I'm a bad ss. My pressies is still here on my kitchen bench. The handmade side of it anyway. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow night so I can post it of on Saturday or Monday at the latest.
It is Asher's b'day on Sunday and we have got a busy weekend ahead of us. I popped into Kmart on the way home from work tonight and hoped that her b'day pressie was back on site. They had a week and a half notice of when it would be picked up and it was there. Last year was a bit of a drama as her bike which was suposed to have been there and wasn't. Not happy me. Lucky for them they were able to sort out the bike issue and for them tonight that the tramp was there today or I would have been not happy again.
I was a site coming home today with the big box in my car. I ended up having to put the back seat down and laid the front seat down as far as it could go as well as removed the headrest and the box was resting on the laid back front seat. I had a very strange passenger. LOL.
I've got to take Asher out on Saturday for most of the afternoon to give Craig time to put the trampoline up and keep her out till late so she dosen't see it out there when we get home. The things we do hey.
Maccas party on Sunday for some of her school and dancing friends and one of her little friends is having a sleepover so the tent will be up in the lounge again. I'm hoping that they will be very well behaved as I am hoping to join in on scrapapples first on line chat. Going to be a blast. Some of the ladies there I am on the Arty Pants dt with and am so looking forward to chatting to them and everyone else.
I've become a bit of a forum junkie and a blog one too at the moment, as if you can't tell by my side bar.LOL
Anyway thats all from me for now. Till next time happy scrapping.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Craig's first guitar recital.
On Sunday afternoon Craig got to perform in his first recital. (Sorry about the bad pic though. Couldn't seem to get a good pic in the hall.) He was nervous at first but did really well. He ended up playing something he had put together himself and it sounded good. He loves playing his guitar and at times I think he loves it more than me but then when he is of playing with his guitar I am usually of playing with my papers.LOL

I took these two pics of Craig and Asher out in the foyer before he got up and went on stage. Trying to get Asher to pose for a pic these days with out her pulling a funny face is near on inpossible.

I so love this top(she has a matching mummy rocks one as well) and we just had to wear it even though it was a little warm for black and long sleeves. Can you imagine this. The whole hall was quite waiting for Craig to start playing, Asher stands up,taps the lady sitting in front of her on the shoulders and yells out at the top of her voice"Hey that's my Daddy" The whole hall burst out laughing and so did I.

Just sharing some handmade gifts.

I awlays try and make something for Asher's teachers for a xmas gift seeing as most of them know I am scrapper and this year a couple of Asher's teacher's were too. LOL.

I got the idea to make these little post it note covers from one of my locals. Just scrapping for those fellow Perthites who pop in a see what I've been up too. The pink set I made up for Asher's dancing teachers. They were my first attempt at making them.

These purple ones I did for Asher's school teachers and I like these ones better of the two. Asher's teachers loved them too.
These wish list cards I made up for a secret Santa gift at work. Not my idea though. I loved the ones that Katja Schneider did in the latest FK that I thought I might give it a try. I've left the gren and red squares blank for my ss pal to add pics of her family onto them. I won't know if she likes them or not until after xmas as she went away for the hols and silly me thinking she would be at work till Tuesday brought them in to give them to her then before our big work morning tea do today to find out that she was already on a plane for Victoria.
I did a big sub of some of my newer pages from my cyber crops this morning. Hopefully I will be lucky and if not I love them and that is all that matters.
Well that's about it from me today.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, December 11, 2006

CIS CC pages
I've become a cyber cropping lover and joined in on yet another one on Friday night over at Crafting in style. Thanks Jolene for some awesome challenges.
The first challenge was to use green, a family or group photo and have something on your page that opens up. This is my page. I ended up using a pic the Craig took of us a while back enjoying a sundae. I also managed to do a double up on my challenges and will use this as well for the dt chal to use hinges over at Em. I made my own hinge out of the diamond paper.

The second challenge was to use a photo about a celebration of some sort,use some glitz and to be creative with photo corners. The picis of Asher a few xmas's ago when she got up early one morning to enjoy her pressies and then fell asleep on the chair not long after opening them and playing with a few. As I was doing the page I thought of the Em Elise sparkle chal and remembered that I still had to do the sketch for Dec too so did this with them in mind. I was going to pop it into the 123 chal blog until I remembered that we couldn't use layouts for them in comps. I've still got till the end of the month to do a page for that. I just hope I can do one I am as happy with as I am with this one.
Challenge three was a sketch and we had to include a star and something round. The pics are of Asher durring my first xmas photo shoot this year. She had so much fun directing it telling me where to take the pics I just had to scrap about it.
This page is an older one and some of you have already seen it but I have been meaning to pop it back in with some news. No not yet lucky on the mag subbing but this one did win a inspiration challenge over at scraploot. I will be having a yummy package in the mail soon. I can't wait I so love yummy mail. Ok that is about all for now. I have pics of Craigs rectail to post but will do that later.
Till next time happy scrapping.