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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Inchie fun and Asher news

Hi all out there in blogger land.

Not too much in the way of layouts that I can share tonight as they are for DT stuff over at Therapy. Will share next week after the CC. I do how ever have some cards that I have done up for the Hero Arts Blog challenge. This weeks challenge was an inchie one. To include an inch square piece of art on your layout, card or ATC. Here are four that I did. I loved doing them and will probablly do some more.

With these two above the green paper on the chipboard is the inchie and the one below it is the stamped white square.

I was going to do up a card for the card challenge over at the scrapbook shelf and seeing as I was having fun with my inchies I did up another one.

I can finally share my latest class project for Therapy too.

Thanks to the girls that joined in on Saturday night. I can't wait to see your boxes.

Has been a big week here at home with Asher having a pediatrian appointment. Asher's teacher had picked up a few issues at school that she felt needed seeing into and after the visit we have to go and have some tests done but it looks as though our girl may have a special personality. Nothing definate yet as the doc didn't want to say much with out all the test info but it looks as if she may have ADHD tendancies. We couldn't get into get the testing done till August but I am doing a bit of reserach on the net about diet and plan on changing a few things here at home.

I haven't forgotten about spilling my secret. lol I can't yet but any day now I'll be able to. I may even try and remember to make a mid week post to let the cat out so to speak.

Well that is about all from me. As always thanks for stopping by and any comments you may leave and till next time happy scrapping and hope to see you in Therapy.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pics, projects and a secret too

We have had a nice relaxing weekend here. We went out for lunch down near the river on Saturday. I've scrapped a bit and we also attacked the garden a little today. lol it needs a whole lot more though.
Here are a few of the photos I've taken over the weekend.
We have early closing at school every Friday at 1.00 and when Asher got home she changed her clothes. Now here it is winter and although the days have been sunny here it is still cold and guess what she picks to wear. Shorts and tshirt. Go figure she goes to school with a jumper on durring the week and leaves it on all day but will live in shorts and tshirt on the weekends if I let her.
I took these next few pics down by the river. Yeap my girl really wasn't being co-operative again about having her photo taken but I guess she gets it from Craig as he wasn't behaving either. I have a few pics of them both together with tounges out.

What's been happening over in Therapy.

The round 2 winner of the Make believe masters was announced. Congrats Mandy a well deserved and very close win. The round 3 gallery is filling up with some yummy keepsake ideas now too.

I have also posted the materials list for my free love the things you say box class next Saturday. Would love to see you there if you have no other plans.

We will also be blind scrapping on Wednesday night. The details should be up very soon.

What's been happening at home.

I have had a bit more nice news this week.

Over at the Hero Arts blog last weeks challenge was and inspiration one. One of the girls from the flicker group picked out a card of mine as her inspiration, her card won a prize and they gave me one too.

My Wonderful world layout that I did for the Scrapping the music challenge blog was added to their hall of fame.

I found out not long ago that I won a voucher for my pick up card over at the TSE cybercrop and I also won a game that they had in the chat room tonight.

I joined in on a Friday night frenzy over at The scrapbook shelf on Friday night. Lots of laughs and some fun challenges both of which I managed to do.

The card challlenge was to use circles and I cut out some from a sheet of Scenic Route paper and turned them into some trees. The layout challenge really got me thinking. We had to use 1 cardstock,1 piece of pp, a 1 word title,1 length of ribbon and 1 embellie. I cheated a little as my flower looked bare with out a center so added a button.

I also had some even better news but I can't spill just yet but have been having a few laughs with the girls over at Therapy as they have been trying to guess what it is. They have come up with a list of a few possibilities ranging from being asked to join the Hero Arts team to a magazine editor. I wish.
Well that is about all from me for now so as always thanksfor stopping by and any comments you leave and til next time happy scrapping and I hope to see you in Therapy soon.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some uplifting news

I have had a good week this week. Asher and I have had a pj day today and did lots of nothing much at all. Asher watched a few videos this morning, did some scrapping with me and made a heap of mess this afternoon but then so did I with my scrapping. lol
What's been happening in Therapy.
PT decided to throw a surprise challenge this weekend and the Therapy girls, myself and Asher had heaps of fun lifting a layout from the gallery. There is still a few days to get a scrapping if you have a favorite layout in the gallery and there is a post prize up for grabs from Nat too. This is the layout that I lifteda gorgeous page by Mandy.
When Asher and I went on our photo shoot a few weekends ago she came across some toadstool and I managed to snap a few pics of her with them before she ran of. When I seen the photos I imediately thought of Mandy's page and was going to do a lift anyway.
Here is my page.
Just before I started this one Asher came up to me and wanted to scrap too and seeing as I printed of two pics and decided to use just the one gave her the other one and with a print out of Mandy's layout between us we scraplifted together.Here is her layout.She had fun and did it all by herslef, apart from the staples and popping on the double sided tape. She needed a few tips on inking the edges and stamping but she'll get there.

What's been happening at home.

Well as you can guess from my title up there I've had a very uplifting week.

Here is where it started at the Hero Arts blog, then here at Mels blog and a few of the Therpay girls lifted my pages in PT scraplift challenge.

I had some fun and laughs over the weekend joining in on two cyber crops. Thanks to Jane and the girls over at TSE I'll never be able to keep a straight face durring bingo again. One over at CIS and the other at TSE. I managed to do a challenge for each.

This for the card challenge over at TSE. The challenge was to make an uplifting card.and this for challenge two over at CIS which was to use green and orange. Probably not two colours I have thought to put togther before but love the way it all came togther.

I have managed to do another few blog challenges this week too for the US blog scrapping the music

This is my new favorite page. Another few pics from our photo shoot a few weekends ago.

This card for the Heros arts inspiration challenge

I was inspired by this card by fellow Hero Arts flicker member Mysterio.

I also was asked by my MIL to make up a 90th card for a friend of hers and I did up this card for the time tag challenge over at Inkurable stampers blog.

Well I think that is about all from me for now.

Till next time as always thanks for popping in and any comments that you may leave, happy scrapping and see you all in Therapy.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cyber cropping fun

What's happening in Therapy
Yeap the girls over at Therapy have been having fun cyber cropping this weekend. As there was a few issues with the site this morning the upload date has been extended till Tuseday night so there is still heaps of time to get a challenge or two done.
This month I got to set the first challenge. The challenge was to use the word diamonds in your title or journaling, a diamond shape on your layout and two types of bling. Here is my sample page
and a page I did for B's inspiration challenge
and a set of gift cards I did for Relsi's card challenge. I didn't get to do PT's sketch as my weekend just ran away from me.
The winner of round 1 of the MBM was announced on Friday durring the cyber crop chat and Mandy's page is a well desevered winner.
We are into week four of the Squash,scratch and sample competition so if you would like to be in with the chance to have a pizza box full of goodies heading your way pop on over and start chatting.
Do you like the new Noteworthy? I know I do. Nat has uploaded some to the shop but it probably won't be there for long. My favorite alphas are gone already.
What's been happening at home
I have been trying to get around to joining in on some of the awesome challenge blogs out there and have managed to a page for the 123 challenge blogand one for the White with one challenge blog. I hope to try and get to one or two more done of other challenges too before the end of the month.
I had to have a laugh the other day. Wasn't funny then though. I was talking to Asher's teachers at school on Thursday about and incident that happened on Wednseday. They came across her stuborn side in a major way. They were doing an art activity and had to scrunch up paper and collage it. Nothing too hard. Asher did three, pushed her chair away from the table and sat with her arms folded in front of her and refused to do anymore. No amount of talking to would change her mind. In the end she was taken over to see her pre primary teacher who she gets on well with, still refusing, threatened with calling Dad and even that didn't change her mind. In the end she was taken up to the office and the headmaster had a word with her she came back to the class to do it but by this time everyone had finished so she had to stay in at recess on Thursday to do it. All through it though she wasn't upset at all not even one tear. The thought of having to go to the headmasters office didn't phase her at all the loveable cheeky little sod. The funny thing was before all this happened it was decided that she was going to get an honour certificate on Friday morning. Which she ended up getting. I pretty sure if it hadn't of been sorted out before for little episode she wouldn't of gotten it.
Anyway that is all from me for now so as always thanks for popping by and any comment that you leave and till next time happy scrapping and see you in Therapy.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

I'm so excited

My good news continues.
No it is not anymore comp wins something better than that.
On Monday I came home from work to a nice email for SC asking for my April photo shoot to use in a technique quick grabs gallery.
On Tuseday I came home to a very nice email from Lusi Austin asking me to be a part of a top ten chabby chic article she is putting together for SC.
On Thursday I got a very very nice email from the people over at Paper Trends asking for my card that I had done up for the Hero Arts envelop challenge. My first US mag pub.
Like I said no to any of them lol. Still to hear back form SC about the layout, have spoken to Lusi (or I should say typed lol) about the article and have workedon a layout already and the envelop card is on it's way to the USA as I type.
On Friday I picked up a copy of the new Scrapbook Memoreis magazine which had my cheeky little girl in it.
What's been happening over at Therapy?
there is a lot going on seeing as it is the start of a new month, new avs, new challenges and cyber crop clues coming very soon as we are ccing this weekend.

Here is a page I did with the monthly kit. And there is a step by step in the forum so you can have a play around too.

The Make believe masters is into it's second week with the double layout challenge posted yesterday. Can't wait to see what the girls do with this challenge. Voting is now up for the first round. There are some great pages in the gallery and the votes have been coming in all weekend. Don't forget to pop into the Therapy blog and check out the challenge I have posted there. I've been sorting through some of my Therpay goodies this weekend and will be puting togther a parcel of goodies for the challenge winner.

What's been happening at home?

I took Asher out for a photo shoot on Friday and she was pretty unco-operative. So not wanting to do as she was asked but I did get some nice pics out of it.

My girl peekingo ut of one of the playground pannel holes, under sufferance mind you.

Doing some twirlies in her twirly skirt. lol I tried to convince her to change out of her sneekers and favorite stripy socks that she wore to school but to no avail.

She found some danilion flowers and had fun making dandy wishes. This and another with her tounge sticking out are the photos I have scrapped already.
While trying to get Asger to pose for me under a willow tree she decidedto jump up and reach for the leaves hanging down. She got one small branch then decided to do the george of the jungle swing thing and it broke. I caught this pic and the next one as she fell. Can't see much of her face in them but like them anyway.

We have had a lazy weekend at home. DH out fishing this afternoon, Asher was happily playing with her Barbies and me well I was scrapping. But I can't share anything yet though but will share two layouts and a card next week.

I sorted through my Therpay draw this weekend and while in the sorting mood I did my paper stash. I was pretty ruthless and put aside a whole heap of papers that I know I won't use. I am going to put some a side for a few friends, raks, and have a bundle of smaller scraps to take down to the school.

Wll that is all from me for now. Till next time thanks for popping in and any comments that you leave. Till next time happy scrapping and hope to see you all in Therapy.