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Monday, July 30, 2007

Arty Pants August kit sneek peeks.
I've not long gotten an email from Jodee saying that she got the pages and loved what I did with them so here are the sneek peeks. I'll post a link here to the Jodee's blog which has a sneek peek of the kit and to Connies who got to do some pages with the kit as well.

2 12 by 12's and 2 6 by 12's as well a card. I forgot to take a sneek peek of the card so haven't posted it here.
Jodees blog
Connies blog
While you are at it pop into the Arty Pants forum and join in on all the fun.
The first Arty Girls Fav Foto Friday page swappers have been drawn with Jodee and Andrea swapping one of the fav fotos they shared with us to be scrapped by the other. Can't wait to see what they do.
I've also put up the sneek peek for August Technique Tuesday Challenge. I had a little guessing game going to see if anyone could guess what it would be based on and Connie quessed right. So she will have a RAK on it's way to her by the end of the week.
If you want to know what it is then you will have to pop on over and check it out.
As always thanks for popping in and any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hey it's Sunday and here is my Sunday pic and page share.
Or some of it anyway. lol
I finished of the projects with the Arty Pants August kit today and love what I have done with them. There is a sneeky pick of the kit over on Jodies blog--> link in side bar. It is so yummy and I managed to do quite a bit with it. Even Asher did a little page with some of the left overs. I'll pop up some sneeky peeks when I know that Jodie has gotten the email and has seen them herself.
There have been times where we have regretted getting Reenie, mainly when Asher just annoys the crap out of her and won't leave her alone or tries to drag her around the yard with her skipping rope. lol
But it is times like these that I am glad we have got Reenie. Some of the pics aren't the best but I love them.
Here is one of Asher and Reenie in matching pj tops.
This one is so going to be scrapped. lol I had a bag of plastic bags sitting on the floor waiting for me to take it into work tomorrow. I heard them russeling and turned around to find Reenie in them with her head coming out the handle of one.
And this one is of Asher playing nurses. Reenie was asleep on the chair and Asher covered her with some of her play blankets, tucked her in with a few of her toys, poped on her nurses hat and got her pirate sword(needle). Reenie moved as I took this so she is a bit blurry.
Now onto some of my pages.
This is my page for the runway comp over at CIS. I scrapped my favorite of the three photos for this months lighting lessons. I so love this photo and love how this page has turned out.

I'm of on a retreat in a few weekends with one of my lss and based this on a sketch challenge we have to do.
Over at CIS we are in the middle of an online retreat. A week full of online classes/workshops/fun/games and you guessed it lots of chatting.
Friday night it all kicked of with Jolenes single layout class. This is my page from the class. I love this page and how it turned out. Thanks Boss Cister.
There is a story behind the title of my page. It was pirate dress up day at school the last week of term and Shaleah, Asher's best girl was leaving to go to a new school. She has started at a privte school closer to where her new house is and when Asher first started talking about it she used to say pirate school.
I had a blonde moment when pritning out the photo for the page and printed it out as an A4 size so when I re printed it I printed another one with the intention of letting Asher scrap it later on. I was so in the scrappy mood after finishing the class page that I scrapped that pic too.
I'm not going to show a pic of that page yet as I did it for the 2nd round of Chineese whispers over at Bons. I'm in a group of six and the first person scraps a page then pm's the next person on the list with a discription of their page. That person then does a page from the discription and it gets passed on. I passed on my discription to Charm on Friday night and she is the last in our group so I will be able to share soonish.
I was sneeky and used the page for the scrappers bingo game over at Therapy. I haven't popped it in there yet, will wait abit.
After I had finished the page I decided that I would give one the Kristy, Shaleahs mum who is a scrapper too but I loved them both so didn't know which one to keep so I asked Asher wish one she wanted for her school album and the pink one won out.
One of the workshops on offer as part of the retreat was a dvd cover one.
I liked the idea of altering dvd covers so thought I'd alter one of Asher's dancing concert DVD's.

Ok so what else has happened in my part of the world.

-Did you notice my banner? We had to make a name tag for the CIS retreat and I loved it so much that I thought I'd pop it up as my blog banner. The Cister dters liked it too as I won the tag comp and to make things even better I won bingo tonight too.

-Asher's decided after two terms of dancing that she dosn't like tapping anymore. It has been a real drama getting her to go lately and after being of for two weeks over the school holidays I thought she would be happy to go back Saturday. Wrong. After a talking to Craig about it Saturday morning after point blank refusing to get ready to go to dancing she told us that she dosen't like the noise of it. So we are going to pull her out of there and try her at a dancing school closer to home where they offer seperate tap/jazz classes not combined ones.

And on the not so close to home news front. Arty Pants have reopened their new store. I've seen a few pics on Connies blog and it is looking fab.

If you want to check out some of the fun that happend pop into Andrea's blog.

Andrea is one of the instore teachers and a dter.

Anyway that is about all from me for now.

Will be back in a day or two with the sneekys of my pages with the ArtyPants kits.

As always thanks for stopping by, for any comments you may leave and till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More photos and a page
I set up home studio shoot this afternoon to take some pics of Asher for the CIS runway comp. Asher just wasn't in the mood for photos so I didn't get anything great but I like this one. I draped the sheet over my washing machine in the laundray and got Asher to lean up against it. I think I may need to iron it next
And you can tell she wasn't in the mood. I took this pic in the family room. I tried a few diferent spots and the laundry seemed to work the best.
Asher had some fun with Reenie today. She dressed her in one of her dolls tops. She had a little trouble getting her legs in the arm holes so with some help from me I got it on.
Not a great photo as she was tryingto swipe the camera but love it anyway.
I joined in on the Apple yards first cyber crop on Friday night. They had two timed challenges, I made a card for one and this page for the other. The card really isn't one of my best so I'm not posting it here but I like the page. We had to include scrapapple challenge on the page title somewhere and I added it onto the pull out tag as a sub title. I learnt the hard way when i first met Craig not to dare him when holding a hose. lol

I am so looking forward to Wednesday night when my working week is over and I can get back into scrapping. I have a list a mile long of pages I want to try and do before the end of the month for challenges and such and a few puzzle pieces for my US swap too. I need to do my tag for the CIS retreat too. I know hwat I want to do it is just a matter of doing it. I am so looking forward to Friday night when all the fun starts.
Jolene has picked the two new members of the dt over there. Congrats to Tatum and Marni on making it through. I've been asked to do a quest spot. I just need to get a new pic over to Jolene and answer a few questions to get the ball rolling.
I will be, tomorrow that is, cj free for a while. I finally got around to cooking for Dawn's cj from my apple circle. I hope she likes what I've done. Will share pics of my pages in everyones cj and my own when mine and the other's are all home again. I have enjoyed doing pages in cjs and when all are home I'll have 4.
Anyway that is all from me for now. As always thanks for popping by, any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Photo and page share
Ok I know it is Saturday not Sunday but I thought I'd get these pages up now and linked where they are surposed to go to before I forget.
But first of I have to share this photo of my little dare devil. We went up to Garden City on Friday and caught up with some friends and while we were there Asher just had to go bouncing. I just had my camera in tow. Like I don't always lol.
My girl with the mas of hair which is is need of a cut had a ball.
Onto some pages now.
I am of to a retreat in a few weeks here and there are a couple of page challenges we have to do. One is a black and white challenge and the other is a sketch one. This is the page I did for the black and white one. I started out with intentions to pop it into the sewing challenge over at the Donna Hooper challenge blog but everything else sort of took over. I will still pop it in though.
These photos where taken a few years back when we were at a friends wedding up in the hills near here. The boys were all playing golf in the morning before the wedding so we booked ourselves into a b & b for a few nights and had a bit of a mini holiday.
The big photo was taken out on the verander of the b & b and thesmaller one was taken at the wedding where Asher decided to claim the lap of a total stranger. I have scrapped that smaller photo a few times now but love it so much that I had to add it to this one too.
It probally is a bit hard to see but I added a french knot swirl to the stamped one and had aplay around with some buttons to make a flower too.
This is my page for the Aussie scrapjack. I am slowly trying to make my way through some of the older photos here and I must say I am slowly catching up. Something I didn't think I'd every acheive.
Over at CIS I am in a handmade journaling card swap and thought I'd have a play around with one before going into production so to speak. Had fun doing it so will get the swap ones done tonight hopefully.
This is my page I did for the US scrapjack challenge. I loved the idea of a minimalist double and thought I'd give it a try. This is the challenge I set for Jolene over at CIS. If you know here work you will know that it is definately a challenge.
Left side detail pic.
Right side detail pic.

I've not long gotten of the phone from my Mum who has been traveling up north for eight weeks or so. I so had a giggle as she was telling me some of the photo shoots she did of Felicity, one of Asher dolls. We had a mega drama the weekend before they left with Asher not geting what she wanted at the news agent and a big "I'm not going to dancing" episode too. So it was either you go to dancing or Felicity(who was with us) goes on holidays. We didn't go to dancing and Felicity was bundled into the caravan.
One of the photos Mum said she got of her was on Cable beach with a camel train in the background. I so can't wait to see and scrap the pics.
Well that's about all from me for now. I'm still in my pjs at the moment, Asher too and we are planning on making a trip down to Mandurah so I had better get my behind into gear I guess. lol
As usual thanks for popping by, and any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ok there is big things happening
Over at Arty Pants.
The Hampton Park store has closed and the grand opening of the Cranbourne store is on next weekend.
Saturday 28th July at 10am
Shops 3-5, 33-39
High Street
I would so love to be over there for it but it is just a tad bit too far for me but the girls are under strict instructions that I want lots of pics. lol
So if you are in or around the Cranbourne area pop in and say hi to Jodie, Judy and the Arty girls there and tell them I sent you.
On opening day, we'll have FREE make and takes, $25.00 mystery packs (minium $50.00 retail value) AND if you've been after a CRICUT for a while then now's the time to order one from us!Pay only $500.00 and you get a bonus pack of cutting mats and $10.00 off your choice of cartridge. (20% deposit required. Will be available in approx. 2 weeks but you can layby for longer). Anybody who lives too far away to come to our open day can still take advantage of this special offer, just add an extra $10.00 onto the cost to cover postage. For enquiries, email
Feel like winning a $50 voucher to spend at the new Arty Pants store then pop on over to the forum.
It still needs a little prettying up but it's already a hive of activity so pop online and register to chat with all the 'Arty Girls'. As a Welcoming Gift, the person who starts a topic that gets the most replies from now (20th July) until 20th August will receive a $50.00 gift voucher to spend instore or online. Our Gallery will be back online very soon but in the meantime, if you've got something you'd love to share, then it can be loaded from a photobucket account or similar into our forum.
I can finally share the page that I did for Lisa the first Arty girl chatterbox as it arrived this week so here it is.
I had so much fun doing this page and I will definately be scraplifting myself.
I enjoyed doing the page for Lisa that I will scrap a page for the winner of the $50 voucher as well.
Onto a bit of other news.
-I have a new car. Picked it up today. Will take a pic tomorrow.
-I've scrapped my 3rd double for the year. Will have to share the page later as the pics I took of it today were terrible. Need to re take them. I loved the look of the lastest US scrapjack page that I thought I'd give it ago too. I also challenged Jolene over at CIS to give it a go too. If you know Jolene's work you know she does some gorgeous pages that have a lot to them. The latest US scrapjack page is a minimalist double pager so it is definately a challenge for her.
-I've done my Aussie scrapjack page too
-I've got a few of my puzzle pieces home from the swap I am in with some of my scrappy pals over at They are looking great. I've got a few here that I hope to do this weekend if I can.
-and lastly I want to give a big cyber hug to the loving from Ngaire and the girls over at CIS. You have all made my day.
As usual thanks for popping by, any comments you may leave and till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Photos, pages, some news and yet another tag.
Ok here's my regular Sunday update.
I'm going to start of with some photos.
Over at CIS Jolene is running a photo compettion with monthly photo lessons. This months lessons focus on lighting. The first part of the lesson we had to take some pics using natural window light and I took some sweet ones of Reenie. Which I don't think I've shared here. Oops. The second part was using reflectors to stop shadows. I pulled out Craigs car window visor, pulled out one of Asher"s materess protectors and a spare donna,draped them over the end of my scrapping cubes and got Asher to find the cat and started snapping away. Reenie wasn't too fussed on all the attention but I did manage to get a few nice shots.
Asher pulling faces at me.
and another with Reenie. She definately wasn't in the mood for having her photo
I chatted with the girls over at CIS on Friday for the Friday the 13th cyber crop. Some of the clues Jolenne was putting out were a little scary lol.
The first challenge was to use a mask of some sort, String or fiber, and metal. The pic is of Reenie snuggling up to her dog pillow. She pretty much claimed it as hers not long after we got her and now Doodles lives in her basket.

This is the first time I've done the 6 by 12 size. Took a bit of getting used to but I like how it turned out even after my stuff up. Lets just say that the bottom of the MME paper did have the blue swirl pattern on it. lol

Challenge two was to use 3 or more pics and to include a critter of some sort on the page. I so had the perfect photos for this page and new which ones I was going to use straight away.

The pics are of Asher dressed in her lady bug costume that Mum made for her when she was two jumping on our trampoline.

I muffed up the title positioning though. I forgot to mark out just where to put the pics and after I put everything down and went to put Life on I had to lower it as it was going to cover her face.

I usde my new Font works stampsthat I gotthat morning on my page and so love them. They are sure to get a lot of use.

Challenge three was to use a sketch and be inspired in someway by the movie Friday the 13th. I took these photos of Asher that afternoon so the date was the inspiration for my page.

Ok this is a page I did for the cyber crop over at Bons last weekend. I only got around to getting the one page done in the end. Challenge one was to do a page with pics of a friend and to use a quote. I didn't have any nice pics of a friend that hadn't already been scrapped.
Challenge two, which is what I did this page for was to scrap a 6 by 6 area of a 12 by 12 page. I so love how this turned out. The pic was taken late last year at Craig guitar recital. On the front of Asher's top it says my daddy rocks. I was goingto use another pic but forgot to print them out smaller.
At Craig's rectial just before he was getting ready to start playing, all was quite until Asher stood up and said "That's my daddy" Everyone laughed.

This is the page I did for Bons Funky Friday challenge. We had to use lots of chipboard and hidden journaling.
I've been playing around with my watercolour pencils a lot lately. So much fun. Just need to get my hands on a fine water proof pen for my doodling. Anyone know of one.
Ok this page I did for two challenges. A just for fun one set by Adrienne over at to scrap 5 things you do/use everyday and the other set by Lisa to use your top three products. My top three being papers,letters of all sorts and stamps.

And now for my news. Over the past few weeks Nat over at Therapy has been running a Make Believe Masters Comp. Each week we had to do a page or project following along the guidelines of the real masters one. I know I've shared this page before but this page won the last weeks challenge. A big congrats goes out to Relsi aka Narelle who is Scrap Therapy's first MBM.

Ok onto my tag.

I was tagged by Terri over at so here goes with another set of answers.

-What is your favorite word? Fabbo
-What is your least favorite word? Mum(Asher uses it way too much)
-What turns you on, excites, or inspires you creatively, spiritually, or emotionally? Spending time with family and friends, getting new scrap goodies

-What turns you off? Rudeness

-What sound or noise do you hate? Asher crying or whining happens way to much lately too.

-What is your favorite curse word? Shit

-What profession would you absolutely not like to participate in? Sales(ditto Terri unless it is in a scrappy shop lol)
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? You took your time.(I hope to be around for a while)

-What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? scrapbook store owner for sure

-What sound or noise do you love? Love the sound of Asher laughing.

Ok the same as before. Anyone who wants to be tagged consider themselves as tagged.

Thanks for popping by and staying around, if you got this far that is lol.

Thanks forany comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I thought it was time to update my slideshow and update it I did with some of my favorite pages from my book of us I have scrapped this year. My old one use to slide across the whole top of the blog and my new one dosen't. Not too sure just what has gone wrong.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Been tagged not once, not twice but three times

I was tagged by AnnetteL and Donna over at Donna Hooper Photography. Annete's was eight random facts and Donna's was seven so have been able to kill two birds with one stone so to speak lol

Here's the deal:

1-post these rules

2-each person tagged must post 8 random(... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves

3-taggees should write a blogpost of these facts

4- at the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named and released back into the wild

5-go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged8 random facts.

Ok here are 8 from me

1. I've been married twice(still to 2nd)

2.I once had my belly button peirced

3.I meet 2nd dh after answering an ad in the personal column in my local paper

4.I've not been out of the state nether lone the country

5.I started out stamping and was of heard to say that scrapping would never get to me lol I think I've been gotten

6.My first ever page to be published will be out in SC 47

7.I'm a SAHM wanna be

8.I'm or think I am a good mother. I would class myself as a great one.

I was also tagged by Tammy Templeton.

Four of my favourite jobs:

1. Governess at a cattle station up north

2. Child care worker. Must be a fav seeing as I'm up for my second round oflong service this time next year.

3 & 4. Since my 2 has taken up a great span of time I don't really have a 3&4 unless you class being a Mum and a Scrapper as jobs. lol

Four of my favourite local places:
1.Local scrapbook shop.
2.The beach.
4. Rockingham foreshore
Four of my favourite foods:
1. Tim tam- just finished two with my coffee
2. Chocolate
3. Past
4. Chessecake
Four of my favourite places in Australia:
Seeing as I haven't travelled much I don't have 4 so my 2 are
As to who I tag, well seeing as I've seen both doing the rounds if you haven't been tagged and feel like sharing some stuff about yourself jump right in.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday sharing
Just thought I'd share some of my favorite photos from the past week.
The first one is of my little fairy princess all dressed up for the royal ball at school last Friday.
And this one is of my pirate dressed up for the Pirates of the Caribeen day at school on Wednesday just gone.
I so love these two pics. The top one if my favorite. For now anyway.
If you are like me and tend to take a few photos durring the week, pop on over to Arty Pants and share your favorite for the week in the Fav foto Friday thread and you will have your name put into a hat and be part of a fun photo swap. Hey you may end up scrapping my fairy or pirate.
This is a page I did as part of the CIS photography runway comp. Last month we were given some tips on taking action shots so I headed out to the pools with my camera in tow and snapped away. I must have taken nearly fifty photos of Asher durring her lesson and afterwards having fun.
Just a close up of the journaling. Swimming can be the cause of major dramas for Asher and me so I've set up a reward system for doing as she is asked durring the lesson. A big play and a choccie after the lesson and believe me if there is no big play or choccie there is an even bigger fuss from little miss hissy fitter.
Hey there Lou. Thanks to the flower and chippie stuff too.
This is the page I did for Charm's Funky Friday challenge for last week over at Bons. We had to use no patterned paper and felt or flowers.
The dog is Doodles the cat pillow after going for a spin in the machine. The flowers were taken of a pair of Asher's old jeans.
Ok what else has been happening out here
-I had little my little angel(not) throw a major hissy fit on Thursday. All because she couldn't take her talking care bear to school. We arrived at school with two lopsided plaits. I couldn't get the plaits straight as she was performing that much.
-I've scrapped two pages, a card and a baby present over the weekend but can't share just now. A page, the baby card and pressent I may use in the next Tech Tues challenge over at Arty Pants and the other page is the one I did for Lisa as a part of the chat up a storm prize. I brought myself some of the new Basic Grey papers and just love how the page has turned out. So much so that I will be of to get me some more of the papers I used on Lisa's page so that I can scrap lift myself again. The last time I scrap lifted myself was for a page swap.
-I've wrapped up Fran's cj and it will be on it's way again tomorrow. It is looking gorgeous Fran.
I think that is about all for now. As usual thanks for popping by, any comments that you may leave and till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sneek peek and page share

I've had this page up my sleeve for a while now and if you want to see the full page you will have you will have to pop over here to see it

This is a page for a challenge that Jodie over at Arty Pants set the the Arty girls dters to do. I had fun doing this page.

While over there check out the July fav foto Fri challenge. Share a fav foto with us from Fri through to Sunday and at the ned of the month you could be one of two peolpe pulled out of a hat to do a foto swap.

This is my page for the second challenge of the June 123 cyber crop. We needed to use a florish, two 80's fads or sayings and a speach bubble. I've not got any of the fancy new ones in my stash so made my own version.

I broke into my stash of Around the block papers that I ordered a few weeks ago. Yummy.

This is my page for the first challenge. We had to use a song title, white cardstock and a sketch from Forever always.

I've had this photo here to scrap for ages and love the way that it has came out.
This is my page for the final challenge over at Scrap Therapy for the Make Believe masters. We had to write about why we scrap and put it on a page or project.
This is my hournaling. Some of you guys may already know this but I was often heard to say that scrapping wouldn't get to
I felt the page looked a little bare with out a photo so added a small family one and some more journaling to tie it into the layout.
Oops I do have one more page to share but forgot to load it up at the beginning so will do it in the next post with some pics of my fairy.
As to what else has been happening
-Lisa won the first Arty Girls chat up a storm comp and is now the owner of an Arty girl chatterbox blinkie. In a few months she will get to defend her title. I've got her photo here to scrap and hope to work on it over the weekend and get it and her prize package over to her.
-chatted for in the Diva's and Bons cc over the weekend with hopes of getting at least one page done over the weekend but didn't get any done. Been feeling a little run down with a cold so really wasn't in the scrapping mood
-my bag page I did for a cahllenge over here
won second prize
-Asher had a royal ball at school on Friday and I took some great pics which I will share next post
-I have done my first puzzle piece in a swap with my American forum and it will be on it's way home this week. I've got two on the way home as I speak. I guess I had better alter my puzzle tray soon
That is about all for me for now. Hope you all have great weeks and as usual thanks for stopping by, any comments you may or may not leave and till next time happy scrapping.