Life happenings at Jacs place

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Arty Pants theme challenge page.
The lovely Jodie set us a scrap the moment theme challenge this month and at first I wasn't quite too sure just what to do so I picked and time and decided to take photo's of what ever we were doing then and just see what happens and seeing as it was the 7 and we live in number 7 I choose 7 oclock. So with Craig pre warned of what I would be doing and the timer on the oven set to go of just before 7 I was already for action. 6.30 came and Craig decided to go out and get Macca's for tea so when 7 arrived we were eating Macca's and I took photo's of the three of us at the table. I wasn't at all too sure just how this one would turn out but I love how it did.
I finished of the Mono layout challenge that Steph gave us the other day and will post here when she has seen it.
Not too much else happening here so till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

News pages and other stuff.
I was part of another fun night of chatting at a cyber crop over at Zig zag on Friday night. I had a ball chatting and giggling with the other girls. There were five chals set on the night but I only got to do 4 and am very happy with the results.
As per usual when I was planning out my pages I was tryingtodouble up where I could on my challenge pages and I did pretty well.
My stop taking my photo page was a challenge to use orange card and patterned paper and to included hand made flowers. Not too sure if cutting out the flowers from the patterned paper and adding punched out flowers to the center classes as hand made but I like how it turned out. I did that page for an Elise chal over at Em to include someone elses hand writting on a layout. I got Asher to write the title and was going to use it on the page itself but I just couldn't get it to work so I turned it into a tag and tucked it behind the photo. I also did this page for an inspired by comp over at scraploot where my friend Anthea is on the dt. Both Anthea and Jodies layouts inspired me to reach into my stash of chipboard and use some of my florishes.
My ? if page is one that I did for a chal over at DD's as well. The photo on the page isn't all that great but I loved it. Craig set up our camera on a rock, set the timer then raced up to sit with me before the camera went of. The journaling was a bit tough for me to work out just how to do it and when reading it to Craig the sook I am I started to cry.
My She's a bubble girl page is about Asher's love of blowing bubbles. I can't beleive that it has been 2 years since that photo was taken.

My blur page was one I ended up doing for an hour challenge over at Em as well. I can't believe I've actually been home two Sundays in a row to be a part of one. Not too sure how that one will go in the cc comp though as I realised when typing in the discription of the layout when I was loading it into the gallery that I forgot to add a tag.

It is going to be a great round this time. Ali is going to be setting a sort of photo swap set up for this round and everyone has to email in thier entries to her so that it will be an anomyous (sp) round so to speak.

Asher and her embellished lost poster turned up this week in the car park at Bunnings. Now I've got to think of some other places to take her and it this week.

I went out to Steph's on Saturday night for a dt crop and had a great time. She set us all a challenge with a monchramatic pack that she wan'ts us to sub into one of the mag calls that is happening here. I pretty much got it finished that night. I just have to do some journaling. Will probably get to it some time tomorrow. We also got our next pack and I can't wait to scrap with it. I also should be getting one in from Arty Pants too.

Anyway I think I've written enough of an essay so till next time.

Happy scrapping.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Embelished lost poster turns up again.

This time outside day care on Wednesday. I had to get Craig to do the photo taking as he is the one that does the daycare pick ups.
And today it turned up at the zoo. After seeing the photo Craig took yesterday I said to myself, self don't forget to get Asher to take her hat of. And guess what I forgot. But then again I was at the zoo with Ashers class and two others from her pre primary year. I was, with another parent trying to keep track of eleven heads all in red t-shirts. Having heart attacks whenever we met up with any of the others from our group as I kept on losing a few of my eleven in a sea of red shirts. I wanted to try and get some nice pics of Asher but it just wasn't the best time for me to do it so I said that we would take her up there again one day soon. I was that buggered from walking all over the zoo that when we came home I put a video on for Asher and crashed out on the bed for a few hours. Craig was in charge of sorting out dinner tonight so I didn't have to worry about that but at six he hadn't even started making his tuna mornay as he had been too busy putting his new beast (computer) together so he ended up doing a macca's run.

I've finally finished my idol page. Not all that fussed on the beading side of it though. Will take a pic and post it in the gallery over there tomorrow. Which is looking awesome by the way. Ali has brought in a great twist for the next round. I'm looking forward to it if I make it through though. We will have to scrap someones elses photo and then email it over to her for her to upload so it is going to be an anonymus (sp??) page so to speak.
Well not too much else happening or happened durring the week but have a scrappy weekend ahead. I've got a cyber crop on with Zig tomorrow night and a dt crop over at Steph's on Saturday. Hopefully I will also get to do a few of my challenges this weekend too.
Till next time happy scrapping.
P.S. Anyone reading this and knows just when Anthea's b'day is can they let me know? I know it is coming up soon but the cheeky thing won't tell me when. Sorry Missy but I did say I was going to try and find out some way or other. LOL.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today the poster turned up
at school. Asher isn't looking all that pleased about it though and her new toy bucket a cars one just had to go along for news today and had to be in the photo too.
Been thinking I may have to redo the poster as the em part of it isn't all that clear. Oh well a job for later I guess.
I've been tagged by Kelly over at Em. Thanks Kelly.
Here goes.
1.Things that scare me:- Spiders,Mice,Rats
2. People who make me laugh:- At the moment it is definatley Jo and Suse over at Em. Our two chat queen contenders are chatting up a storm lately and their ramblings are definately bringing a smile to my face.
3. Things I hate the most:- People who are false. Pretending to be someone they aren't.
4. Things I don't understand:- How some people can be that down on themseleves that they have to share it around and make others feel bad.
5. Things I'm doing right now:- Planning on finishing my dream page for Idol. In my dreams actually. I'm dreaming about it. LOL
6. Things I want to do before I die:- I would love to travel and be around long enough to see Asher grow up and be surounded by her own family.
7 Things I can do:- I've been given the nickname of scrap nut so you guys can pretty much guess the answer to that one.
8. Ways to describe my personality:- Quiet,shy a good supportive friend!9. Things I can't do:- Be a super dooper wife,mum and house hold organiser as well as work. I just manage to be a good one.
10. Things I think you should listen to:- At the moment I would have to say absoultely nothing. After spending days on end with miss talk a lot is it any wonder I want to listen to nothing. And I've got years of it to come LOL
11. Things you should never listen to:- People who don't have nice things to say.
12. Things I'd like to learn:- I've always dreamed of singing but then I'd have to have a nice voice for that.LOL
13. Favorite foods:- CHOCOLATE and more CHOCOLATE
14. Beverages I drink regularly:- COFFEE.
15. Shows I watched as a kid:- Had to think on this one. Would have to say The Brady bunch and Partridge family
And I tag. Anyone that reads my blogs and wants to do it.LOL

Monday, October 23, 2006

Just had to share.
This amazing photo I got of my beautiful little girl today. Isn't she just a sweetie.
We headed of to swimming today with our LOST poster in tow and after we got todays photo of the poster I took some of her having fun in the pool before her swimming lessons. We were pretty much the only ones there and my little girl was yelling at the top of her voice "No more photo's". Do you think this little camera clicking scrap nut listened, Not likely or I wouldn't have this photo which I so love.
Onto other news. I'm back in the idol comp over at EM as a dt wild card. I am so wrapped.
I've got heaps to do tonight so I had better get my act together and get of here I guess.
Till next time happy scrapping.
Oh Kelly thanks for the tag will check it out in a tick. No promises though as I'm over them at the moment. LOL.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Finally was home for one.

One of Ali's 1hr challenges that is. This is the page that I managed to do and I was happy with it till I messed up the journaling and then the doodling.
Thanks Ali and theother girls for a fun hour. I will definately try and be around for more in the future as I had a blast.
I even managed to finish of my vellum page for the dt challenge over at Em and added a few tags as well so I can put in overat DD's for their tag challenge. I love how that one turned out. I'm trying to scrap some of my older photos to try and catch up on my albums. I don't think I will ever really catch up though. LOL
We all went out today for a late lunch into Fremantle and I took along my LOST poster for the Embellished exposed challenge and got a few pics of Asher with it. The poster hasn't come up all that clear in the photos so I've added a scan of my poster as well. I ended up getting Asher to help me out with the poster and got her to write on the bottom next to reward for my dog. When we were in the food hall having lunch today she was quiet happily showing of the poster to an elder couple who were sitting next to us. I had to tell them that the dog wasn't really lost and they got a few laughs out of it. Going to try and take it out and about with us for a few days and just see how many different places we can get photos of Asher with it.
Thats about all from me for now. I've got some messes to clean up and at the rate Asher is going with hers right now we could be in for another tantie.
Till next time Happy scrapping.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thought I'd share
My first ever ATC cards I ever made early this year. I made them as a part of a swap with a group of my scrappy pals over at I will have to take a photo of the ones I made for a group over at the BOX awhile back too. Lucky I always make one for me. I was going to post the ones I recently made for a group of my scrappy pals over at EM but seeing as they have yet to go postal I will leave it as a surprise. I've really enjoyed making them that much I've signed up over at ZIG for another group. Yeah I know I'm crazy but most of you already know that.

I also thought I'd share a few photos of Asher as I haven't recently. This one was taken a few weeks back on a trip out to Rocky Beach. It was so nice out there even if it was a little windy.

This was one of the few I took when we went to the show a few weeks back. Asher had so much fun we will deffinately have to take her again but I will probably have to start saving for it earlier as it was an expensive day but then it could of been worse. Asher wanted to go on the bumper cars with Craig and all was hunky dory until they got bumped into quite hard and Asher's glasses went flying. Asher started crying she was so upset. They landed on the rink and Craig had reached out to get them but got bumped again and lost them. Luckily they were found about five minutes later still in one peice with scratches galore on the frames on the other side of the rink. Next time we will definately take them off.

This photo was taken up at Kings Park. Asher was having so much fun running down the hill that I had to take a photo. Yeah it's not a great one but I love it. I took this just before she jumped into my lap. The cheeky thing.
She has been having some major paddies lately. I know she's not perfect but never have I seen her get so upset so quickly over two little things.
The first one we were at a group speach/ot therapy session with about five other children and parents. She had to cut out a paper dog and then fold it down the middle. She couldn't quite get the fold right on the line and threw it on the table. I offered to help her but no that wasn't good enough she ended up screwing it up into a ball and throwing it away. That is when the tears started and didn't stop for a least five minutes. When she did calm down all she wanted to do was another dog and the group had moved onto something else. In the end she was given one and continued with the dog and we took the other stuff home to do.
Today we had an issue with a cupcake. I had given her one durring the week and she made a right royal mess with it so I said when she wanted the others she had to eat them out side. She went outside happily enough but started complaining about it being windy. It was a bit but rather than eating the cake quickly and coming in side she lost it again and the cake ended up being thrown on the lawn. She came inside that upset that I ended up putting her in her room till she calmed down. Once she did and got herself something else to eat as she was still hungry all was fine again. I think we are going to have a few battles on our hands with our little Missy.
One of the DT girls over at EM, Sarah has come up with a fun challenge. To make a poster with the Embellished web address on it and to then take photos of you and your poster out and about on the town and post them on the forum. There have been some funny ones posted already. I've made a start on my poster just need to take a photo for it and get Asher to add some artwork and then it will be done. Will take a photo of it and post it here for all to see tomorrow.
The voting four the fourth round of idol has started. There are some great pages this time and I found it hard to pick my fav two. Even though I'm no longer in the comp I'm still going to do the challenges though. The round five challenge has already been posted and it has given me something to think about.
Not too much else happening out here. I've done a couple of projects but haven't got pics to post yet. I did a big sub of some of my work to mags durring the week but as yet I've not heard anything. Oh well. I'll keep on sending them in and maybe one day I'll get lucky.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, October 16, 2006

New page and some news.

Over at DD's (in my side bar) they have got an autumn challenge going on at the moment. I've not got any autumn photos here at home but my friend Anthea let me scrap one of hers. I am so happy with how it turned out. Now to work on my tag challenge page but I've got a few other things to do before getting to that. I've got a sugar cube sitting here waiting to do. I had so much fun doing the one up for Jodie at Arty Pants that when I noticed that Steph had them in stock I said that I would do one up for her as well. My sugar cube that I did for Arty pants is now in the shop so if anyone is out that way and wants to pop in and check out the shop they can check out my cube as well.
As for my news. I didn't make it through to the next round of the idol competition. The voting was pretty close for round three and there are some great pages already coming through for those that made it into round 4. I was hoping that I could share my pages now that I'm not in it any more but Ali has asked us not to until the competition has finished so you can check it out here if you want in the no longer in the competition gallery.
Oh by the way Mardi if you want to check it out I found another way to do flowers LOL.
Things here have ben ok not too much happening on the home and work front for us we lead a dull life here. Craig took Asher out fishing yesterday and I had the house to myself for a few hours. It was heaven.
If anyone wants or knows of anyone that has a home for a 5 1/2 year old active poodle please let me know. Asher has told me I no longer have a little girl. anymore, she's a poodle now, has been pretending to be a dog all weekend and she is driving me nuts but I love it.
I had better get going as my poodles video is about to finish and she will most definately want me for something. Till next time happy scrapping.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

More pages to share.

Finally remembered to add these two pages to my galleries and blog. I did them last month for a couple of monthly comps over at Zig and couldn't post till the comp ended and then I just kept on forgetting about them.
This one is photos of Asher holding a paper flower we made together at the mothers day morning tea at pre primary. I tried to doodle on this page and it looked shocking so I attacked my paper and cut out the rest of the flowers to cover it up.

This page is more photos of Asher. This time taken out in the backyard and her fav toy of the mo, a Macdonalds Lion Witch and the wardrobe figerine Lucy, just had to come outside and have her photo taken too.
It's a lazy Saturday afternoon here. I went out to dancing this morning with Asher and then we headed out into Freo to pop in and see Bec at Scrap. It's been a little quiet over there so no new packs just yet. She's waiting on some new stuff to come in. It's a pretty casual set up with the dt no real deadlines as such at the mo I pop in she gives me a pack, which she usually makes up while I'm there and I bring the projects back in when I'm done. After seeing Bec we continued on our now normal Freo ritual and popped into the Fairy shop. Asher just loves going in there for a look around and chatting to the fairies behind the counter. It has become that much of a ritual over the past year I've been with Scrap on the DT that the fairies are starting to recognise Asher when she walks into the shop. After the fairy shop we popped into Culleys forlunch and Asher had her usual, jam sandwich and a milksahke. It is so funny of all the things she could have to eat she always asks for a Jam sandwhich. LOL. One of these days I am going to take a pic of the two of us at Culleys. It has been around for ages and I can remember going in there for lunch with my Nan when I was her age.
I've been checking out the voting for the idol comp over at Em on and off for most of the day. I'm not too sure that I will make it through this round though as it is pretty close at the moment but if I do I've got my page for the next round ready to go. Ali has already posted the requirements for the round four layout and as I was scrapping last night, doing my usual and trying to do pages that will fit several challenges on a few of my sites I realsied that it would be perfect for Idol so now I won't be sharing it with anyone else for a while, that is if I make it into round four. LOL.
Anyway that is about it for now. Till next time happy scrapping.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thought I'd share
This page I did a while back. It was done about two months ago now. With my American forum, my first point of addiction to scrappy forums, there is a group of us girls that help and support each other in our goals to become published. Often page calss to mags get posted but it isn't often that any come up that I can sub to so when one did for a new mag starting I tried out for it with no sucess. This is the layout I did. I may not have got into the mag with it but I love it and that is what counts more than seeing it in print.
This is the photos and journaling under the main photo on the page. The journaling talks about how Craig and I went down to Busselton for a holiday and came back home having started to plan our lives together while we were away.
I got my next themed challenge in from Arty Pants the other day and it has really got me thinking. I have got an idea but not too sure if I will go with it or not. Will think on it for a bit then probably work on it over the weekend.
I did my idol page on Sunday night for the comp over at Em and I was quite surprised at how well it all came together. I broke my 45 minute record and did this one in 25. I also realised when I was uploading it the other night that it is probably the only page I've done with out patterned paper for a while.
Here is the link to my page in the gallery. While there,if you want to look at it that is, lol check out some of the other layouts in this round. There is some great pages coming through. I'm not too sure how I will go with heading into the next round but I'm looking forward to doing the challenge even if I don't make it through.

Not much else has been happening here at home. Work is a bit up and down at the mo but I go through phases like that. Some days I like it and others it really sucks. I guess having been told that I can't be garenteed(spelling?) that I will be able to be on the permament shift I am now next year isn't helping. I had asked to do it so that I can take Asher to school in the mornings and have some contact with the school as with both me and Craig work's hours we had to use afterschool care. With school starting at 8.30 and the late shift starting at 9.30 it gives me an hour to get to work which is ample time. Anyway I guess time will tell. I do hope that it can be left as is because even though I may grumble and groan ocassionally I like what I do and the girls there are a great bunch to work with.

Anyway that's about all from me for now. Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cyber cropping fun.
I had a blast over at Em on Friday night for their cyber crop. Lots of chatting and no scrapping at all till everyone had pretty much stopped chatting. There was a triva challenge and Missy Rach posted questions about the forum and gallery that we had to answer to get points. I was actually able to get a few answers in before some of the others with the right answers but I wasn't able to beat K2(Kelly as there are a few overthere.) She was on fire. Always beat me.
The first chal of the night was a sketch one using pink and we had to include in the layout the pink breast cancer ribbon logo somehow. It was so hard for me not to fill that white space.
The 2nd challenge of the night was to do a page about your idol. I don't really have any idols now as an adult but I loved ABBA as a child so did my page around that. I had heaps of trouble trying to find a pic though. Allthe ones I found on the net the pizzel size had been reduced so they didn't look right printed. I ended up heading out to Mum's to see if she had any of our old albums still there and she did so I scanned the picture of the cover of their gratest hits volume 2 album.
The 3rd challenge was to use primary colours, red blue or yellow and incorperate three different shapes. I had a lot of fun with this one and love how it came out. The pics are of Asher at the show in the tea cup ride. Asher wanted help with this one so I gave her a peice of paper and shedrew a picture of herself in the cup which is on the tag behind the big photo with some more journaling. Don't look too close Lorrie but when I had finished it I realised there was just a splash of orange too.
The 4th and last challenge was an insiration page. I must first apologise for the crappy pic as it was hard to get a good one.
I had always liked the flower design on one of my shirts and I used that as the insirpation for my page. I included the photo of my page with the shirt and the close up one as wll to give you more of an idea of what it looked like. I had wanted to try and do it brown but I didn't have any brown bazzil.
I also had a play around with doing a minimaist page. I don't do alot of them and seeing as I need to do one for the next round of idol I thought I had better try them out a bit.

Well thats about all for now guys. I have got a few more layouts to share but I think I will leave that till my next post. Till them happy scrapping.

New stuff and some news.
I did this page for a sketch challenge over at Em and it was a real challenge. I struggled with it for a few days. Still not loving it though but it is done.

I was a part of another fun cyber crop on Friday over at Em and had a blast. We had to do four challenges this time and mine are all done now. Just finished at 1.00 am. Crazy, yeah I know but that's me. I will load them up tomorrow when I've got pics of all four.
And for my news.
I made it into round three in the idol comp over at EM.
I'm so wrapped about it. There were some great pages in this round and it was a tough job to pic my favourites. Now I've got a real challenge. Those of you that know me and my scrapping know that most of my pages are busy. Got lots of little bits here and there all over them. LOL. Our next challenge is a minimalist page. One with lots of space.
Anyway that's all for now so till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I managed to do it.

I once again went out yesterday and missed out on the hour challenge over at Em so yeaterday night when I had finished my idol round 2 page I had a page I needed to to few a couple of challenges so with my pic already printed I decided to set myself my own hour challenege and I did this page for Asher's swimming album in 45 mins. This is an absolute first for me as I'm not a fast scrapper at all and most of my pages take at least two or more hours to do. I guess it being a smaller size then my usual 12 by 12 helped though.
The photo is one that I took of ourselves at Asher's swimming lessons while we were waiting for them to start. Not the best of photos but I love it and knew it would be the one that would be scrapped and in her album next to her certifcate for this terms swimming.
I finished my idol page last night too. We had to lift one of four pages and I decided to lift a page by Rhonna Farrer. I don't usually do scrap lifts so it was a challenge for me but I loved how it turned out in the end.
I can't wait for the third round of challenges to start and I will try and do the challenge anyway even if I don't make it through to the next round.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New page and some good news.
I finally got around to doing my page for the out on the town monthly challenge over at Em the other day. It is a page with me and my sisters. They are not too fussed on having their faces up on the net so I placed a flower over them before I took the photo of my page. I spoke to one of my sisters today about it and we had a giggle over it. The challenge was to do a page about nights out on the town and seeing as I didn't have any photos,or good ones here soI used a photo of us from her wedding and journaled about the fun we had on our nights out with friends. It was on one of our nights out that she met her husband. I was a bit sneeky with this page and did it for a flower challenge over at Zig too. It sure does cut down my to do or try to list if I can double up on challenges if I can.
And for my news. No I am still waiting for that email about a layout being accepted for publishing in a mag but I did manage to get through to round two in the idol challenge over at Em. I can't post my round one page in my blog at the moment but here is the next best thing.
This is the link to my Nan page in the Em gallery. We had to do a vintage style page. Something I've never really done before. I headed out to my Mum's and raided one of her photos and a few of her sewing treasures and love how it tuned out.
I've got my round 2 page finished already just have to take a photo of it.
We've had a great start to the weekend and with it being a holiday here tomorrow we have one more day. The Eagles won the grand final and although I would of loved to have seen the Dockers win I was happy the Eagles won. We were at my brother in laws place and watching the game in one room and Asher was in another one watching DVD's. When ever we all got excited durring the game we had a big voice call out. 'Be quiet I'm trying to listen'.
We went out to the markets today and I managed to find myself a shadow box that I intend to alter. Not quite too sure how but I'm thinking I may do it up as an advent box of sorts as it has 24 little boxes that I can add little treats in.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some more scrapping done. That is on top of my usual Monday duties like housework and shopping even if it is a holiday.
That's it from me for now so till next time happy scrapping.