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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Photos of my town and other stuff.
Thanks for a little challenge from two of my favorite scrappers Mardi and Belinda I picked up my camera and Asher and I went for a walk down to an old little house not far from where we live.
We walked past Asher's school, which we can see from our front door
and past some of the bushland where the kookaburras and pink and greys gather to Sloanes cottage. It wasn't open when we went but I got a few nice shots of it from the outside.
I hope to go out for a short walk or drive and share more of our town each week.
We went up to my SIL and BIL's for dinner last night and before we eat I took Asher down to the park and managed to snap a few good pics of her playing.
Well it is nearly that weekend of the month where alot of fun and games happen over in Therpay. Yes our monthly cyber crop is on next weeked. You can find clues as to what we have instore for you here durring the week.
Also all new challenges will be going up tomorrow too. There is always something going on. I updated the Therapy blog today with links to all of what we have instore for you.
I have got a few pages to share but Blogger is taking so long to uplaod tonight I'll have to share them another day.
Well that is about all of it for now. I'll try and be back mid week sometime to share my page for the next inspiration challenge.
As always thank you for popping in, any comments that you leave and till next time happy scrapping and I hope to see you in Therpay.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter all.
We had an hat parade at school on Thursday and for the third year running Asher decorated her dress up hat which used to be one of mine. I tried to talk her into doing something else or at least using the black one but no it had to be the brown hat.
Well the Easter Bunny has been and gone yet again for another year and Asher has had heaps of fun hunting for her eggs this morning and some bugs too. Her eggs came in a bug catcher so the Easter Bunny hid some toy bugs with her eggs as well and she was more excited about the bugs than the eggs.

After the egg and bug hunt this morning we had a lazy morning and all watched a dvd then we went visiting.
First of to inlaws first where her bug catcher and bugs had to come along too. While she was there she raided the garden for some food to feed her bugs.

Then we stopped for some lunch and went to see my parents where the bugs and Asher put on a concert in the back yard for me.Then we went of for a drive to have a play and get an icecream. We headed out to a park/playground near mums place and had a play and as there wasn't a shop near by to get an icecream from we headed of to Rocky beach for that and Asher and her bucket of bugs had a ball in the sand.

I've now got some new pics to scrap. After my mamoth scrap effort last year I am pretty much up to date on my book of us photos, not that there is many of me or Craig though lol.

What has been happening over in Therapy.

We blind scrapped last Wednesday, here is my page Thanks B for a great challenge and will be doing the same again this Wednesday too. So what is blind scrapping? Pop on over here and find out all about it. The details for Wednesday nights blind scrapping should be up very soon.
I emailed over to Nat two sample pages for the next newsletter I so can't wait to share them with you all and I have done my next inspiration page too. All will be revealed soon. There is still heaps of time to do a page for the challenges going so pop on over and check them out.
and if you haven't got any plans for Friday night you could always pop in to check out my free layout class. All the details can be found here. The class had been planned for the Saturday night but seeing as we had a last minute invite to catch up with a rellie out from England I had to change it to the Friday.
We caught up with Christine,Jeff,Jane and Jim on Friday for a BBQ and I made up these simple tins for the girls easter gift. They loved them. I managed to find some time to do some scrapping for me and did a page for this months Aussie scrapjack and a page that I am hoping to submit to a US mag call that I found through my US forum scrappy support group the Pink tiara girls.
Well after our big day out today I'm going to be in all day tomorrow catching up with the house work that I've not done all week before heading back to work. So glad it is a short week.
Anyway as usual till next time thanks for popping in, any comments you may leave, happy scrapping and I hope to see you in Therapy.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter gifts and other stuff
I've been scrapping this weekend and have some pages to share and some that I can't just yet.
Here are the easter boxes I made up for Asher's school teachers. I have put up a
step by step post in Therapy with pics and instructions on how to make them if you want to have a go yourselves.
I have also scrapped two layouts for a newsleter feature but you will have to wait for the April newsletter to see those.
I managed to join in on CIS cybercrop over the weekend and managed to do one of the challenges and help Asher out with hers.
This is my page for one of the challenges. It was to use watercolours and to be inspired by colours and patterns found easter eggs.
I had a heap of fun doing this as most of you know I love my watercolours.
This is Asher's page. The chal was to use just paint and cardstock at it was so hard getting her to stick to just that as she kept on wanting to add other stuff.
I also scrapped a page on Saturday night for the sketch challenge over at CIS too. It is my new fav and I am in two minds of using it for the challenge as it fits into one of the current US magazine calls and they like the pages they use to be unseen.
I so can't beleive that me, bein the mad scrapper I am haven't got any photos to share. lol That will change next post as I also helped DD make up her bonner for the hat parade on Thursday at school.
Anyway that is it from me so till next time thanks for popping in, and any comments that you may leave, happy scrapping and I'll see you in Therpay.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pages to share
With my net still having issues every now and then and no phone connection at all I have had a bit of time to scrap over the past few days and have some pages to show you.
Chip fangs.
I did this page over at Christines last night while my net was down. We both chatted a bit in the Therapy cc then scrapped too. I used Belindas sketch for the last challenge for this page. The pics are of Craig and Asher at her b'day party last year in the haunted house party room at the local play center. lol Craig had fun showing Asher and her friends how to be vampires with chips.


This is my page for the March 123 challenge. I love these pics of Asher on the swing, even if they aren't the best they show her fun loving spirt.I was working at Christines last Wednesday night on a layout for a blind challenge next month and I had a pic and some scraps of paper left over so played around with them and did this mini layout. Not too sure just what I am going to do with it yet but love how it turned out. One of my friends at work is turning 21 on Tuseday and I have made up this autograph album for her. I had some sad news on Friday night that has made my not one of the best I have had. When I first got hooked on scrapping it was the US site that I joined up with first nearly six months or so before I got onto any of the AU ones. Anyway one of the first girls I got chatty with and have been chatty with for nearly three years now Danielle lost her beautiful little baby boy a few hours after he was born. Thinking of you and your family Missy D.

Well that is about all that has happened this week.

As usual thanks for stopping by and any comments that you may leave, happy scrapping and hope to see you in Therapy.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Long time no post.
Sorry girls but I had major net issues over the past few days and it only was back on last night.
So what has been happening while I was of line.
Well as you guessed it I was having major withdrawls. lol I was so bummed that I ended up missing out on half of Arty Pants first cc and I couldn't even upload the one page I did manage to do for it.
Thanks so much to Christine and Justine who let me borrow their computers while I was at their places so I could catch up with the Thepay girls. I so missed my daily pop ons. Ok Twice daily, sometimes more lol.
What's been happening in Therapy.
Well there are some great challenges this month.
Here is my page for this months inspration challenge.
I was inspired to use up some of my MME paper by a page in one of Asher's favorite books.
You can find out all the details of the challenge here.
There is this months challenge TV themed challenge.
Later on this month I will be holding a free layout class. You can find out all the details here.
Blind scrapping is now going to be a regular twice monthly happening. It is so much fun. All the details will be posted in here for the next one shortly. I am running one in April and have already scrapped my layout for it and it is so hard not to share it. My new fav layout.
And last but definately not least We are cybercropping this weekend so pop on in and join us.
I got to set one of the challenges and here is my page for it.I was inspired by a tv programe promo picture. The pics are a few I took a while back at Craigs first remote control car race that we went down to watch.
Well Scrapping with the stars is over for this year. And the winner is Lea. Congrats your pages were stunning. Have fun with your voucher win.
What else has been happening.
I picked up Scrapbook Creations today and in it was my second published page. Wahoo.
I also had a few nice emails in amongst the 272 I waded through when we got our net back. I had entered a couple of blog challenges and won a prize in both of them. One of them was for a challenge on the Technique Tuesday blog and I am so going to be stalking to postie and I've got some money to spend too.
This is the page I did for one of the challenges over at Arty Pants last weekend.

Usually whenever we go out for a walk Asher can't leave the house without taking something with

Well I think that is about all for now.

So as usuall thanks for stopping by,any comments that you leave and Happy scrapping. See you all in Therapy.