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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some pics, some news and some pages.
I've had a busy weekend out here full of fun and lots of scrapping.
While I went out to a craft fair with my friend Jane on Saturday Craig picked Asher up from dancing and they went of fishing. I had just gotten back to Janes when he rang and said to come on down as Asher was cathing fish and seeing as I could hear her excited scqealing in the background I pop on down making a detour for the camera
There is a small fish on the end of the line. She was so excited that she caught it she was waving the rod all over the place. I nearly got hit with the fish in the face. That one was too small to keep but she had another in the bucket that was on the menu for tea that night. It was a pity that there wasn't much of a meal to feed the three of us so she eat her fish sandwich compliments of Craig and we had takeaway.
Now for some news. We may have a new addition to our little family. Asher was so excited this morning to see this little kitten in our yard. It has hung around all day. We have said to Asher that if it is still around after she gets home from daycare tomorrow we will let it in and try to find it's owners. If no ones claims her or Lucy as she has already been called Asher will have her first pet and Craig has agreed that if by some chance someone does claim her we can get another one. Asher has been on cloud nine for most of the afternoon and although I won't be home when she gets home I'm sure the first thing she will be racing to the back door to see if she is still around. And now for my pages. Crazy me joined in on not 2 but 3 cc's on Friday night. It was crazy at times but I had fun and I've been making a dent in the back log of older photos of Asher.
This page is for chal 1 over at CIS. We had to follow a sketch and use distressing on the page. This is the page I ended up with.
When I first did the doodling on the frame I wasn't liking it but it has grown on me now.

This page is for the 2nd chal at CIS. We had to use hole punches in a decorative way and include doodling.
I used my silent setter for doing the holes on this and I forgot ,yet again how annoyed I get with using it. The hole punch side of it has a mind of it's own. Sometimes it is easy to use and others it's not. I think it may have something to do with the build up of little dots in it. I was there for about 5 mins after finishing this page with a needle trying to get them out. 1 bent needle later and most are still in there. lol
Thanks for the fun chals Jolene and to the girls for the chat. Can't wait for the next one.
This is my page for chal 1 over at Scrap Divas. We had to use the quote, can't remember who by, about beauty, a picture of a beauty and circles.
This page was a challenge and a half in itself. It wasn't meant to have the red strip across it. I stuffed up some stamping, some of it over the photo so had to do a cover up job.
This is the second chal for Scrap Divas. We had to use a close up pic, 1 patterned paper and 5 or more embellies.
I do have a close up of the journaling but forgot to post it here but it says In your eyes I can see that you believe in the magic that is christmas.
Thanks to the girls over at Divas for the fun chals and the chat.
This is for the 1st chal over at F A. They had a Sesame Street theme and we had two options to choose from either The count page-purple and black including numbers or the Cookie Monster page-blue and about food.

I chose the Count option and scrapped several pics from Asher's 2nd birthday celebrations which went over three days.

Thanks girls for the chat and some great chals.

I christened some of my new clear stamps on this page. The Gel-a-tins build a florish ones. They are so yummy.

Roll on Wednesday, the end of my working week and better yet roll on Thursday. I've got a class over at Scrapbooks from the heart with Emily Falconbridge. I so can't wait. lol
Well I think I have taken up enough of your time for now. Till next time thanks for stopping by, for any comments you leave and hope you all have a great time scrapping.

Friday, April 27, 2007

My Apple yard and Em btb challenges.
For this weeks scrap room comp challenge we had to scrap something from around the home that we could use in our scraproom or in my case for when I get one. lol
I chose to alter the lid of an old box that was once my Nana's. it was made for her by her Dad or my Grandfather from an old drink bottle crate. I wanted to try and keep the old world feel to it so just altered the lid and left the rest of the box as is.
It now sits on my unused tile fire until the day I eventually have my own scrapping space with all my buttons inside which by the way are now all sorted into colours for the loose ones.
And there is heaps of room for me to add to my stash of buttons over the years. Sure beats the plastic container I had them all mixed up in which I was having trouble getting closed. lol

You can check out the rest of the OTP projects here
there are a few in already but will be more in the next fews days or so.
And this is my page for the Em BTB challenge. We had to scrap about what we see when we see ourselves in the mirror.
I talked dh into going for a drive on Anzac day out to the hills to take some pics near the waters around the dams with strict instructions to take lots. Not too keen on this one but it was the best of four. So love dh's idea of

Close up pic of the journaling and rub on details. I've been loving rub ons and letter stickers at the mo and have had fun playing around with putting the on chipboard and the paper too.
I got an order in yesterday from the Apple yard that had some yummy papers in it as well as some more scrummy stamps to add to my collection which is growing rapidly lately. I just can't help The stamped flower embellie, the swirl and drangonfly near it are from my new Gel-a-tin stamp sets.
You can check out the other pages coming in here
some great stuff there as well.
Just want to say to all the girls over at Em that are there for the retreat this weekend hope you all have heaps of fun and don't forget the pics. So wish I could be over there with you all.
I'm of to a craft fair tomorrow. I so can't wait. Love going out to them and this time it will be without Asher. All last year we, Jane and I, would head up there after Asher's dancing class finished at 10.15 but this year she is in a different class and it dosen't get out till 12.15 so dh, much to his disgust and my delight, is on pickup duty. No more listening to my little angel whinging about wanting to go home or being bored. Heaven.
I'm a going to be a busy little scrapper or I should say chatter tonight. One of my fav forums is having a cc tonight as well as two others that I pop into now and again. So I am going to try and pop into all three. Yeap I'm crazy but most of you all know that by now. With the craft fair on tomorrow and me being out for most of the day I'm not too sure just how much I'll get done but I'm sure to have fun
Anyway till next time thanks for popping by and the comments, if you leave on that is and happy scrapping.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Page share and tag.
Well this scrapnut has been at it again. Pulled it all out on Wednesday night and have put it all away agin just a few hours ago. Unless I really have to I try not to scrap Sunday, Monday or Tuesday nights.
My first page is my Turn back time page I did for the 12 week Em Blue challenge. This week we had to scrap what things if any we would change if we could tunr back the hands of time. There's isn't anything I would change in my past both the good and bad things have had a hand in making me the person I am today.
Close up of the journaling and the quote.
You can see the other fab pages here.

This week challenge for the Apple yard so to scrap before and after of your ribbon storage. I'm pretty happy with how mine is at the moment so I scrapped it as is.

Close up of the journaling.

You can see the other great pages here.

I finished of my 123 cyber crop challenges too.

The first one was to follow a sketch from F A and to use 1 of 3 colour combos with a main colour and a touch of the second and paper tearing.

This is a close up of the journaling and title work. The pics are of Asher enjoying her b'day pressent last year.

I took this page down with me to Steph's on Friday night to do at the last crop she will be having at her house she has finally gotten a shop front. Steph couldn't get over Asher's hair. When ever we go down and she her Asher's hair is pulled up for school. The 2nd challenge was to do either one of the Divas monthly challenges, to use wings and transparencies. I don't have any transparencies here at home yet so I had a go at making my own with rub ons and acetate.
The pic is an older one of Asher but it was really the best one I had that would suit the wings on her back. Asher is my Mum's 7th grandchild and I will be giving this to Mum as her mothers day pressent.
The 3rd challenge was to use one of the 30 day challenge prompts from Scrap Therapy,paint on paper and chipboard.

One of the prompts was to scrap about and April fools trick or joke. I chose to scrap about the antics of Asher at a b'day party we went to last weekend where she was acting the fool.

Close up pic of the journaling and painting and doodling on the photo. I've only painted straight onto a photo a few times and love the effect of it. Thanks heaps Kaz.
Well that is the end of the page share.

Well the school holidays are over. Asher is back at school tomorrow and very excited about it too. So am I. I willl get my 1 and a half days back again to do the shopping and housework in peace. I so hate taking Asher shopping as she talks non stop lately and I always end up forgetting something as my mind is just not on shopping and I can only do so much house work around the toys all over the

Now onto my tag. I was tagged twice once by Fran from CIS and then by Michelle from Apple yard. Lucky for me it was the same tag

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1: I had the guts to answer a personal add in the local paper.
2: I used to dream about marrying prince Charles when I was little. I laugh at that one

3: I had my belly button peirced and hope to one day get it re done if I loose my weight that is. Had it taken out when pregnant with Asher.

4: I've been at my place of work now for nearly 19 years now. I am what I refer to as a piece of the
5: It took me 4 attempts to get my car licence

6: I finished highschool but wasn't really interested in studying more. I could of done my training to become a quailified Child care worker but chose not to. I'm happy to do what I am doing and not have to added responsiblities.

7: I'm not a so called super housewife my house is tidy and that's about it. My house is lived in and not a show home.

Now as to who to tag.

Anyone who wants to answer go for it. I've seen this one going around abit and it is likely anyone I pick may have already seen and done it. lol

Well till next time my scrappy pals thanks for popping by and any comments you leave.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Party fun
Asher and I went down to Mandurah today for my niece's first b'day. I jusy had to snap this pic and about 30 odd others of all the party fun. I got some great ones of all the children with the pinata. This one is of my clown. She won a game of pin the tail, by peeking the little sneek, and there was a little packet of stickers in her prize bundle. Some ended up on her face but the others ended up on my sister in laws mum'
I've got a few pages to share too.
This page is for the Em blue chal. This week we had to scrap our one regret. I have only one thing in my life that I regret as I believe that all things in my past, both good and bad have had an impact on my life and the person I am today. My 1 regret is that I don't have any baby bump photos. It's not that I would of felt uncomfortable having them taken I just didn't think to ask dh to take any.
I got my new Zina Wright stamps in the day before and christened them on this page. I had fun with both the frame and swirls stamps. I messed up one of the stamped images on the swirls so I stamped over the a little of center a second time and added the doodled edge to the whole page. I think I'm going to have fun with these new stamps.
My second page I did for the April 123 chalenge. We had to use a chipboard florish, no paint and jewels. I had an idea for this page right from the start for the florish and it worked out. That's a first for a I cut the florish from a peice of K and Co paper and mounted it on some chipboard. The pic is of Asher(Pumpkin was her nickname as a baby) I loved to watch her sleeeping and couldn't resist taking a pic of her sleeping with that cute little bottom in the air. When adding the letters for the title I put them over the florish as well.

I couldn't resist using those new stamps again and added wings to my angels back.
I joined in on the 123 challenge cybercrop on Friday night too. Lots of laughs again with the girls. I was so jealous. Charm and a few of the others girls were heading out to a scrapping day today. I would of so loved to have been there too. My list of places to see and online scrappy friends to catch up with is growing every day. I just wish that lotto win would hurry
I managed to scrap my pages in Ally's cj from CIS after the chat from the cc had died down a bit and it is now on it's way again. I still have Beths from CIS to do and Laura's from (my American forum). I've got to take some pics for those two. I have been trying for a few days now to get a nice pic of out house for Laura's one to no avail. Will try again tomorrow.
I can feel a scraplift coming on. Of I have not long finished a page for Ngaire with pics of her little angel at CIS as a part of a photo swap and I love what I have done I may scraplift myself. Something I've never done. And I used those new stamps again too. When Ngaire has the page and if I can I'll pop the pics of the page up here. When I was doing the page up Asher was asking who it was in the pics and she came up to me with some of her stickers she got from the party and said I could use them on the page. I had too smile and seeing as I printed out a 4th smaller pic but didn't use it I may just let Asher scrap it and Ngaire can have an Asher page as well if she
Well thats about it for now. I've got a busy day tomorrow. Housework, washing and some scrapping in there somewhere. Craig is going to be doing some work on his car so I'll have Asher to keep entertained which at the moment isn't too hard. She pretty much entertains herself these days.

Till next time thanks for stopping by and any comments.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Scrapapple scraproom challenge pages.
Well I finally finishedmy pages for the new comp over at ther apple yard. I had the idea in my head since we got the requirements for the first chalenge and for the first time it actually looks like what was planned.
As most of you may or may not already know I don't have a scraproom and scrap on my kitchen bench. I'm lucky it is a big one. I took some pics of my bench getting a work out and my storage spots in the shared computer scrap storage room. If I ever was to have a room of my own It would most probablly be in the cream and minty green clours so that is thecolour theme of my pages.
Double page.
Left side.
Right side.
Journaling detail. I loved the looked of the typed and snipped out journaling that Anthea has been doing a bit of lately so I thought I give it a go. Tip for next time I do it. Don't start snipping at your journaling late a night. I started doing it about 11.30 ish with out realizing what the time was and by the time I finished sticking it all down in order it was well after 1.
Plan detail. My plan apart from trying to evict Craig from the computer room or take over the lounge would be to get a big island bench that I could put to use in my family room and hopefully leave our kitchen bench a scrap free zone.
Title work,flower and photo doddling detail. This is the first time I've painted chippieletters two toned then over stamped them. I love the aged look it had given them.
You can check out the other great pages here in the apple yard gallery.
Anyway till next time happy scrapping.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Warning big page share ahead.
If you need a coffee may just be the time to get it lol
Like I said in my past post I was a crazy cybercropping adict over the weekend and joined in on two. 1 over at Em and the other over at Scrap Therapy. Thats to all the girls fun some fun and laughs over the weekend.
Here are my pages and projects from the Em challenegs.
Chal 1 we had to raid our stationary suplies and use them on our page with the word family as a title. I've been putting some of my older pages into my albums and are slowly getting uo to date and decided to use some xmas pics from when Asher was one.
My stationary items are the crumpled paper pulled out of an exercise book, staples on bazzil and flowers and paperclips. I was going to add some drawing pins to the flowers as well but I couldn't get the pin part of it to fold over once through the flowers.
Chal2 was to make up a easter basket of some sort. I had already brought the little muffin cases for just this job to do for Asher and the nephews and Nieces. I had a bit of a production line going to make 10 but I did it. I put theribbons on the ones for the girls as I didn't thik the boys would like them all tizzied up.
Chal 3 was a sketch and here is my page from it.
I was going to add some more embellies to this one but it just didn't look right so left. Pics are of Asher taken at one of out many trips out to the local play center.
Chal 4 we had to use multi pics and have it in the gallery in an hour. I was working on my 1 perfect day page just before starting it so with my pics from easter morning printed I used some scrap peices of the Scenic Route papers I had out on my bench as well as some of the M M paers.
I had the title all sorted and with about twenty minutes to spare and thought it needed something else. Then I rememebered I had some Scenic Route chippe elements in the autumn colours stashed in my chippie box on my bench so I dug them out and they suited it perfectly.
I also tried my hand at adding some zigzags to my doodling. It looked good so Iadded it to my 1 perfect page too.
Now for my Scrap Therapy pages.
Chal 1 we had to use chocolate in some way. Papers, pics or title, something hidden and riboons. I had this pic of Asher enjoying a chocky frog from easter quite a few years ago so I printed it out big and then cropped it down as I was a part of the pic.
This is the tag and a close up pic of the title work.
Chal 2. This is the one I put aside to do the hour chal for Em. We had to use either an ANZAC photo or Aplhas,Numbers,Zigzags,Arrows and Chipboard. Seeing as I couldn't find my pics of my grandfather I went for the second option and thought we had to use all of the above but it turn out we only had to use three.
This is a close up of the title work and flower detail.
I've been adding the paper strip flowers to a few of my pages laterly when layering flowers and so love the effect. It can be a little fiddly though.

Chal 3 was a sketch. I pulled out some more of my older pics of Asher and Craig in the backyard of the old house when Craig was out there practing his golf swing. Asher just had to join in on the fun.
Not too sure if I like the inking on the flower. I over did it a bit. I like the faint paint was over it though. it was a bit stark as it was.
Chla 4 was a scraps challenge. We had to make something from the scraps from one of our chals. Seeing as my neices b'day is coming up next week I madea card with the scraps from chal 1.

Well guys if you managed to stick around for all that thanks. I'm of now to hit the shower as Asher and I are having a mummy and daughter day. Movies,lunch and maybe a little shopping.
Till next time thanks for stopping by and any comments you leave.
Happy scrapping.