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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday photo and page share
Happy Australia day everyone.
We have a had a quiet weekend here with lots of vegging out at home, although we are planning on heading out to the beach for a while tomorrow sometime.
Here are a few pics of my girl waiting ever so paitiently for the train to come. We went for a train ride up to get her new glasses sorted out seeing where we had to go is a short walk from the train station.Here she is holding the tickets. The tickets that I was going to scrap with the pics but I put them somewhere for later and do you think I can remember. lol
And one of us both together. With me needing a hair cut. I am still trying to decide wether to grow my fringe out or not.
Hopefully I'll have some more beach shots to share next week.
What's been happening over at Therapy
Well the month long cybercrop is nearly at it's end with the party coming to my place this weekend.
You can check out all the info here and the challenges are due Monday midnight if you still would like to give them ago.
Here are my samples.
For challenge 1 to use red white and blue and to include the Australian flag on the layout somewhere.
close up of the pics as Asher is wearing an Aussie scarf in the photos.
Challenge 2 was a card challenge to scrap a male card. I did these up just before xmas for nephews birthdays.
Game challenge card
On the Friday night I hosted a scaveneger hunt game with a twist, the twist was to use a few of the items that they found in the hunt on a card but I slipped up and forgot to mention that they may need to use some of the hunt items and some of the items that were used were so not scrapable. We got a few laughs out of it I guess.As it is a long trip from east to west there was a stop over at Belindas on Wednesday night where she hosted a blind chalenge. This is the page that I did for the challenge with some of the red skin photos I took while visiting my friends a few weekends back.

It has been a fun few weeks of ccing at Therapy but the fun isn't stopping just yet as the normal cc weekend is next weekend. Get ready to spread the love.

In other news

Over at CIS even though Ally has now taken over Jolene was still running the last two lessons in the first set of CISters'computer tricks for scrapbookers ongoing competition and I finally got around to doing my pages for the lessons.

One of the lessons was in altering photos to give a hand tinted look and I so love this effect.I have since used the tips on photos for two other layouts that I can't show just now but they are my two favs at the moment and unfortunately they are not for me to keep. One for Laura, My US scrappy pal who kindly let me scrap some snow photos with the next monthly kit pack from Therapy and the other which is for the next inspiration challenge at Therapy is going to be heading over to my girlfriend Amanda's place, is of her little Angel Teghan.

The second lesson for January was to use a blurry photo as a base for your journaling.

I had fun doing this one too and knew just what I wanted to do but had to look for just the right photo. I was lucky enough to get one on my weekend away of Asher so not happy with the camera in her face.

I got the idea for the title from a t-shirt that one of the babies wore into day care last year. More sugar than spice and as it is so Asher I knew that I just had to use it somewhere on a layout.

Well I think it is about it from me. I have been thinking lately that I may need to change my Sunday update to a mid week one seeing as I've been promting the cc's for Therpay and some of my other places I pop into on the Sunday, when they are nearly over. Either that or do two posts. Anyway till next time as always thanks for popping by, any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday update.

Hi I have some stuff to share today, hopefully if blogger plays along. lol Wahooe and blogger is playing along.
This page I scrapped for the Zina SWTS challenge with the photo of me and my bestie that I shared a few posts ago.
The next SWTS star has been announced too. You can check out all the details of who it is and the challenge here. I am so going to have some fun with this challenge.
Now that Nat's birthday, or I should say Therapy's 1st birthday, parcel has arrived I can show you all the diary I did up for her as a little pressie.I have made up several of thse now and they are so easy to do. I record all my layout and project details in mine.
Here is Asher's pit crew chief tag
I made up for her to wear when she goes and watches Craig race his remote control car. Yeap spelling mistake and all. lolAnd a photo of Mad Max, as we called the car today, in action.And one of his number one fan cheering him on. LOL before one of his races Asher gave hime a bit of a pep talk and told him to use his brain and think faster with the remote control. We had a few of the guys near us burst out laughing.Over at Therpay the month long cyber crop party is partying over at Narelle's place this week end and if you want to pop on in you can check out all the details here and with a deadline of Midnight Monday you still have some time to join in.
Here is my sample page for challenge 1. I was sneeky and seeing as I could work the challenge in with a cj I have here to complete I did so.
And if you have some party juice left in you hope on board the express back over to the west for next weeks weekend of fun here at my place. But there will be a stop over on the way as Belinda has some fun for us planned on a Wednesday night stop over and I heard that she may even bake for us. You can find all the details here along with the clues for next weekend when we put them up.
Belinda has started up an monthly claendar class where she will share with us some steps to make up a 8.5 by 11 layout to use as part of a calendar. I had started mine for January before the class went up so here is mine in 6 by 6and my page for Feburary using Belinds's January steps. It was so easy to adapt the instructions to my size.

In other news

It is with regreat that I have stood down from my spot on the Arty Pants design team. I want to thank Jodie and Judy for giving me the chance to be a part of their team. I have had heaps of fun working with them in the nearly two years I have been there and will be popping into the forum for catch up with them and all the girls often. LOL I went into one of my LSS I pop into all the time Just Scrapping and Jordie asked me if I was going to apply for one of the dt spots they had on offer at the moment, two days after I stood down form Arty Pants. I had to say no, for now anyway, as scarpping has been taking up a big chunk of my time lately and I don't want it to become a chore as I love doing it so much. Now if she had offered me a part time job I probablly would of jumped at the chance. LOL

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Karen Day wants to say
"Purple Monkey Dishwasher"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sundays photo and page share.
What a week it has been out here. Asher was back at daycare and Craig at work and I was at work trying to attack the store cupboard in between all my other stuff that I had to do. On Thursday Asher and I drove up to spend some time with Justine, Paul and the two boys again for a few days and as I was up there I didn't get to do any of scrapping but I did manage to get heaps of scrappable photos.
Here are a few.
It was so funny trying to get all of the little rascals to look at me at the same time and the one pic it happened in is where Asher decided to pop her head back into the shot in just the right

This little monkey is Daylon. Having heaps of fun with a redskin.

And this one is Carrigan.
What's been happening over at Therapy.
-Well the month long cc is still one with the party at Jini's house this weekend and with challenges due midnight Monday you still have time to get something done. You can check out all the details here.
Next week were are all heading of to the other side of Australia and partying at Narelle's and I am sure she will have lots of fun things planned.
-I managed to do my page for the Zina challenge in the Scrapping with the stars
competition when I scrapped with my friends Jane and Christine on Wednesday night before heading of for my mini holiday.
-Seeing as Asher wanted to be Craig's pit crew for when he raced his remote control car I made her up a pit crew tag. I had fun doing up another tag from my class and it is so quick to do. I did it all in about and hour and that includes the taking of the photo for it.
Will have to share photos of these two hopefully tomorrow as blogger is taking ages to upload and it is way past my bed times. So not happy.
What has been happening at home.
-Well I had one not very happy dh on Wednesday night. While I was out scrapping he got a phone call from my mum saying that Asher had changed her mind about having a sleep over and he had to drive 20 mins or so at 9.30 and go a get her. One grumpy Daddy.
-When we got home from our few days away Craig took us all out to be his cheer squad for his first remote control car race and I had hoped to get some pics of the cars in action and got a few. Will share some of my favs tomorrow when blogger isn't being such a pain.
Till next time thanks for popping in, any coments and happy scrapping.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday photo and project share
and it is a big one so go and grab that
I got to catch up with my bestie Justine today. I so love this girl and her three boys, yeap, Paul the big one too. It was Carrigans 2nd b'day so Asher and I made the 40 min trip up to join in all the fun and to make it even better I'll be catching up with them all again in a few days time when Asher and I are going to be staying over for a few days. When ever we have caught up before, which only happens every two or three months usually I always forget to take or use the camera and I was so glad when the first thing, well nearly the first thing lol that Justines dad did when they got there was to grab a few pics of us together.
What's been happening over at Arty Pants
Well I was one of the lucky ones this month to get to play around with January's kit. The samples are all up on the Arty Pants site now so I can share them here.
I was a bit unsure just how I was going to use the papers at first but once I got an idea in my head to use the black lined ones in the squares I stuck with
I'll be putting up a step by step project for this layout in the forum in a few days .
This is a page I new I was going to scrap but wasn't too sure just how to do it. When Asher was in preschool her teacher christened her Pippi Longstockings after the book character, lol the name has stuck and with some help from my sister in law I was able to print of a colouring page of Pippi herself to add to the page.
This is my scrap diary for this year. I made one last year and loved how handy it was to refer back to my layout and project info when I needed to know what I used or where I had it displayed in galleries.And it was my man's b'day durring the week and I made him up a card from the scraps.
What has been happening over in Therapy.
The January month long cyber crop is in full swing with Nat starting of the party this weekend. The challenge Nat set was to use pink, alpha's, ribbon, a template and your own hand writting and this is my mini layout it. I have a brag bag here at home and it has 5 6 by 4 photo pockets in it and instead of just popping a photo in there I'ma scrapping them. lol

There was also a game, my bag tag class and a blind scrapping challenge .

Next week the party continues over at Jinis house and I am sure she has something special up her sleeve.

And a preview of my next class went up too. A date is yet to be set but I hope it all goes as well as my bag tag one did one Saturday night.
Well that is all from me for now but then I think that it is enough don't you. As always thanks for popping by, thanks for any comments and till next time happy scrapping.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Twice in a week
Yeap seeing as I put up a few challenges today at both Arty Pants and Therapy and I forgot all about doing a promo for my my bag tag class at Therapy next Saturday night I thought I'd pop in again. lol
What's happening at Therapy.
-Nat sprang a new years mini cc on us last night and although I had friends over for dinner I managed to chat for a while before they popped in and the challenges don't need to be in till Friday so there is still time to do them.
You can find out all the details here
-My first offical dt class is on this coming Saturday. I would love to see some of you there.

and thanks again to my US online scrappy friend Michelle for giving me the idea for the class and allowing me to use it.

-This months challenge was to scrap a layout about I know it is nearly christmas when... and this is my sample page for it. Our front lawn is covered in little yellow flowers every christmas.

-This months inspiration challenge over at therapy is up. You can find out the details here

and here is my OTP sample.

-The first hints have gone up for January's month long cyber crop with the first party place being at Nats house. You can check out the some of the things Nat has planned here

What is happening over at Arty Pants.

-The January Tech Tues is up now and this is my sample page for making your own trans embellies.

-I got to play around with the Jan kit this month and have had some fun with it. I have done two pages already and have an idea for two more. Jodee will have the pages up on site soon but here is a sneek of a step by step page that will be going up once the pages have.

-Now I was saying yesterday I would tell you all about Hissy fit 2 and 3 that Asher had the other day. Here goes

We were going out shopping with a friend, Asher was asked three time what she wanted for breakie and she said nothing. The minute I sat down to eat mine she wanted some so I said she had to wait till I had finished or get dh to make. Not good enough for her so she started to sulk. When I had finished we had to get ready to go out so I said I would make her a sandwhich to eat in the car after we had gotten changed. Not good enough. She then lost it over the new xmas clothes I had pulled out for her to wear sreamed the place down at having to wear them. I ended up getting her to choose something she wanted to wear as I really didn't have the time to fight with her and told her she had to wear the xmas clothes the next day. Lost it again. By this time dh had had enough and had picked up her lap top(leapster hand held) and put it away in the cupboard and there it is staying till she wears some of her xmas clothes. Hissy fit 1 over in about 20mins.

Asher had some money she wanted to spend at the shops when we went out and I told her that my friend would be the one to say if she could spend it or not after the mornings performance. She was doing a great job of sucking up to her as she really wanted to buy something. When it came time to pick something she took ages to choose and kept on wanting something she didn't have enough money for. In the end Jane said no and she lost it again. There we were trying to drag/carry a kicking and screaming 7 year old out of the toy section and out of the shop. So not fun. We still had some food shopping to do and as Jane could see I was getting really upset with Asher she told me to go and do it and I left her with Jane. As I went around I could hear her still going. Lasted about 15mins all up. After that her money, and hand bag has been claimed by Jane for a while. It was funny though last night when she was over for tea Asher was ever so nice to her.

Anyway that is it for now. Asher has her twister dance thing going so I may just go and join her in doing it for a while.

Till next time thanks for popping by, any comments and happy scrappying.