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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some news and a page share sort of.
My good news hasn't pettered out yet. lol No still haven't had any more acceptances for my pages but I did win a new basic grey file set over at Forever always. I'm now going to be the proud of owner of two as I order one online on Thursday. I'm sure my girlfriend may even take one of my hands if she can get over her aversion to the sound of sand paper and
If you don't get the Shop and crop news letter check out the gallery here.
Sorry but had to take the link out it was messing up my link list. I have got a link to the shop and crop site in my side bar if you still want to check out the page Karen did for me.
I won a page scrapped by Karen one of the dters over there and this is the page she did for me with Asher's back to school photo's. I love it so much and so does Asher too. Karen did a digi page as well, they are both fab.
Anyway till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A box, a pic, some pages and cards
Jolene over at Cis gave us a little challenge as a part of the DT comp she is running to use a round page map to do an OTP project. I altered Asher's texta box. It was looking a little worse for wear as she had decided to scribble on it and she has been warned not to do so with this one.
I had a bit of trouble painting it as I ran out of the pink paint so I gave it a rough coat of the darker one as well. Pity it didn't quite hide all the scribbles under the paint though. Was going to alter the sides of it as well but I decided not to as I didn't want to put too much tempation to pick things of it to Asher. lol She loves it by the way.
Ok here is the pic I promised last post. I just could not pass taking a pic of Asher in not one but three pj tops. Yeap she's a crazy girl but a loveable one.

Here is a page I did for a 123 cyber crop challenge with some papers given me by Steph in a dt pack from my LSS. I've been wanting to do something with this pic for a while. Everything in house house at one time or another was given the offical taste test if Asher could get to it.
I went up to Steph's on Saturday night for a dt crop night I had fun lots of chatting and not much scrapping though as I had to take Asher along with me as Craig was out in a fishing comp and with Anthea's two boys the three of them had fun.
I joined up on a CC on Friday night and managed to get two of the three challenges done and the extra challenge to make some cards with the scraps.

This first one was and add challenge. I found an add for stamping up and based my page on the layout of the add. Last year they had a pirate day at school and Asher had fun dressing up as a pirate. Her old clothes I attacked to make the tatty top and pant's are now a part of her dress up basket.
This is the card I made with the scraps after I finished the page.
The second challenge we had to use a book title as the title for our page and include 1 ring 2 ribbons and 3 rubons. We live on a street named Wood so this is about Asher little house in the wood.
The card from the scraps. I had fun making up cards from the scraps that I may just try and do more before cleaning up my bench after each page.
Well there is not much else happening out here at the moment. Back to work tomorrow. So wish that I didn't have to work. Oh well not too much I can do about that expect keep on buying lotto tickets.

Thanks for popping by and any comments you may leave.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sharing some new pics and pages.
Just thought I'd share a few pics here that we took on the weekend.
We went out for a drive up to the pirate park, as Asher calls it. lol For those westies that pop in and read my ramblings the park up at the old Heathcote hospital. It has a big play area that is shaped around a ship. Any way I took a few pics of Asher then got Craig to take this one of the three of us. He's lucky he has long arms that match his long legs. lol
I entered this pic in the 123 challenge blog photo comp where if I'm lucky I could have a page scrapped by Charm or Karlene.
These two are of my little pirate. She had heaps of fun running around the ship. So much so that it was hard to get good photo's of her as she wasn't still for long but what else is new at the moment. lol
I entered these to pics into a similar comp over at Em. So love the second one of her peeking through the rails. I actually had to take a few pics last night of my little dag. She made me laugh so much when she came out of her bedroom after getting into her pjs that I had to take a photo or two. Will share them tomorrow as I forgot to add.Let me just say that I don't think she has an eye for fashion at the moment. lol
Onto my page share.
The challenge this week over at the apple yard was to use one photo and make it the feature.
This is my page. I took this pic a few years back now and have wanted to scrap it for a while. I'm glad I waited as I love how this turned out.
You can see the other enteries here,
This week over at CIS we had to do a page with felt. I've not used much of it on a page before so I was having a little trouble putting it together but I love how it has turned out.
The hat (which is a brown felt hat)was actually one of mine and now is a part of Asher's dress up basket. I used felt as the photo mat which I sewed down,buckled as usual, lol. I then painted roughly around the edges of it and the cardstock. I sewed on the flowers stems then was able to use some small felt flowers from a lss as centers for the larger ones.
You can check out the other felt creations here

This cyber cropping lover found another cc to join in on over at Forever always. lol. I haven't had a chance to do any scrapping for it yet but have got two pages sort of worked out in my head. Lets hope I can get them onto paper or cardstock that Thanks to Sonia for some fun challenges and to the girls for the chat.
Well that is about all from me for now. I'm starting to fall asleep on my chair. lol

Till next time, thanks for popping by and for your comments if you leave any that is and happy scrapping.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

More scrappy stuff and more good luck
Once again I've been happy scrapping and have some more things to share.
This weeks challenge in the 8 week comp over at the apple yard was to do a monogram. Seeing as I have on already I did one for Asher. When I told her I was making her one she said to me it has to be pink, have flowers and a love heart so of I went with my instructions in mind and this is what I came up with. I love it and so does Asher.
You can check out all the other monograms here
I joined in on my first ever online class over at Em on Thursday night it was a fun night. Thanks Ali and Julie and all the girls for the chat and laughs along the way. This is my page from the class. Not too sure if I am loving it at the moment but it is done, for now anyway. I think it needs something else but just what I don't know.

I was able to get my 123 challenge page done before the cyber crop on Friday too. For the 123 challenge we had to use cardstock only, stamping and green. This is what I came up with. I hadto do some creative covering yet again as I messed up the stamping. The photo was taken a few years back at a golf club xmas do where Sants was giving out pressents. Asher was waiting ever so patiently NOT for her name to be called out and when she got her pressie she was so excited.

And this is a page I have done for the second challnge for the 123 cyber crop on Friday. I had a blast chatting away with all the girls and enjoyed chatting away. MSM was going crazy but it was a fun kinda crazy. Thanks for all the laughs girls.

For the challenge we had to use polka dots, material and the quote learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. I had fun with this one too.

Now for my good news. After last weeks effort I had thought my luck would of run out but not just yet it hasn't. lol I won a rak from the lovely Carole. She had a little blog comp going and her daughter pulled my name out of hat so to speak and I won lotto too. Not that much, enough to pay for this weeks lotto and a mag for me and Asher.

Well that is pretty much all from me for now. I may just get to work on another of my cyber crop challenges or I could do my felt page for CIS or maybe even make a start on Fleur's cj. Oh well what ever I do I am sure I'll have fun.

Thanks for popping by and for any comments you may leave.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Page share and some news
Finally remembered to share my cc pages from last Friday. Thanks again to all my Cisters at CIS for a fun night.
Challenge 1 we had to use a frame, the word Adore and three hearts. My lss had in some new Daisy d'd papers and rubons so I picked up some and used them here on this page. The rub on was a pain though got stuck before lining it up properly so I had to do some creative covering up at the top and bottom of the photo. This photo of Asher was taken at a friends wedding where she borrowed a ladies lap to sit on for the ceromony. She was nearly 4 here.
Challenge 2 we had to use red, black and white and include something that started with the letters of love. I went with letters, orange,vibrant and Easter. This was taken at Easter 04 when we managed to convince her that the easter bunny would come and take away her potty and leave her some eggs.
The 3rd challenge was a skecth and we had to use at least three different patterned papers from different brands. I used some crate paper, basic grey and some MME. Asher had just turned 2 in these photos. I can't believe how much she has grown.
My news is that I made it through to the next round of the CIS dt comp. I now have to do a page using felt. I'm of to buy some later on today but for now I've got my monogram to do for the apple comp and my 123 challenge page to do too.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tag share and cybercropping.
Thats right guys this little scrapnut has added another aholic to her list. Cybercropaholic. I just can't help
I joined Jolene and my fellow Cisters over at CIS on Friday night although I didn't end up staying around for too long as I was totally bushed after playing two games of netball.
Jolene is running a dt comp over at CIS and I she is posting little games here and there to make it a little more fun. We were asked to make a tag using one of Becky Flecks tag maps and this is what I came up with.
Scrapnut, is my nickname given to me by Martha, one of my lovely hunny bunnies on my American forum who I am in a circle journal with. I was working on Danielles confessions cj when I noticed Jolenes tag challenge so I worked the tag into my pages. No Danielle I won't spoil all the surprise. lol I had fun working on both the pages and the tag.
After dancing this morning I came home to scrap the challenges from Friday and I had the first one all planned in my head but it came unstuck when my new rubon frame got stuck where I didn't want it to. I had to put it on anyway and ended up doing a cover up. It turned out ok in the end but knowing that I stuffed it up will annoy me whenever I look at it. Will post in my next post with the rest of the challenges which I AM YET TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While checkng out my fav blogs today I came across a comp on the scrapping angels blog. You can check it out here
Anyway I've got a canvas to do so till next tie happy scrapping.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Somebody pinch me.
I so can't believe how this week has been going for me. I know they say that luck or good things come in three but for me this week it is in fours.
My good news list so far
.My desire page made gallery of the day over at SB. com and won the weekly challenge at the apple yard.
.I won a layout scrapped by Karen over at S & C in a dt scraps 4 u comp
and today I found out
.I won a rak from the lovely Rach for a blog giveaway she was having,
.That I won the Em cyber crop on the weekend.
Wahoo I am on a lucky streak. Guess what I am going to do after finishing this. Subbing subbing subbing.
Maybe I'll have some more luck.
Thanks for stopping by and for any comments if you decided to leave one.
Till next time happy scrapping.

The tale of two little red hoods.
This is what I came up with for my red challenge over at the apple yard. We need to scrap something from around the house that was red and couldn't include people. So with some help from Asher in finding me something red from her toy stash, the little red hood, I came up with this. I ended up making it to look like a book and made up a story about a litle girl, a mouse and two little red hoods.
Here it is with the photo flap open and Asher's contirbution to the page. She had so much fun drawing her picture and even though I asked her to draw a picture of herself and Angelina in their little red hoods she also had to include the big bad woof and grandma as well as a picnic lunch complete with table and
This is a close up of the story I made up to go with the layout.
Well I had better pop this in the gallery over at the apple yard. I could only post one image in the gallery there and with out seeing under the photo flap the whole idea of the layout would be lost.

Till next time happy scrapping.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My border page and more good news.
Finally I got started on my decorative border challenge page for the dt comp over at CIS. We had to do a page with two or more decorative borders and the idea I had for one of mine worked out well I think.
I got three different sized circles and on the reverse side of the white bazzil traced half the bigger one then traced the middle one over the edge of that one then the smaller on to form a peaked edge so to speak then doodled and cut a small scallop around the whole thing. Then out came my silent setter again. lol After complaining about it a few posts back to do the holes around the edge. I wanted to try and repeat the pattern in my wedding dress. The other border I used a fancy stitch on my sewing machine to do.
Close up of the detail of the border on the bazzil.
I now have two pages for my wedding album. Pity they will be going into a pizza box till I get one. lol
You can check out the other pages done by my fellow Cisters here
they have been coming up with some great ideas for borders.
I took some photos today for my red themed page for the apple yard challenge and have got it half done. Will get it finished of tomorrow hopefully. I have to get Asher to do something for it too.
And now for my news. I think it must be my week for good news as I have not long found out that I have won a layout scrapped by Karen, one of the dter's over at Shop and Crop. I so can't wait to see what she scraps for me and I haven't even sent of a photo yet. lol.
Anyway that's about all my news for now. I'm going to bed.
Till next time happy scrapping.

Monday, February 05, 2007

A tag, some photos and some news.
After scrapping away most of my weekend with the cyber crop projects for Em I ended up doing some more last night .This months challenge over at the apple yard was to make up a tag and this is what I came up with. I am planning on giving it to my best friend.
I was reading the latest Becky Fleck newsletter a few days back and she had brought out a few tag maps so I did my tag around one of them that I liked that had the photo frame on it. The little boy in the pic is one of my besties little two boys taken a few weeks back at his brothers first b'day party. I was hoping to use a photo of them both but I haven't got a nice one here. I noticed that one of my fellow Em girls, Anne marie had the quote in her siggie and I decided to use it as my friend is going through a bit of a hard time at the moment and she could do with a little bit of a pick me up. The quote reads..from the moment you decide nothing can defeat you nothing will defeat you.
And now for some pics. The girls over at S & C were showing of their scrap spots and I decided I would take pics of mine. The handy dandy kitchen bench. It gets a work out on the weekends that is for sure.
The first photo is taken from the end of the bench that runs into the window.

This is taken from the other end of the bench looking down to the window. Nine times out of ten the pile of goodies usually ends up meeting the sink and the window.I took the last few photos while I was standing on a chair, this is the right hand side of it
and this is the left hand side of it.
At the end of the night if I know I am scrapping the next day everything gets stack up in some sort of order on the back edge of the bench and it all gets covered by the cloth that you can see under all that mess.

Bingo has started again over at S & C and if the last game is anything to go it s going to be a whole lot of laughs.

And now onto my news. The page I did for the last weeks texture challenge, Desire over at the apple yard was picked for the gallery of the day on my American site. I was so wrapped when I found out the news this morning and then even more so when I found out a little bit later it won this week challenge. Thanks very much to the girls over at the apple yard. If you want to check out all the other yummy pages by the others you can do so here

This weeks challenge is to scrap something from around your home that is red. Arghh now red is somthing I don't really have alot of around here so I have been thinking on it for most of the day. The door to Asher's cubby out side is a sort of red colour, her old unused sand pit shell is red, she has a fav red train and her fav car is also red. I was even thinking about taking a close up photo of Pooh's fade,well worn red top and scrapping that. But tonight I sat here and asked her to bring me something red so she headed of to the old meat safe where she stashes some of her toys and brought back something that has given me an idea. Now just to get the right photo and scrap it.

I was surposed to be going out today and catch up with my friend I made the tag for until I got a call from the school. Asher had just been sick so there went my catch up plans as well as my scrap shopping plans. Oh well. Thankfully Asher didn't get any worse durring the day so she is back of to school tomorrow. I'm sort of glad that it did happen in a way as Jolene over at CIS posted a fun challenge today as a part of her dt comp. If we wanted to get some extra points we had to chat up a storm on the forum and 30 new posts got us 1 point and 50 got us 2. So I sat down with some coffee and chatted up a storm. Three hours or so later, lots of laughs at some of the posts and a numb bottom I got my 50 and I still haven't got my border page done.

Sorry about the long post guys. I didn't know I could ramble on for so long. lol

So till next time happy scrapping.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cyber cropping pages
I had a ball on Friday chatting up a storm with some of the girls from Em in their Friday night cyber crop. As usual I had alot of fun chatting, too much to scrap that night.
The first challenge we had to do was to do a page about what love is and to include hearts somewhere. I popped into the box and noticed that this weeks challenge there was to use hearts and ribbons so I popped this in there too. This is one of our wedding photos.
The second challenge was to make a card. I ended up just putting this together with what was on my bench after making the layout. This card will soon be on it's way to America. One of my scrappy pals has a fellow SB friend who isn't all that well and she has asked a couple of us to make up cards to cheer her up. It will be sent of tomorrow.
The last challenge was a sketch. I did this one with one of the many photos I took of Asher and her first day back of school. I made a start on her grade 1 pages, it is a pity that I am so behind on her pre primary album. Oh well you get that. I used my silent setter on this to make the holes. Not too sure if anyone has one but I find it so hard to get the holes done. I was going to do it right the way round but ended up just doing the four each side. If I hadn't of picked it up second hand from the markets for $10 after my girl friend paid $40 odd for hers I would be pretty disapointed in it. I was actually going to back the holes with black bazzil and forgot to do it before taking the photo so will do that later. Not too sure about the flower set up at the bottom. Agter looking at it on the screen here sort of looks like frog eyes too me.LOL
And this is one of the pages I did with my kit from CIS. Still got heaps left so hope to do some more with it later.
I am still to do my border challenge page for the CIS comp I am in. I'm going to be working on that later on tonight. We are of out for chinesse tonight.
Anyway till next time happy scrapping.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Some of you might say lol. My dt projects from the pack of scrummy Scecice route papers I got from Steph.
Firts of is my layout. I had the pic already printed out as I was going to use it on my apple yard double last week but ended up reprinting it smaller. It is one of the first photos of Asher and me that I took myself as it is the only way I'll get photo of the two of us without through the camera at Craig. lol I'm not at all to fussed on how I journaled on it though. My writting messed it up and trying to hide it made it look,to me worse. Oh well. It says It is my wish for you that you can live your life to the fullest that you are able to find balance and keep it simple as you live your passion and follow your dreams.
And this little mini album. I have signed up to Jen Halls craft blog and instuctions for making this is one of the many yummy projects she has on there. Jen did hers up as a baby album and mine is a album of some of my fav photos of Asher from last year.
I've only taken a photo of one set of the six double pages as they are pretty much the same layout, just different photos.
I got the idea for doodling the frames from Janelle's blog when I was blog hopping one night. I loved it so much on her layout that I tried it myself.
You can check out her page here
Thanks for the inspiration Janelle.
Well the second week of the apple yard challenge is over now it is just a short wait to see who has won this weeks challenge. There has been some great pages this week all with differnt ideas on usinf texture.
You can check them all out here.
Thanks again guys for all the lovely comments on my page and yes Deb and Dee I subbed it. lol
I've been cyber cropping again. lol Thanks to the girls over at Em for a great night. The challenges are cool too. I've done the first one and need to get to the other two when I remove my but from this chair. lol I pulled out one of my wedding pics and scrapped that. Finally after nearly 7 years I've made a start on my wedding album. I sort of wasn't too sure and how to approach doing it and at one stage was going to try and do it all to a set colour scheme but I decided against that now and will just go with the flow and do whatever. Will post that page here with the card and layout for the sketch challenge tomorrow.
I also managed to do a pagewith the kit from CIS. Will upload that one tomorrow too.lo
Till tomorrow happy scrapping.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New page to share.
Here is my page that I did for the apple yard wek 2 of the 8 week challenge. We had to use texture at least four different types on it. I had so much fun putting this together and thinking of different textures to use. The stamped image in the corner of the photo is done with texture paste. I pulled mine out and had a play with it, mix some paint with it then using a popstick spread it over the mm stamp. Wasn't too sure just how it would come out but love how it did. The photo was taken on our first wedding aniversary. We went back up to Tranby House here in Perth which is where we got married.
The journaling reads.. My hearts desire came true the moment I found out I was having you.(On the calico andaround the layout)When I found out I pregnant with you I knew I would want to find out if you. our christmas blessing, were a girl or a boy. I was over the moon to find out we were having a girl. Don't get me wrong, if you had of been a boy I would have loved you no less but after six grandson's something in me wanted to be the one to give my mum her much wanted grandaughter.
Just a couple of pics of the texture detail.

I was able to double up on this one. On my American forum I am part of a critque group and we have challenges set every now and then by one of the members. I managed to include the three aspects of the challenge in this page.

I would also like to thank the girls over at the apple yard for the lovely comments I got for this page. When I was reading them today I actually got goose bumps and was even starting to get a bit teary. Thanks HEAPS guys.

Anyway got to run and get Asher and then make the mad dash to swimming.

Will post the dt stuff tomorrow after I have taken them down to Steph.

Till then happy scrapping.

My baby headed back to school
Yesterday was the start of another school year for Asher. She is a big grade 1 now. Boy the last six years have gone so fast. We went outside to take some pics and I wasn't allowed to take some pics without having her school stuff in the photo with her.
I got a school shoe pic too. Took me a while to find some that fit. She has got narrow feet. A photo of her walking of down the drive.
And one of her unpacking some of her stuff into her bucket that sits on her desk.
I was pretty good and held it together but then if she had been upset about it all it may have been a different story. She pretty much couldn't wait for school to start and for me to leave. And we got the usual comment from her when we asked her how it was.
"Very well thankyou"
It is her standard answer for that question whether it be school or daycare. Craig and I just laugh now when either of us ask her as we know what the answer will be.LOL
I booked myself into a class over at Scrapbboks from the heart the other day. A class by Emily Falconbridge. I so can't wait for May. I found out too that some fellow cisters from CIS are going too so I will also get to met some online scrappy friends. It would be nice to put a face to the nam so to speak.
Onto scrappy news. I finished my page for the week 2 texture challenge over at the apple yard late yesterday. Not got a photo yet so I will post it and my little mini book, I finished last night too, with the yummy Scenic Route paers for my dt spot at Steph's.
Today is my house cleaning day so I am going to get stuck into it and when that is done I hope to get back into my scrapping before getting Asher from school and going straight of to swimming. I've got a few other things I need to try and do. A list a mile long so to speak.
I got lots of yummy mail on Tuesday. Anorder from CIS with their Jan kit with some more scrummy bg papers and some alphas stamps which I already have christened and some yummy crate papers, my weekend workout prize with some Paper Saloon papers for my Treasured page a few posts back, another prize pack from a blog comp over at Sissey scrapbooking kits with two lots of alphas and some Heidi Swap photo corners. And there was also a package for Asher from Sares over at Em. She decided to give her a little prize for being a not so willing participant in my Lost poster photos for the Em exposed comp that was held last year. A real cute little jewelery box that looks like a bag. She loves it.
Anyway I think I've rambled on enough. I've got to go wake sleeping beauty to get ready for school. Wish me luck as she hates being woken. The one thing I hate about her being back at school. If she didn't have to wake up she would sleep till at least 8.
Till next time happy scrapping.